Chloe and Nicole Need to Take Their Show on The Road on DAYS

Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) called Nicole (Arianne Zucker) out concerning why the blonde is really working at the church. The frenemies commiserated about how hard it is to get Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) out of Daniel’s (Shawn Christian) life. I loved Nicole and Chloe’s banter. They’re almost good enough to make a comedy routine out of it.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) had some REALLY hot,  angry grief sex. Sami was in rage-filled tears over what Nick had done to Will. Combined with EJ’s passion, Sami's turmoil made for good soap sex.

During EJ’s grinding and thrusting, she asked him to get rid of Nick. When he clarified if she wanted Nick dead, it made them even hornier! Who knew talk of murder could get a couple so hot and bothered? 

Sami came to her senses, and told EJ they couldn’t kill Nick. He asked her if she could live with Nick dying ,if it was the only way to keep him from hurting Will ever again.

Watching the episode, I couldn’t help speculate at the groundwork being laid. Nick (Blake Berris) forced everyone to keep his manipulations secret from the rest of Salem. If Nick ends up dead, we could end up with a murder mystery where everyone “in the know” suspects someone in that small group of killing him.

Will grappled with the revelation that Nick wanted him out of his daughter’s life because he's gay. Nick showed absolutely no remorse for what he’d done.  Nick said he didn’t hate Will, but he had to protect the baby for Gabi. Berris and  Massey were on fire during Wednesday’s episode of Days of Our Lives.

Eric (Greg Vaughan) had his first meeting with Vargas (Sean Douglas). The priest explained his goal was to help him make the transition to the outside. Wonder how happy Nick will be to learn Vargas is being groomed for a life on the outside?


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    Arianne Zucker is the best actress on NBC bar none. It’s a pity they have her moping around over a holy roller. The hotness that is Greg Vaughan should never ever be hidden under a priest collar.

    And, seriously, Nadia Bjorlin gives me hope for hair-models everywhere. She has transformed herself into an actress.

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    Margaret Thatcher

    Nicole and Chloe remind me of classy poll dancers. Not the roadside dive types but the high-end, Las Vegas girls who pull down $200K a year.

    And yes, Arianne Zucker is a tremendously good actor. You can see it in her face and heart when she delivers the lines. Even when the writers give her junk to work with, she makes it work.

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    I don’t like how they turned Chloe into the new Nicole. Nicole is now a bland character, and they even dress her like Marlena now.

    I never had a problem with Nadia Bjorlin’s acting, I just hate how she ate the show before. This is more a writing and EP issue than the fault of the actors though.

    I agree with other posters that Nicole needs to get away from Father Boring. Either De-Priest him and get his clothes off, or get Nicole away from him!

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    I will admit there is something slightly addictive worth watching in Nicole/Chloe scenes. And Zukor deserved someone equally hot when Tomlin came back and split up she and EJ (i was probably one of the few that loved and preferred AJ & Nicole together, mainly b/c Zukor’s a better actress than Sweeney even on a bad day). Thank GOD they gave up the stupid idea of Daniel and Nicole, that was the last hot mess i saw around the time Tomlin was brought back to sell HIS vision of DOOL. :(

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    I am so enjoying Days right now.

    Anyone notice the new guys real name – Sean Douglas? That brought to mind Day’s Shawn Douglas for me.

    I liked Nicole and EJ together alot. They are more equal in height size and I thought they were a very powerful pair. I got tired of Sami back when she was a teenager so I don’t care who she’s with or what she does. She never learns and never will.

    I don’t think Eric will stay a priest for long. I foresee him and Nicole together. However, I think he is to short for her and not powerful enough. Didn’t realize GV wasn’t very tall.

    Always thought Chloe was beautiful, esp her eyes. She has her mother wrapped around her finger. Will be interesting in what trouble they bring for Daniel and Jennifer.

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    There’s nothing worse than having a great couple be born with a pretty bad writing team! They didn’t stand a chance *sigh*

    Wow, i also had no clue GV was short :(

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    Greg Vaughan is not short, he is 6′. It’s Ariane Zucker who is an amazon, she is like 6’1″! She used to be a model actually. Nicole towers over most of the men in Salem so they would need to pair her with someone who can hug her from behind without having to reach up (sorry Lucas!).

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    I didn’t realize he’s 6′ because he just seems shorter around the other men of Days. Guess since I have brothers that are 6’7 and 6’5 anyone at 6′ looks short.

    But, I do think Nicole needs a good tall man like EJ. I just don’t like tall men with women who just come to their arm pits. Looks so lopsided. But that’s just my taste.

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