Bold and Beautiful’s John McCook Gives RAUNCHY Interview to TV Guide on Y&R Crossover and Sexing Taylor!

My, my! Who knew the Forrester patriarch had such a baudy sense of humor? The Bold and the Beautiful's John McCook gave a hilariously filthy interview to TV Guide's Michael Logan, discussing his upcoming appearance on The Young and the Restless.

Sorry, old schoolers; McCook won't be playing tight, swim trunks sporter Lance Prentiss—the role he played during Y&R's early years—instead, Eric Forrester is heading to Genoa City to design Nikki Newman's (Melody Thomas Scott) 12th wedding gown!

Here are a few snippets from the chat:

TV Guide Magazine: So has Eric outdone himself with the dress? This is wedding No. 12 for our Miss Nikki. She's gotta look damn fine!

McCook: It's another Forrester classic! It's not a dress for an 18-year-old girl. It's a grownup dress for a grownup woman. Melody Thomas Scott looked beautiful. It had a nice train on it. [Laughs] That's about all I know. It had a train! I was too busy sweating my ass off to notice anything else. They sat me next to a roaring fireplace during the ceremony. I'm, like, "What the f–k? Couldn't you put somebody else by the fire…like somebody under 60?" The actors from Y&R refused to sit there so they gave the chair to the poor guy from the other soap across the hall. I was sweating so bad people thought Eric was nervous about the dress. I said, "That's not nerves. I'm roasting to death!" But, otherwise, I had a great time. Eric has scenes with Lauren and Michael, Neil, and Victor and Nikki, of course. Eric Braeden was in a very good mood that day. [Pause] Uh…I don't mean to imply that's unusual. [Laughs]


TV Guide Magazine: We must talk about your sexcapades on B&B. Eric is already shacking up with Taylor [Hunter Tylo], just three months after the death of Stephanie [Susan Flannery]. And Stephanie and Taylor were BFFs! Too trashy!

McCook: [Laughs] I was trying to keep a little dignity. I didn't want Eric jumping into bed with just any available set of boobs, but he's a horndog and he's been alone for 12 weeks. That's eons in soap time! Hey, he wasn't getting any from Stephanie. He's probably gone five years without sex. Her death freed him up to sniff around the neighborhood. Yeah, people are shocked, but we need this kind of tension and excitement on our show. Any publicity is good publicity, as long as I don't have to look at it. I don't go online because it scares the s–t out of me. I don't want to hear all that negative stuff. I'm just happy to contribute to the show and be working in a storyline that impacts a lot of characters. I don't need the rest of it.

To find out if Eric will soon be designing a wedding dress for Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) click here!



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  1. Profile photo of booze26

    What a great guy. The comment about Eric Braeden is terrific.

    If they just paired him with Donna, it would be so much more in character, and they still could persue the Logan/Forrester feud. Eric needs to be in the middle of this, not on a side. He never was before, and its just making his character look stupid. I dont like it, especially because they are pitting him against the mother of his children…

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    LOVE the Eric Braeden comment. John McCook is such a funny guy. :)

    I liked some of Eric’s pairings very much. I think McCook has great chemistry with Katherine Kelly Lang and had amazing chemistry with Tracey Bregman, Lesley-Anne Down and of course Susan Flannery.

    But never understood what Brad Bell thought when he created the Eric/Donna or now the Eric/Taylor pairing.

  3. Profile photo of MysteryStory

    Good interview but what was up with “bringing someone on from one of those failed soaps” comment? Ouch! Wasn’t Jacob Young on on one of those “failed soaps” even though he started on B&B? Even though she’s never seen, wasn’t Crystal Chappell in a couple of those failed soaps? I hope it was just poorly chosen words.

  4. Profile photo of booze26

    Well, those soaps did fail in some way, so the words maybe poorly chosen from the perspective of a soap opera lover, but in a way he is right. Oh well, we shouldnt take the interview to serious…or do you really think they placed him next to a fireplace on purpose :)

  5. Profile photo of Yoryla

    What a nice and funny guy! John McCook has always had great sense of humor, I remember reading some interviews from the 90’s and I was shocked at all the funny stuff he apparently does on set, jokes around, etc. after seeing him as Eric on-screen.

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