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Kate and Sonny apologize to each other for their previous argument.  Kate confesses she made it easy for Connie to take over.  Sonny swears she won’t lose him, and once again expresses his regret for betraying her with Connie.  Kate wonders if he wants her or Connie.   Sonny admits he saw a different side to Connie, but wants to put everything behind them. He asks if Kate will come back to him, and Kate agrees because she loves him.  The two make love. 

Tracy wants an update on Spinelli’s search for the missing relish. He tells her he’s working on it, and checks in on Ellie at the hospital. She informs him she has an outside project, and shows him the jar of relish.  Ellie explains AJ hired her to perform tests on the relish to determine the recipe.  Spin asks when she’ll have the results.
Felicia updates Kevin on Lucy's recent freedom, and thinks he should take his place by her side.  Kevin balks, but Mac believes they had an unbelievable bond.  Felicia tries to ignore Frisco’s texts, but finally decides to meet with him. She leaves and tells Mac she’s meeting a friend.  Mac complains to Kevin that Felicia lied to him. He knows she’s meeting Frisco.
Mac explains to Kevin that Felicia has been acting squirrelly since Frisco’s return. Frisco wants Felicia back, and Mac feels Felicia is falling for his act.  Kevin thinks Mac should do something about it, but Mac wants Felicia to choose him on her own accord.   
Frisco and Anna are thrilled to run into each other.  He offers her condolences for Robin, and happiness that Duke is back in her life.  Anna confides in Frisco she still sees Faison when looking at Duke sometimes.  
Lucy returns to the Quartermaine mansion and reminds Tracy she’s co-CEO of ELQ. Tracy informs her that AJ is ELQ's newest head honcho. However, she has a plan to get the company back, thanks to the relish.  
Laura mentions Anna being Luke’s girlfriend, and Scotty doesn’t correct her despite knowing the truth.  Luke shows up, angry with Scotty because he thinks Scotty sent the Ice Princess replica to Lulu.  Laura feels certain Helena was behind the recent Ice Princess sighting, but Luke is sure it was Scotty. Luke knows Scotty still holds a grudge against their family.
Scotty assures Luke he and Lulu have put the past behind them, and Laura believes in Scotty’s innocence.  Scotty thinks Luke is simply angry Laura has moved on with him. Luke warns Scotty away from Lulu before storming off.  Laura berates Scotty for goading Luke, since Luke is now with Anna.  Again, Scotty doesn’t dispute Laura's accusation. 
Duke joins Anna for lunch.  She complains about her day, and how the mayor should have accepted her resignation.  Anna’s upset she can’t trust her judgment.  Duke tells Anna she’s a wonderful role model, and a born leader.  He gives her a gift, a heart pendant.  Anna, at first, declines it thinking it’s too expensive. However, Duke remembers the suitcase of money from Tracy, and assures her he can afford it.  
Felicia meets with Frisco and informs him that he can’t expect her to drop everything and run off with him.  Frisco feels things are different, and they will always have something between them. Several flashbacks from the couple's past are shown.  Frisco mentions he hasn’t forgotten the bad times, and knows today is Georgie’s birthday. Felicia is surprised he remembered.  Frisco knows he should have never left, and admits not wanting to return to face his past.  He wonders if he had been here, if Georgie would have died. Frisco can’t make up for lost time, but wants to spend time with Felicia and Maxie. Before he leaves, he gives her a gift. It's a pendant that reminds her of one from their past.  Felicia bursts into tears. 
Lucy finds Kevin at The Floating Rib, and confesses she made a mistake with the vampire fiasco. She swears she is truly, madly and deeply in love with him. Lucy continues on and on, and Kevin tells her to shut up and kiss him.
Luke goes to Tracy to complain about Scotty. Tracy reminds Luke he has no proof Scotty is behind the Ice Princess. She points out Luke doesn’t think clearly when Laura is around.  
Laura is shocked, and thinks Anna is cheating on Luke. She thinks for a bit, and then wonders if Luke and Anna are actually together. 
Duke puts the necklace on Anna.  He tells her he wants a future with her.  The two kiss, as Scotty and Laura arrive and see the embrace.  Duke pays the bill, but the busboy informs him the bills are counterfeit.  
Kate wakes up in bed with Sonny and feels out of place.  She hears her name being called, and walks around the house.  Kate turns to the mirror and sees Connie, or another alter looking back at her.  

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    Episodes like today make sticking with this show, through the ups and downs, so worth it. Wow. There were so many little things that made the show so great today … and I’ll just mention a few.

    First and foremost, Felicia. Am I alone in feeling just how torn she is? How sad she is? How confused? Some posters are always railing on Kristina Wagner, and I have always loved her. But her performances the last few episodes have just been great and won me over completely. And props go to Jack Wagner too. The scene today between them was so powerful, with him mentioning Georgie’s birthday and the guilt he felt about her death, and his fear of coming back and facing Felicia and Maxie. The flashbacks just added to it … and I was tearing up. I’m not sure why I’m having this reaction to Frisco and Felicia … it’s not as if I was their biggest fan back in the day. But I think part of it might be that it feels like this supercouple is finally getting some respect, some recognition for how special they were … after being torn down over the last 20 years. And finally, the locket … beautiful. And Felicia’s tears are so real.

    On the other hand, there is Mac. The scene with him and Kevin was so real and believable. I hurt for Mac too. It’s a good story when I’m not sure who to root for.

    The Frisco and Anna scene … finally, we get to see them together. It’s hard for friends to catch up after 20 years apart, but it was a nice scene with a mention of Robin from Frisco.

    The Anna/Duke scene was spectactular. Anna’s expressions as he put the necklace on her were great. And just their conversation was so natural, hearing about her day. So Tracey got one over on Duke with the fake bills! That surprised me and made me smile.

    Lucy and Tracy … magic. Lucy and Kevin … more magic. We finally got an overload of romance on today’s show.

    I wish we could see a little more romance between Scott and Laura. I realize it’s been 35 years or so since they were first married … but it would be nice to see some them more intimate with each other. Laura is absolutely beautiful. Luke … not so much. :-)

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    Frisco & Felicia really were a magical supercouple. They were young and lovely, and so free-spirited. I adored them. Of course, that was before GH destroyed their characters and make them both so unlikable, and before Felicia easily became one of the most annoying characters to ever grace GH’s canvas. Let me walk that last sentence back, however, because Frisco & Felicia are both tugging at my heartstrings very much. When Felica cried over the necklace that Frisco gave her–and during those beautiful flashbacks–I cried with her. They both still have *it*. Furthermore, imho Kristina Wagner is turning in some of her most memorable performances to date, which is why I am so torn.

    I’m glad Mac stood his ground and refused to fight with Felicia over her obvious lie or chase after her. But at this point, I don’t really know what I want. Felicia is invested in both men, but the RIGHT thing for her to do is stay with Mac. Right? This is a very tough triangle for me, and one that I’m surprised to be so invested in. It makes me feel very nostalgic. I think that goes to show you how wonderful these characters are and what great actors KW, JJY, and JW are. Kudos, also, to JW & KW for coming back to GH for it’s 50th, and for working so well together despite their previous personal problems.

    To me, Mac is a very important part of the canvas, so I do think about JJY’s screen time. We don’t see him nearly enough. I would hate to see York’ screen time effected if, for instance, Felicia did run off with Frisco.

    I love seeing Luke, Laura, and Scotty all together again, but I’m not getting what I, as a Spencer Fangurl need. That could be because I’ve turned a stink-eye toward Geary and his acting choices. However, I’m still waiting for (and to some degree expect) Laura to hone in on Luke about what happened to Lucky in the aftermath of Luke’s drunken binge that killed Jake, and to let loose on him about the way their family fell to shit. Besides, I still think it was a little weird that when speaking to Liz, Laura seemed so blithe about what Lucky was doing. I wanted GH to play those beats with Laura and Liz.

    Lucy and Tracy are comedic gold.

    I was surprised that Kate saw Connie in the mirror. I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering what other screwball resides in Kannie. Lay it on us already, and get it over with.

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    Im going to lay it out there not only because CARTOONY loves D.I.D . Stories and laying it on thick with it all and adding more and more alternates to the character until the audience is crying out in pain.

    Not only will there be another alternate to Connie’s menagerie of alternates…but she will be pregnant! Sonny slept with both Connie and Kate, almost within days of one another, and the drama will be JUST LIKE ON OLTL WITH JESSICA AND HER BABY, “who is the real baby momma?!!” Dun-da-dunnnnn

    Connie and all her alternates are hear to stay people. Cartoony, when it comes to his writing/producing/show running, does not listen to the fans- or the majority of us when certain stories are no fun.

    All ego for him.

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    I really enjoyed today’s show. It reminded me of the good old days of GH in the 80’s. I liked seeing the old Frisco & Felicia flashbacks. They were a beautiful couple, and both have aged very well.Felicia’s emotions seem so real. Working with her ex must be bringing back some old feelings.
    The Anna/Duke scenes were fabulous. It’s about time he took her out on a date. Great seeing Kevin and Lucy, and the Tracy/Lucy scenes were hysterical.
    It was fun seeing the Luke/Scotty rivalry. The show was basically all the great vets, no wonder I liked it. Why can’t GH always be like this? I sometimes can’t figure out how Ron C. and the other writers could write a good show and then the next day it seems off and unbalanced. Would like more shows like this, and more with couples and dealing with their relationships. Put the psycho stories to rest for awhile.

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    This episode was absolute perfection except for the inclusion of the Sonny and Connie scenes. Part of it is because I can’t stand this couple, and the other part is “Konnie” doesn’t mesh with the old time vet stories. The rest of the show was centered on old friends and loves…and “Konnie” is a present day story… I am not saying another word on this however as the rest of the show was just wonderful.

    I was a HUGE fan of F&F back in the day. I was never a L&L fan, though I do love Laura…I loved Robert with either Holly or Anna…I loved Duke & Anna, and Sean & Tiffany…BUT my favorite couple was F&F. So while I truly feel bad for Mac…as he is the BETTER man in all ways… no question on this…I literally squealed when I saw my F&F flashbacks. F&F were magical back in the 80’s, with chemistry that was unequal. This is hard to duplicate, or we would have tons of Super Couples… and in reality we really don’t. Every decade has a couple of “actual Super Couples”. Sure we have other couples that are popular, but they never really reach the status of Super Couple. While Mac has been a wonderful man to Felicia, and father to her girls…the couple of Mac and Felicia never shared the same chemistry as F&F did. Did they even have a squish name? This is the difference. You feel bad for Mac, BUT you can’t help but be torn by what you see as true love where F&F is concerned.

    Anna and Duke were just WONDERFUL. I loved how Tracy got Duke too with the counterfeit money…Too funny.

    LOVED the Luke, Laura Scotty scenes. Luke and Scotty are priceless together.

    LOVED the Tracy, Lucy and Luke scenes….Tracy and Lucy are so funny together. Like a new version of Lucy and Ethel LOL… and I have always loved Tracy and Luke together.

    I loved the Mac and Kevin friendship, and the mention of their past alter egos, and the fact they were each trying to help one another with their problems…just wonderful.

    So much heartfelt emotion…Fantastic episode….


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    OMG I can’t help but think that “Sonny’s Super Seed” will triumph again Raven… LOL. Ron has already gone this route on OLTL with Jessica… so don’t be surprised if you see it again here on GH. He has a tendency to keep repeating his story lines. This is also another excuse for KSu to be eating up all the air time. She seems to be a favorite of theirs. At least on OLTL I liked Jessica…I truly can’t stand this Konnie/Kate character. I never watch her scenes.

    The vets will keep me watching as long as they are there….After their time is up, I am not so sure. So many of my favorites have left now, and the ones that are still there have limited air time. Not enough love and romance on this show. Yesterday was the first time in awhile, they remembered that soap fans really watch for love in the afternoon.

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    Connie and all her alternates are hear to stay people. Cartoony, when it comes to his writing/producing/show running, does not listen to the fans- or the majority of us when certain stories are no fun.

    If he listened to everything the fans say, 3/4 of the GH cast would be gone and the budget would be through the roof because the same 5 vets would be on 200 days a year.

    Sometimes what he writes makes you wonder, but they are keeping the show alive by managing the vets time and overloading the cast to make sure there is always something going on.

    By the nurses ball next month, there is going to be upwards of 75 characters being written for, it won’t all be perfect…. Particularly with Robin (she comes and goes, there is nothing Cartini can do about that so they have to write it scattered like this). Just sit back and try to enjoy what is a 1000X better show than before Cartini got here.

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    Agree with everything that is said….Frisco and Felicia were gold, Anna and Duke were great, Laura and Scotty were fun to watch together, Lucy and Kevin were wonderful, and finally Tracy/Lucy/Luke were GREAT!

    Sonny and Kate were alright….I am kind of annoyed when Connie appeared in the mirror of Kate because the SAME EXACT thing happened to Jessica on OLTL. This is like Jessica DID story 2.0 and that’s kind of a shame because I feel as though he’s rehashing the story and not being very creative. Oh well.

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    Loved most of today’s episode (except for Sonny & Kate). Not sure why since Kate just spilled her guts to Sonny she didn’t simply roll over in the middle of the night and say “Sonny I’m not feeling well. I’m hearing Connie in my mind. Let’s go to the hospital.” Weird that this woman still hasn’t had medical treatment since Kate came back.

    As for the pregnancy wherenver two women are preggers at the same time you know Re-Ron Cartooni is planning a baby switch. Looks like Maxie/Spinelli/Lulu/Dante baby will end up switched with the Kate/Sonny/Connie kid come this Fall.

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    Can I just say how gross it was that Kate slept with Sonny…and why hasn’t anyone suggested that Kate go see a doctor or something. The fact that Kate so easily forgave Sonny..not diggin it. I’m sick of Skate and I’m sick of Kate and Konnie. I cannot wait for Brenda to come back and strangle her with her long sleeves. Once Brenda comes back, especially with Jax there’s no way Sonny will let that go, and Kate will see that Sonny only has one true love and it ain’t her or alter.

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    I’m fairly new to GH…but from what I gather….Kate is the “original” woman. Then she goes into Connie, the raving witch. Sonny was obviously involved with Kate first, right? And then eventually he hooked up with Connie. And as soon as he hooked up with Connie, she went back to Kate. Kate was disgusted, but in a few days she forgave him and then THEY had sex. NOW, Kate is either seeing Connie again or another alter.

    So if Kate and Connie’s other alter is a man, and Sonny sleeps with him, does that make him bisexual? I mean, he’s definitely GOING To sleep with whatever alter there is….or maybe one of the alters will have an STD -_-

    Either way, its campy and not really my style, but I do enjoy it from time to time. I find it pretty funny and weird, and fresh for me (since I wasn’t really into OLTL)…so this type of storyline for me is new.

    I DO find the vets to be interesting. Don’t know much about the history, but I’m trying hang in there.

    My ONLY question is….and I’ve never seen this posted on here before, so forgive me if I’m out of line…but that little girl that plays Molly. Is her voice ANNOYING to anyone else? I just keep yelling for her to SHUT UP in every single scene she’s in…..GOOD GOD!

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    I LOVED yesterday’s show for the same reasons most mentioned here. Could have done without Konnie/Sonny, but everything else was fabulous. OMG, I boohooed at the F & F scenes – KW and JW gave such heartfelt performances and those clips – ahhh! Finola looked gorgeous yesterday and the Duke/Anna and Frisco/Anna scenes were great. Happy to see Luke/Scotty and Laura, as well as Kevin and Mac acting like the buddies they were. Makes up for having to suffer through Sabrina so much this week.

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    [quote=stoney07]My ONLY question is….and I’ve never seen this posted on here before, so forgive me if I’m out of line…but that little girl that plays Molly. Is her voice ANNOYING to anyone else? I just keep yelling for her to SHUT UP in every single scene she’s in…..GOOD GOD![/quote]


    I often complain about Molly’s less than soothing voice – A nasally whine

  14. Profile photo of NAN

    I love Molly and h ave never even noticed her voice. I think HP is a fine young actor–much better than either of her “sisters”, in fact.

  15. Profile photo of katehhoward

    If Maurice ever gets tired of portraying Sonny and wants to just rest and do little work he should consider reprising his role of Nico on AMC. I would love to see a Nico return to Pine Valley. He shoots only four days a week and Nico was a much lighter character than Sonny is.

  16. Profile photo of stoney07

    I agree she’s a good actress, I just can’t take the voice. The first time I took notice, it was an episode and it was just outrageous. Then I read somewhere that she was sick, so I thought THAT was why. But then, it just kept getting worse and worse…but it’s nothing against the actress. That’s nothing that she can help. She IS a much better actress than her sister. Her sister is the Kristina girl, right? If so, I’m NOT amused…she’s not that great.

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    Glad to see posts #1 and #2 reiterate one of the recent highlights for me, which has been KW’s acting. I FEEL her sadness and mixed emotions. JW was great too, i’ll have to re-watch those scenes on the dvr tonite, i first viewed them on my phone lol.

    YES, a lot to love today, and just in the nick of time when i was considering skipping the show altogether, but remembered who was on today and i’m so glad i watched. Almost all scenes clicked for me, except a little FF action on Kawnie/Sonny. Even tho Jane Eliot is still a bit yelly, i cracked up several times enjoying LH and JE play off each other. An abundance of stuff to love today, i just wish we had 3-5 days a week of this instead of just 1. I hope Luke is wrong about Scotty, i’d like Kin to be around at LEAST a few months! I’d rather see Laura in action mode instead of reaction, but i’ll see where this story goes. I think we’ve had TWO scenes with Lulu and Laura in one month, but i’ll take what i can get.

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    <<<<<<<<< Maybe I should have said THIS FAN watches for love in the afternoon….although the term “Love in the afternoon” has been coined or linked to daytime drama now for years.

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    The return of “yelly” Tracy Quartermaine! LOL. I love Jane Elliott and Tracy livens up her every scene but boy is she loud! Maybe I’m drawn to loud actresses because I love Florencia Lozano and never saw her as “yelly” but it continually comes up as her critique. Now I am attuned to “yelling” as a part of acting. I digress.

    I FFWDed very little of this episode, good episode. I didn’t watch GH in the 80’s and joined up in the 90’s (Labine/Riche years) but I am very engaged in the scenes of all of the “blast from the past” characters. Clearly, these are the strongest actors/characters on canvas. The episode felt like a spoil of riches.

    I loved Mac the most of the episode. Mac’s view of Felicia and their relationship was realistic and dignified. I just love Mac & John J. York. Today, I was sold on Felicia & Frisco. Of course the flashbacks helped! I think Kristina Wagner did fantastic work. Jack Wagner’s performances either leave me flat or annoyed (flat in this episode.) Still, I recognize that F&F is for many viewers as Cord & Tina were for me on OLTL and when C&T were reunited/remarried in OLTL’s final months, I was the happiest I had been in a long time!

    I enjoyed Anna/Duke’s date. How adorable! The way he looks at her is so special. I felt so embarrassed for him when his money was revealed as counterfeit but I so enjoyed Tracy’s being sly! That’s my Tracy Quartermaine!

    I FFWDed Sonny/Kate and was thoroughly disgusted by their sex. I would have preferred Sonny hold Kate in his arms and tell her she was safe with him. I would have appreciated that so much more. Sex with an untreated mentally-ill woman is wrong and makes Sonny look like a pig. I happen to like Sonny and think the only good aspect of the DID story has been Sonny’s devotion to a woman he has loved, after lacking devotion to Brenda & Carly at various points. Argh.

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    [quote=IOWAHAWKEYE/]When JE went up two octaves and said “you can go to H-E-L-L”, I must’ve rewound that 4 or 5 times — MADE MY DAY![/quote]

    ^^ She’s loud but I sure do love her!!! Tracy Quartermaine makes my day every day but that line was hysterical!

    I here you about using “clearly” when discussing actors but as someone who didn’t watch Anna/Duke, Felicia/Frisco and Luke/Laura/Scotty at the height of their popularity in the 80’s (because I was too busy watching the supercouples on Days of Our Lives) it’s clear to me that these couples were special despite my lack of investment. I hope I make sense.

  21. Profile photo of Cornfed

    “DIGNIFIED” — exactly! Soapbaby nails it again! And be careful with using “clearly” b/c sometimes ppl have different ideas of what great acting is! LOL Hopefully everyone is on the same page b/c i agree. When JE went up two octaves and said “you can go to H-E-L-L”, I must’ve rewound that 4 or 5 times — MADE MY DAY!

    I’m not clear on why Skate has to be the go-to couple for sex scenes, tho i did find their makeout scenes pretty believable in the past. LOL to the poster who mentioned that MB clearly tapes cue cards to the props — scandalous!

    I think i’m gonna enjoy reading the boards more than actually viewing the show when VM returns lol…there are such split camps on her and who she belongs with i’m just gonna sit back and read! I personally found Jax and Brenda as exciting as watching paint dry, but that’s just me. We no longer have Bonny as sublimely written by Claire Labine so i guess we’ll take what we can get when the time comes.

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    soapbaby, i had no idea you were a big Days fan, (except for the REAL Roman & Marlena)! Me too. The only ABC i saw thru the 80s were the times on GH when Genie returned, and also Edge of Night. Besides that, i was an NBC fan pretty much, tho they always had the lower ratings overall i think :( Sorry for the segue!

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    Ghfan – love your avatar!!! Love in the afternoon is how ABC used to market the shows. It is what the majority of fans expect.

    I loved the use of the vets. My only gripe is how Luke and Scotty seem to be fighting over Laura like she is a fave toy. They still haven’t grown up?? I wish she would walk away from both and hook up with Mac.

  24. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @ IOWAHAWKEYE: DAYS was my first soap and the soap I hold dearest to my heart. My family was an NBC soap opera-only household in the 80’s when the line-up was Days of Our Lives, Another World and Santa Barbara. DAYS defined soap opera supercouple during the 80’s. Bo & Hope is my favorite soap opera couple of all time. I regularly watch the good ole’ days of DAYS on YouTube. DAYS actually went to #1 in the ratings for a week in ’87 for Patch & Kayla’s wedding.

    In the late-80’s, I ventured over to One Life To Live, shocking my NBC-only family. ;-)

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    Daniel St. John

    Sonny’s magic stick brought Kate back when Connie was in control and then one roll in the sack with him while Kate was in charge brought Connie back. She needs to avoid doing the do with him for her own sanity.

  26. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Sooo, that means i’m not the only person who noticed how Patsy Pease (a former dancer) would acrobatically break her neck backwards every time she and Shane kissed? :)

  27. Profile photo of jujube1013

    i liked yesterday’s show, very old school, but why can’t they mesh both sides together. why not have Liz&AJ’s date be at the same time Anna/Duke are out. Liz and Anna bonded and Anna could be somewhat happy that Liz is seeing someone but worried that it’s AJ. then laura shows up, who is another mother figure to Liz and just told her to find love.

    has duke met emma or patrick/maxie could have been at jakes’s listening to mac and kevin talk about old times. why not have laura and scotty invite looloo and dante out for dinner?

    the show is still separating groups of people.

  28. Profile photo of Ferrari517

    Makes no sense to me to bring back the heavy hitters like Laura, Frisco, Scotty have them on the show but get very little screen time out of them. The show is still paying these actors for each episode they appear in so the expense to the show has already been hit, why not use them to their fullest?

  29. Profile photo of Cornfed

    @jujube — excellent excellent point. There could be even more interaction than there is, and more weaving in/out of characters. My only guess, and i know very little about this, is all the block taping they do in advance, maybe it makes the editing later on more difficult? Maybe the only way they could afford having all these vets back is to only pay so many during each day? I’m not sure how it works…

  30. Profile photo of liason4real

    It probably boils down to how much money is available to pay for all of the returning vets, plus the actors that have been on the show for the last fifteen years (like Liz).

  31. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I just now had a chance to see Wednesday’s episode, and omg, it was practically pitch-perfect!!!

    I can’t even believe there could be such a thing that we had today: An episode of GH with Laura, Luke, Scotty, Anna, Duke, Mac, Felicia, Frisco, Kevin, Lucy, Tracy. I’m speechless.

    I could have done without the Kate/Sonny scenes. This episode so clearly showed why the character of Kate, and her storyline, are so out of place on GH, amidst these beloved vets.

    I simply adore Felicia and Kristina Wagner. I bet these were the scenes after which FV and the whole crew gave her a standing ovation. The scene where she teared up after talking about Georgie were heartfelt and touching. And talk about the flashbacks!!! Just wow.

    Loved the Anna/Frisco scenes too, I’m glad Frisco got to see other vets too outside of his storyline.

    Anna/ Finola Hughes looked so beautiful today. Loved her feminine blouse and the necklace (although that wasn’t really Anna’s style, was it?).

    I’m wondering about the money Duke got from Tracy not being good. Did we really need a money laundering scam on top of everything else? Or was it because all of Tracy assets were frozen?

    I definitely think that L&L belong together and want her away from Scotty.

    I’m glad Laura told Scotty about Anna kissing “some man”, because the fact is Laura has never met Duke. But I also hope the writers remember and ANNA and Laura have never met! Please don’t skip over that little fact. If they have met somewhere off-screen, then at least make a note of that int he dialogue.

    Lucy looked fabulous in the pink dress! She was back to her old self, and I’m glad she finally got out of the same clothes she’d been wearing for several weeks. I was also happy to see her get back into the storylines that were left waiting for her – ELQ, rebuilding CoeCoe, Nurses Ball, and Kevin. I’m so happy Lucy is in so many storylines simultaneously!

    It was a little contrived how quickly Kevin forgave Lucy, though.

    Loved Mac making a joke about “not shaving his legs for anyone anymore”! :D

    I actually really like the way they incorporated Spinelli & Ellie into the ELQ storyline. It seemed plausible to me, and it places Spinelli in a very approriate “pickle” :D If only Ellie were a Q, or Lauren Frank! I would love it SO much more than another newbie face.

    I LOVE GH!!! :)

    (p.s. Can you believe what the following episode – Thursday – looks like compared to this??? YAWN!)

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