General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Heather and Todd are waiting together at the PCPD.  Todd confesses he didn’t think being thrown in the harbor was a nice way for anyone to die. Therefore, he was surprised to hear she stabbed her own son.  Heather calls it an accident, and takes full responsibility for her actions.  Heather tells Todd the District Attorney asked her to testify against him, and admit they were partners in crime. 

Todd’s not happy about the DA's proposal, until Heather informs him she took the heat for the Ferncliff escape and refused to testify against him. She points out there isn’t much evidence against him in Danny’s kidnapping other than Johnny’s goons who witnessed it. Heather tells Todd to talk to Johnny about getting his goons to back off.  Todd doesn’t think Johnny will do him any favors because of Carly. Heather mentions Carly is nowhere to be found, so why wouldn’t Johnny help.  
Kate is surprised to see Olivia returning so soon, and wonders about the wedding.  Olivia explains what happened during her wedding. Olivia admits she was never pining for a big wedding, but was hoping this would be her happy ending.  Kate has Trey's backpack and talks about discovering how Trey spent the past few months.  She opens his backpack to find a book on California, a picture of Trey and Kristina and some Crimson articles. 
Kate thanks Olivia for being in her life.  Olivia reminds her that she has Sonny, too. She believes the two of them need to talk.  Kate never thought about what Sonny went through while she was gone.  Olivia wants her to give Sonny a second chance.  Kate tells her to do the same for Steve.  
Dante stops by Steve’s room expecting to see the happy couple after their marriage.  When it's just Steve in the room, he updates Dante on the latest happenings. Dante commends Steve on accepting the consequences of his actions, but worries about his mother being alone again.  
Carly visits Sonny and he informs her Kate is back. Carly wonders why he’s not with Kate.  Sonny admits he slept with Connie, and Carly accuses him of betraying Kate’s trust. She also calls him a liar.  Sonny believes he never lied, and Carly admits she was talking about her and Todd.  The two argue about who has the worst love life, and Sonny can’t judge either man in Carly’s life.  They stop bickering, and Carly asks him what he’s going to do.  
Sabrina questions Epiphany about her tests, and the head nurse admits Sabrina received a perfect score, which has never happened before. However, Epiphany received an anonymous email that stated Sabrina had the test answers in advance. Pif did a search, and found them in Sabrina’s locker.  Sabrina is shocked, and claims she never had the answers. Sabrina’s pleas fall on deaf ears, because Pif kicks her out of the hospital.  Patrick tells Pif that he believes Britt framed Sabrina.  Pif says there is no proof, and Sabrina accepts the defeat.
Sabrina picks up her stuff, including her mother’s stethoscope, and decides to confront Epiphany.  Pif asks how can she prove her innocence. Sabrina volunteers to take the test again right now. If she gets even one question wrong, Epiphany can throw her out. She refuses to be a doormat anymore.  Patrick’s glad she stood up for herself.  Sabrina thanks him for standing by her. 
While Sabrina prepares for the test, Pif tells Patrick she was disappointed to think Sabrina had cheated.  She also tells him Britt isn’t the right woman for him. Epiphany knows he needs someone with a big heart.
Todd is surprised by Heather’s idea to reach out to Johnny.  She admits since she hurt Steve, all she wants is the ability to let him know how much she loves him.  Todd yells to the guards that he wants to call his lawyer, and then gives Heather the phone. 
Heather calls Steve, and is relieved he’s okay. She wishes she could undo what she did.  Heather wants him to be happy and live his life with Olivia.  Heather thanks Todd for the call. Before she’s taken away, she wishes him luck with his trial and Carly.  
Olivia returns to Steve’s room and apologizes for walking out.  She has accepted what’s going to happen, and still loves him. Olivia doesn’t want to say goodbye.  
Todd calls Diane to talk to Johnny about getting the goons to tell a different story.
Kate shows up at Sonny’s. 

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  1. Profile photo of nysam

    Ugh!!! Brandon Barash is out of GH!!!! Only posting here since there isn’t a story up yet.

    I’m mad. He was one of the cutest and talented young males on the show. Curses to Cartooni for wasting his talents and not writing story for him this past year. Not sure if he was fired or quit. If he quit I can completely understand why since they haven’t given him any story the past year. With him and Julie Marie Berman gone I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason Thompson jumps ship as well.

    These OLTL transplants along with newbies like Britt, Sabrina, Kristina, Trey, Connie/Kate are taking too much time from more interesting characters.

  2. Profile photo of bishbay

    Cartooni SUCK. It’s like pearls before swine with these fools. Wasting vet returns, vampire stupidity, Sabrina eating half the show, Konnie (aka blowing the dust off OLTL scripts) 5 days a week, and NOW driving off BB by giving him no story…I’ll tell you what: I won’t be sorry when we see the back of them. Their ratings aren’t great, and the show is a MESS.

  3. Profile photo of liason4real

    Johnny should have been moved out of Sonny’s orbit a long time ago. Johnny/Maxie, Johnny/Lulu, Johnny/Serena, etc would have been preferred over Johnny/Carly.

    Wow. Sabrina is the only nurse in GH history that has ever aced the nurses exam? What a load of propping and primping for this twit. Piph should have put her foot upside of Sabrina’s head!

    I need a break from Todd, Heather, Konnie, and Sabrina.

  4. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    Count me as a happy camper now that the last remaining blight from the Zacharra family is gone. Throw Julie Marie Berman leaving in and it’s been a banner few weeks of casting news for me.

    And this episode was a snoozefest aside fom Todd and Heather.

  5. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @ liason4real: ICAM on all of your points except about Todd. Todd singlehandedly saves any episode of GH for me. Roger Howarth is phenomenal. He and Robin Mattson elevated the so-so dialogue in the Todd/Heather scenes at the police station and found the humor and the heart. I only wish Todd was on every day.

    I liked the Sonny & Carly scenes. I thought Maurice Benard looked handsome and hated Laura Wright’s hair. It looked dry and choppy.

    I felt like Dominic Zamprogna was sleepwalking through his scenes but I truly don’t blame him.

    Lisa LoCicero outacts Kelly Sullivan but their scenes are always focused on Konnie no matter what Olivia goes through. Geez.

    Sabrina ruins everything.

    Best of luck to Brandon Barash. While I’ve liked the actor I never thought Johnny fit. IMO, he should have been written out soon after killing Anthony and we learned he killed Cole/Hope. He was completely written into a corner.

  6. Profile photo of Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies

    I really can’t understand how they would let Brandon Barash get away. After RH, he is easily the second most charismatic actor on the show. Sure, they wrote Johnny Z into a corner but there is always redemption – it was an accident after all.


  7. Profile photo of tealita

    [quote=Daniel St. John]Count me as a happy camper now that the last remaining blight from the Zacharra family is gone. Throw Julie Marie Berman leaving in and it’s been a banner few weeks of casting news for me.And this episode was a snoozefest aside fom Todd and Heather.[/quote]

    Aww. Loved me some Zacharras.

  8. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Mr. Barash stated he is pursing his MBA full-time.
    Sucks for us, but well done and awesome for him!
    All the best to him and I hope he returns to acting sooner rather than later.

  9. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Cawnie Falcoloony and Betty Suarez 2.0, Ron’s little teacher’s pets, dominated this episode. Not surprising, but absolutely boring and tedious.

    But my heart melted when Epiphany told Patrick that he deserves much more than Dr. McSluttyDraws. I am glad that Cartini has restored Epiphany’s humanity, though she does sometimes revert back to being the ball-gnawing cartoonish meanie that Guza turned her into.

    Not even Heather and Todd could redeem today’s episode.

    And now they have my CarlyBabes playing a supporting character in this ridiculous never-ending DID story. It’s enough that Connie/Kate are on 13 days a week, but it seems that in addition to being on, there are ALSO usually other characters DISCUSSING them in other scenes. OVERKILL, much?

    And the argument between Carly and Sonny regarding who is more dysfunctional in relationships was funny, but silly. They’re both train wrecks when it comes to relationships. They should just call it a tie! :D

    And I will also miss Brandon Barash and all of his undeniable sexiness. But Cartini already have their priorities set: and Johnny/Brandon ain’t one of them, sadly.

  10. Profile photo of iowaninmn

    Epiphany and Patrick was a great scene today. I love scenes like that. It doesn’t necessarily drive story, but it gives me more reasons to invest in the characters because they seem like real people. I enjoy watching relationships develop between characters who aren’t necessarily having sex, whether it’s friends (like Ephiphany and Patrick) or family members (Tracey and Monica). Does that make sense?

    Also thoroughly enjoyed Heather and Todd. Sorry, but for me, these two can save an episode!

    Carly and Sonny scene was enjoyable just because they are both such hypocrites when they try to give advice to one another.

    Am I the only one who finds Kelly Sullivan to be extremely boring as Kate? I guess I got used to Connie. I cannot even imagine this DID story continuing any longer. I probably won’t have to imagine it though as the storyline will undoubtedly unfold on my TV screen very slowly, each and every day for months to come. {sigh}

    I like Olivia a lot … but Kate brings her down. I felt sorry for Olivia sitting there in her wedding dress, her fiance going to prison, and they are talking about Kate’s problems … geesh!

    Enjoyed the episode and really, really looking forward to tomorrow!!! Anna and Duke, Frisco and Felicia, Luke/Laura/and Scotty!

  11. Profile photo of tealita

    [quote=nysam]Ugh!!! Brandon Barash is out of GH!!!! Only posting here since there isn’t a story up yet.[/quote]

    When I first saw BB’s tweet, I thought “OMG it IS true”, but noone believed it, and they all thought Barash was just playing because he joked about joining the NBA. It was several hours before his team confirmed it.

    I always thought we would hear Johnny play the piano at least one more time.
    *sigh* Clip: Johnny & Anthony Z. (with Johnny on piano) :((

    I got nothin’ about today’s epi. Hopefully we get Laura, etc. tomorrow.

  12. Profile photo of katehhoward

    They need to get rid of Cate/Connie. If they had brought back Megan Ward as Kate Howard I think the show would be brighter for Sonny’s character. A tete a tete between Megan ward and Roger Howarth would of been fantastic. I would be invested in that.

    With Vanessa returning I do not want t see a nutty Kelly Sullivan going up against a young hot Brenda! Megan ward was a fashionista as Kate Howard a woman in power and control of her company. Kate growing up dreamed of becoming an editor always about style and fashion. Now we have had the history of Kate rewritten… She is the head of the SUN. And it has been three days who is running The Sun????? Kate knows nothing about a rag magazine! Whoever is writing this story for Cate3/Connie needs to realize they are leaving a lot of plot holes all over the place. This is not like Vicki or Jessica. The story for those characters were well written and thought out. The rape story for the Cate 2.0 does not make any freaking sense!!! She was raped and so was Elizabeth and
    Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO FREAKING double personality emerged from their experiences……..

    When the old regime replaced Megan Ward it was bound to go south. No one likes Kelly’s interpretation of Cate. She can not pull off a fashion maven. If they had kept Megan Wards version there would be something more compelling and fuller with the story. We would not have had them kill off Trey for sure instead he would of left town. With the Megan Ward version, we would have a more complex rich story about Sonny changing his life and becoming more of a business man rather a mobster. Corinthos going up against the Quarteraines! There would be more substance to the character of Kate Howard. The way things look now there may even be a triangle between Kate/Sonny/Olivia. Remember the Megan and Lisa fight scenes they were hilarious.
    Lulu was much more interesting when she was working at Crimson with Maxi. and speaking of Maxi she has less airtime because she is not working!!!

    Daytime confidential has said on many occasions how tired they are with this whole cate 2.0/connie story yet RC/FV want to continue with it. I now just FF those scenes with Kelly Sullivan they SUCK. She is not the Kate Howard we were introduced to. A poised, successful, powerful, elegant, spit fire, business woman.

    I love Sabrina and I think we need to give them more time to develop the character we saw what she can do yesterday and we have to give her the benefit of the doubt. As far as this Cate thing goes. They either need to recast and bring back the Kate Howard fashionista back or just kill her off and bring back Sonny/Brenda 3.0.

  13. Profile photo of GHFan777

    Over and over I see the same complaints about Konnie and Sabrina… AND if I see these complaints… why isn’t the current regime seeing, hearing and acting on it? They have to know that the majority of people do not like the Konnie/Sabrina story lines… or even the characters for that matter…YET they continue to allow them to eat up the show. I don’t get it. They must be getting the same kind of feedback at the studio, because these blog sites are pretty consistent in NOT liking them.

    The only thing I liked about this episode was Heather and Todd. Todd is my favorite cross over from OLTL. He never lets me down. This characters dialogue and his delivery of it, are always good for a few laughs. I am glad they attempted to humanize Heather before they carted her off also.

    The rest of the show was a complete snooze. Can’t stand Konnie/Kate or whoever she is on any given day. I might not hate Sabrina if she wasn’t such a air hog, and they weren’t so heavy handed in cramming her down our throats to make her fit with Patrick…which she doesn’t. I always tune out Carly and Sonny and her harping on him…so for me…the show was a complete snooze…Which I could possibly accept, as everyday can’t have you sitting on the edge of your chair…but the reason why I resent the fact this show was so boring today was that I know Laura, Frisco, Lucy, Anna, Duke, Felicia, and Scotty are in town AND NOT ON MY TV SCREEN. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

  14. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    How can anyone say Brandon Barash hasn’t had any story this past year? He was involved with Carly and married Connie. He killed (and was haunted by) Anthony. He anguished over inadvertently killing Starr’s family. He was tied into all of the secrets and lies about the baby switch. He was heavily involved throughout this past year.

    My favorite part of today’s show was Heather and Todd, but it’s sad, because I think it’s the last time we’ll see Robin Mattson for a while. I was hoping to see them follow her through her journey toward sanity. On the other hand, it all ended with Todd and Heather reaching some kind of understanding and maybe even an uneasy friendship. I would like to see that explored a little further someday.

    I’m glad to see a little backbone in Sabrina, and that she is dealing with the roadblocks Britt is throwing up in front of her instead of the wallowing she’s been doing the past little while since she was falsely accused of switching the meds.

    I can’t say I’m going to miss Steve much, but I hope his departure doesn’t leave Olivia without a leading man for long. I loved her on The City, but I haven’t seen her match the performances she gave us there on GH yet. I’d actually like to see her with Shawn, since I don’t see much chemistry between Shawn and Alexis. Alexis needs someone new.

    Getting back to Brandon’s departure, watching Sonny’s participation in Tuesday’s show makes me think he has had much less to do than Johnny this past year. And now that Kate’s back, his future looks duller than ever. If anyone should want to leave GH right now, I’d like it would be Maurice Benard. Oh well, we know that’s never going to happen.

  15. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I will miss Brandon B. He was a great actor, and very easy on the eyes. Couldn’t they have somehow saved the character of Johnny,(TODD, and I love Roger Howarth, but he has gotten away with so many things over the years). Oh well, I am starting to get worried that actors are leaving the show, may-be feeling they aren’t getting good story-lines. When Cartini took over last year the show was on fire, great stories, less mob, faster pacing. Since the New Year, I have seen a decline in the writing, a lot of unbelievable, almost cartoon-ish stories. What happened? I want to see the show go back to drama, family, and PLEASE, bring on the romance!! There is NO romance on this show!!!
    Stop making Sabrina, who is a grown woman acting like a 15-year old, the main character on the show. They have this terrific actor, Jason Thompson, and he is stuck in this stupid story-line. He is another one who hasn’t had a good story-line since Robin’s death. I’m almost afraid he’ll be the next to leave. I watch both GH and Y &R, and Y&R has improved so much, suprisedly under JPH, (at least Guza isn’t writing). The show got back to family, and real-life drama. For some odd reason GH has been going over-the-top with these weird stories. I want to see Lucy back working on the Nurses Ball, and scenes with Kevin and Scotty. Stop with the pyscho killers already! I really like Robin M as Heather, she’s a terrific actress, but , give the character a rest and bring her back more stabilized. I was watching OLTL on Soapnet, from 2009, and Ron C. seems to have this thing with pyschos and killers. PLEASE give it a rest!! Bring on real-life drama, family and OMG ROMANCE!!!
    Just thought, the only one left from the Port Chuck band on GH is Bradford Anderson.Will he be the next to go? I hope somehow GH starts blending in better stories and making use of their actors better. I don’t like the trend I am currently seeing on the show and I want it to survive!

  16. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @soapbaby, yes, i’ll agree that RH was great, but we could argue that he fed off of Robin’s energy b/c SHE was great in those scenes before he was lol. JMO. Those scenes were precious, that we can agree.

    The show feels so very isolated. Carly shows up at Sonny’s apt and never leaves. TOO MANY characters are MIA. MB did look handsome but he was still him rehashing the same old same old in an overexposed s/l. :(

  17. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Alstonboy rocked it in post #11. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but we have to keep it real as far as GH is concerned!

    I could def see JFP snatching up BB, the countdown begins! Just make recast him as a legacy character, not someone new…

  18. Profile photo of Cornfed

    LOVE YOU Bishbay, i basically just echoed the same on the BB thread. Sorry TVGord to single you out on the BB thread, but this show is a MESS MESS MESS. Robin Mattson was pure gold amongst a bunch of total, utter BS. My pulse is racing as i write this, i love this show and had SUCH HIGH HOPES. WTH is happening here? And they’re gonna let JMB just waste away til her final day? She has been on ONE DAY since the Valentine’s Day/Ice Princess reveal. What is going on at GH?? Inquiring minds need to know.

    Having Sonny rehash YET AGAIN f*cking the Connie out of Kate, i just cannot believe what a big snore this show has become so very quickly. Their end game is obviously Laura Wright and Roger Howarth, and trying to sell Patrick and Sabrina as the new romance. I’m sorry, but ppl will jump ship. TPBT need to start reading the boards that many ppl resent Sabrina’s prominence on this show and have absolutely ZERO interest in “Jabrina”.

  19. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=IOWAHAWKEYE]@soapbaby, yes, i’ll agree that RH was great, but we could argue that he fed off of Robin’s energy b/c SHE was great in those scenes before he was lol. JMO. Those scenes were precious, that we can agree.[/quote]

    IMO, Roger Howarth never needs to feed off of anyone else’s energy because he brings so much and often ALL of the energy to a scene. I could watch him in scenes all by himself, he’s that good. Now, I believe you posted one day how much you disliked RH as Paul Ryan on ATWT and I completely agree with that. I hated RH’s Paul on a “Sabrina Santiago-hate” level (except when Paul & Meg connected in the cabin.) RH returned to OLTL a new man and has been fantastic on GH.

  20. Profile photo of Cornfed

    All the humanity in the Heather/Todd scenes came from Mattson, imo. I saw some good closeups on RH and they were good, but i walked away from those scenes cherishing Mattson, and to a lesser degree, Howarth. I think we can agree that this show MUST become more than the Carly/Todd/Cate/Sabrina hour and FAST.

    What is sorely missing from GH is a warm fuzzy feeling, a physiological reaction you get from good human drama and connection — moments like Finola alone in the interrogation room (or Finola in ANY human moment for that matter), or Mattson yesterday. In a perfect world maybe LLo has given an A for effort in this area, but is stuck in too many crappy stories and with a crappy romantic partner.

    Someone mentioned how JMB has a perpetual look of something stinking in the room, and i get that and i’ve seen that look on her face before. But overall, she made everything else 100% believable. I realize certain actors speak to some more than others. RH is obviously a more versatile actor than BB and i can see how some may prefer one over the other, not that there’s any competition. That being said, i’ve going to swallow my reservations and hope i’m not wrong about Rylan being cast as Lulu. Maybe she was all that was available on the market, or maybe there’s a one-upmanship going on betw JFP and CarTooni. Who knows.

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