Sami to EJ on Days of Our Lives: “I Want Nick Fallon GONE!”

Leave it to Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) to know exactly when to ask a man for anything she wants! On Wednesday's episode of Days of Our Lives, she asked EJ (James Scott) to get rid of Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) — while the couple was banging like crazy!

Nick really should have asked somebody about Sami, before deciding to tangle with her son Will (Chandler Massey). The same woman who once gave the mighty Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) a stroke, is more than capable of going to war with a fresh-out-of-prison youngster; even one as deliciously vile as Nick.  Watch the steamy clip below!



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    Margaret Thatcher

    Love her or hate her (I love her), Sami Brady will do anything for her kids and this includes her son, Will. I smiled from ear to ear when Sami used her feminine charms on EJ to hatch a scheme to off Nick. This was inspired and fun to watch. Methinks Nick’s time in Salem is coming to an end.

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    You know, I haven’t watched DOOL in YEARS. I believe I was watching last when Marlena was possessed by the devil. But after reading the updates on DC, I have to say the stories sound fantastic right now. Perhaps I should tune in…

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    It’s a shame they’ve taken one of the few Hortons left in Salem and made him such a disgusting character. Nick had potential to be another great Horton but they certainly ruined him. Joshua, Jessica and Grandma Marie can’t be too proud of him. And he’s doing this to his own cousin. After Bill and Mickey made up I thought the Hortons were a happy family.

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    This was HOT, HOT love scene! :love: I personally think Sony has seen how fans are responding to much improved romance on Y&R and fans loving this about Y&R and they heated up Days quite alot over the last couple months with some its own STEAMY romance and it’s paying dividends for both soaps.

    Good for Sony for putting old fashion romance back into soaps which was missing element for many years. By balancing other stories with adding a simple but effective with romance into the canvas simply rocks!…Rafe\Kate for example is HOT! When Sonny just comforted Will is another prime example.

    Soaps for way to long concentrated on action, doppoelgangers, psychos, violence and fantastical stories and viewers were getting burned out.

    I’m loving the balance of both shows from Sony right now by intermixing lots of romantic couples, intrigue, and mystery makes good soap opera to watch.

    Kudos to DOOL & Y&R for giving HOT STEAMY sex scenes. Remember when soaps would push the envelope in the daytime compared to prime time and would shy away and daytime soaps was then on the cutting edge, but networks was more lenient with their daypart back in day ;) Prime example the rape of Holly Norris was more graphic then what we would get today. ;)

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    That love scene was incredible HOT!!!! Wow.

    Ali Sweeney and James Scott once again managed to bring pure lust to our screens. That’s why EJami belong together. Scenes like this explain why in the end of the day they are just perfect for each other.

    DAYS is really doing a fantastic job with those hot and steamy sex scenes. By far the best in Daytime.

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    Awwww suki suki now!! Now, THIS is a soap opera!

    But what are we gonna do about Chicken Little Horton and her painfully dry relationship with the Narcolepsy doctor?

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Awwww suki suki now!! Now, THIS is a soap opera!

    But what are we gonna do about Chicken Little Horton and her painfully dry relationship with the Narcolepsy doctor?[/quote]

    Hopefully they’ll be written out and get their happily ever after OFF my screen!

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    I agree with everyone except the fool who said “Team Nick”–gross! LOL.

    The writers and actors have done an amazing job taking a short term gig for the Blake Berris (Nick) and slowly built up a frenzy where the fans are just completely begging for his comeuppance. I haven’t seen a character as vile, smug and completely disgusting on daytime in years (Billy Clyde Tuggle, AMC or Elena Nikolas, Santa Barbara, or even Jack’s Senator/rapist father, Days) come to mind.

    Not only is half the cast helpless but ready to take him on including that prison-porn-star Vargas (whom I presume raped Nick in prison) but Nick’s loathing of Will comes from a believable place and unlike Stefano–no one in their right mind is rooting for him to take Will down. Stefano is a diabolical villian who brings an element of comedy to his madness (Lady in a cage, Kristen’s doppleganger, etc.) Nick is a person almost everyone who is gay has crossed paths with in their real lives. You feel equally as helpless in reasoning with them because they don’t listen to reason–their feelings are based on hate and it’s hard to combat that when it’s burning deep within them.

    I know he’ll get what’s coming to him AND I can’t wait to see it unfold.

    Kudos to Blake Berris! I love to hate you on screen.

    Also Sami/EJ’s sex-while-planning-murder was fun/creepy/weird: Freepeird!? BUT I LOVED IT.

    Also, Chloe & Nicole’s scene was fun–I love wicked comedy and Days it’s bringing it lately. “You were a lot more fun before you moved into the convent.” “Us bad girls have to stick together!” HAHAHAHAHA!

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    Team EJami!!!

    I’m so gonna enjoy to see the look on Nick’s face once he realizes exactly who he’s been messing with! I also loved how Sami did it.

    I also loved Kristen reminding EJ about “DiMeras being able to do things other people can’t” So right. Nick, you better watch your back….

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    I started watching DOOL again on Soapnet after reading all the posts on this board. Those scenes with Sami and EJ were hot!! Now here is a show that has romance and hotness. (GH should take some lessons). EJ and Sami have chemistry thru the roof which you don’t see much of on the soaps today.
    The only thing I don’t like is the Chloe spying on Daniel and Jen. The whole story is dull and silly. Vargas reminds me a bit of Steve Burton.

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    It is refreshing to know that the Horton’s are getting some tarnish back on those wings of theirs. They have been canonized enough. Dr Horton was ultraconservative in his freewheeling advise. He often would give women advise as a doctor and a moralist that would make one shiver in this day and age. Bill Horton raped his sister in law. Mickey turned around and shot him. Also was engaging in an illicit affair with his secretary Linda Phillips Anderson. Julie was a home wrecking trollop who shoplifted when she was a teen. There have been some truly nice Hortons such as Mellissa, Hope and Jennifer but the bunch of them weren’t as nice as their reputation would have one to believe. So that Nick has some chips on his shoulder, Will has shot someone and Lucas is part bad part good guy, is great. I have wanted to see more Hortons in Salem. Not because they are so nice, but because they are anything but.

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