Vanessa Marcil and Ingo Rademacher RETURN for General Hospital's 50th Anniversary!


Slip into a pair of satin pajamas and start giggling, General Hospital fans. My girl, Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) is BACK! Oh and she's bringing Jasper "Jax" Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) with her.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting two-thirds of one of GH's hottest triangles ever will be back in time for the 50th anniversary. Here's hoping my dear, darling Brenda gets a story worthy of her legend this time (SAVE SONNY FROM CONNIE!), which means no mentions of Balkans, and/or working with any stray children in foreign lands!

Photo credit: ABC 


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19 December 2010
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Love Jax - Hate Brenda. No more triangles.

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8 March 2012
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Can we please have these two return to PC already married?

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6 February 2008
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I love Jax!! He and Carly were hot ! So over Brenda and Jax

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29 June 2011
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It was so wonderful to have Vanessa back on GH and see Brenda dump Jax for the umpteenth time. He's a pompous jerk and deserved what he got. I was furious at his telling Brenda she's "ruined" and he can't save her. What nonsense!

Although the stuff with Brenda and Michael was kind of stupid, I LOVED the Brenda/Carly catfight, and seeing Brenda FINALLY stick it to Carly, who deserves all that Brenda dished out and so much more in terms of karma biting her in the @$$. Big smile

The scene at the airport with Sonny and Brenda was fabulous, and I'm thrilled that the writers left the door open for Vanessa to come back. MoNessa didn't miss a beat and still have sizzling chemistry. I can't wait until the writers put Sonny and Brenda back together, especially since Benard's talent has been wasted with Sullivan and they have zero chemistry.

All in all, I'm very pleased with how Brenda was written this time around. She got her spunk back and I loved it!