Y&R’s Greg Rikaart: “Can’t Imagine I’m Ever Going to Have to Play Talking to a Deranged Mascot Head Again”

Greg Rikaart is the latest The Young and the Restless star to share memories from his almost 10-year stint on the 40-year-old sudser. While Kevin Fisher has come a long way since giving teenage Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) VD—embarking on many morally ambiguous sojourns along the way—nothing Kevin has endured was more insane than donning a chipmunk outfit to go on a crime spree.

Watch Rikaart relive the chipmunk story and others below!

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    hey mon

    I certainly hope that what Greg says is true. The Chipmunk for him was not the low point of his stint on Y&R. Dealing for 6 months with the wise-cracking Angelina and her father was the worst thing he has done. Not sure how the rumor got started in 2011 that Rikaart actually likes these ‘strange and unusual’ story-lines, but I hope these type of s/l’s have come to an end.

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    [quote=truthtakestime2000] He should hook up with Jill[/quote]

    LOL…You meant that as humor, correct? Because then it would be no difference then the Victor\Sharon hookup.

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    [quote=CarlyCfan]Poor Greg, he’s forever known as chipmunk now.[/quote]

    ITA, and on that note, Thank you sweet baby Jesus that MAB is gone.

    Don’t know which was worse then that stupid chipmunk story or burning fetuses in a fireplace.

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    Hopefully someone can answer my question. It’s been burning in my mind forEVER.

    That Chipmunk voice: Was it Amber’s voice, or Bart Simpson’s? I couldn’t really tell between the two….

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    [quote=bishbay]The Adam/Ashley gaslighting thing was sooooo dark and disturbing. I’m glad that it’s largely ignored by all involved.[/quote]

    It really shouldn’t be and it’s the reason why i still can’t stand the whinny sociopath Adam. This storyline was horrific.

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    I choose to forget ALLLLL of 2009. It, to me, was one of the worst years of Y&R EVER. THe Chipmunk was like January 2009, the gaslight was during the summer, think. Somewhere in there was the “mama Bear” crap….Mary Jane Benson….just alll kinds of ridiculousness.

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    I really love Greg, and it continues to frustrate me that the writers can’t seem to get it right for this guy.

    He IS such a talent. When he’s not with Chloe, he clicks on the screen. The only female that was a good match for him was Jana, and of course we know who f’d that one up.

    It’s clear he has so much chemistry with most of the “family” he has on the show, that I wish we’d have some sort of relapse for him into his evils ways. Having him interact with Michael, his Mom and even Lauren is much better than trying to make a believable couple with Chloe.

    In any event, I hope he’s around for a long time!

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