Brandon Barash on General Hospital Departure: "It Was My Call"

Brandon Barash wants fans of General Hospital to know the decision to vacate the role of mob hottie Johnny Zacchara was his choice. The actor once again took to Twitter to clear up rumors regarding his exit. Barash tweeted:

Excuse me while I continue to sit Shiva over this news...


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If you want to believe this was all a mere coincidence of timing -- that BB jumps ships shortly after JMB doesn't renew her contract AND ALL ON THE HEELS of a month long vampire story & newbies dominating the show, that is totally your right to do so. --

Why are you projecting what you think I "believe"? I've not made mention here or anywhere on the internet or in my life what I "believe" about the reasons for Brandon Barash's exit. You're making up shit out of thin air.

If you want to know what I think, why not just ask me? For the record, I actually don't care in this instance. Barash is an enormously talented young actor that I championed from day one and was one of my favorite characters. I hate to see him and the character go, but given that it is his decision and he seems to be in pretty good spirits about the whole thing, in addition to Jamey's reporting concerning the same and there is no bad blood between him and the GH brass I see zero reason to be upset about the situation. Like some others have said, I would like to see Mr. Barash to go on to prime time or movie success, and if leaving GH helps him do that or whatever he wants to do, more power to him. I feel the same for about Julie Marie Berman, too: best of luck to her. I'm excited that Emme (nee Marcy) Rylan is coming in as "Lulu" and hope that she's a great fit with canvas.

That doesn't fit into "the fan created hysteria and finger pointing" the last couple of days over Mr. Barash's departure from GH, whereby a certain segment want to go off on Cartini or lately "Cartooni" (or whatever juvenile name people can think of) by claiming the man was fired, and there is bad blood and oh how awful GH is....but there it is.

AND ALL ON THE HEELS of a month long vampire story

Which I enjoyed...

& newbies dominating the show,

Which they didn't, but that didn't bother me at all....

that is totally your right to do so.

Thanks for that, but I'm pretty much aware of what my rights are.

(Even I feel a bit silly belaboring the craptastic month of Feb

Your opinion; some agree, some don't...such is life...BUT — RATINGS ARE UP!

after we just saw an excellent 180 of the show yesterday,

Yeterday's show was great (awesome even), but it wasn't the Second Coming, either...

...but i digress ). BB *setting the record straight* says more about him being a classy dude than it does about what really went on behind the scenes

So, let's unpack that. Yes, it says he's classy. It also says — contrary to what many "fans" were trying to put out — that he did not leave on bad terms of some sort. Unless you have inside information that others don't and are willing to share those specifics, I'm inclined to take his word over that of someone on a message board who has an axe to grind.

or who Re-Ron really wants to write for.

That's one of the many prerogatives of a head writer.

Are we done here? Because I am.

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I'm glad ratings are up, for the sake of the genre. But does a glance of any Top 10 list equate quality? Hardly. But still, i'll take the good ratings.

"Ax to grind"? Mmmkay. We all realize NONE of us have the inside scoop. It didn't mean here nor there to me that BB put out that statement, and i was glad to hear/read it. No agenda on my part. That being said, we won't know why exactly he left until he cares to share that with us, which may never happen. For me personally, i'd rather have him on my screen than Michael Easton. But that's just me!

Didn't say yesterday was the Second Coming. But if i wanted to watch The Vampire Diaries, i know what channel that's on, and it ain't on ABC at 2pm Eastern Time. (I should add, my GH viewer/friend -- who's a Vampire Diary fanatic -- has absolutely hated the GH on our screens the past month and a half, so if they were trying to emulate Vampire Diaries, they failed Sad )

"that's one of the prerogatives of a head writer" -- huh? And i guess it's the prerogative of THIS viewer to have issues with said writing.

If you need to get the last word, as it appears you'd like to, feel free. And you can continue to argue with ppl who have issues with the GH on our screen in Feb and early March. Let's hope it looks up!