Brady and Eric Should Create a Dumb Hunks Club on Days of Our Lives

Nicole (Arianne Zucker) tried to tell Eric (Greg Vaughan) the truth about her feelings, by saying he should know what she wanted to say. Of course Eric had no clue what she was talking about. I can’t decide who is the dumber Salem hunk, Eric or Brady (Eric Martsolf). Regardless, they need to form a club for stupid studs.

Oh Nancy (Patrika Darbo), how I’ve missed you! Five seconds back in Salem and she was already trying to figure out ways to clear Chloe’s (Nadia Bjorlin) path to Daniel (Shawn Christian). Nancy’s call to Daniel was a hint of things to come, and boy does it look like this is going to be fun.

Apparently Nancy and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) are now Salem’s busybody masterminds. Nancy will be helping Chloe get Daniel, while Kayla is out to keep Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Daniel together.

Victor (John Aniston) was furious when he learned Brady was moving into the DiMera mansion. Meanwhile, Kristen (Eileen Davidson) was doing a whole lot of talking to Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) portrait.

Later, Brady and Kristen were about to have sex on the DiMera chess table when John’s (Drake Hogestyn) knock on the mansion door interrupted them. I wonder where Brady would have positioned his rook?

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    Poor the wisdom of Cyndi Lauper “He Bop” must be getting tiring don’t you think! ;)

    Cyndi: “We-hell-I see them every night in tight blue jeans –
    In the pages of a blue boy magazine
    Hey I’ve been thinking of a new sensation
    I’m picking up – good vibration –
    Oop – (s)he bop”

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    I don’t think Eric is dumb at all. He’s blinded by the light of the Holy Spirit.

    Brady is blinded by the light of Kristen’s C-harisma U-niqueness N-erve and T-alent.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Brady is blinded by the light of Kristen’s C-harisma U-niqueness N-erve and T-alent.[/quote]

    LOL…genius. I agree though–I understand Eric’s naivete a little more but Brady…well, sometimes they just need to stand there and look pretty, ya know what I mean? Personally, I think Daniel is the dumbest of all of them and it’s about to get worse for him–is that actually possible?– because not only has he got Chloe snowing his dumb ass but now Nancy’s gonna join in on the fun.

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    Margaret Thatcher

    Brady, Eric and Daniel. I’m at a loss to understand why the writers decided to morph once heroic, Dr. Daniel Jonas, into a mumbling, whispering, soft in the head, clueless character in pursuit of the dreadful Jennifer Horton.

    Come on, writers. please give Daniel a spine!

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    I would believe that Eric is not stupid IF HE HAD BEEN A PRIEST all his adult life or that he hadn’t already had an affair with Nicole OR BEEN A PART OF THE BRADY CLAN!!!

    No priest who is at most 35 can claim stupidity or didn’t understand what the woman was saying to him in this day and age. Sure, it moves the drama but isn’t there smarter ways than making the fans scream at the TV and think that your male character is an absolute IDIOT!?!!!

    As for Brady, I don’t get this story at all because he is being played for a fool! I love Eileen Davidson but even if it eventually turns out that Kristen has feelings for the guy it will still be at the expense of his credibility with the fans and with the character’s family!

    My problem with Days is less with the actors or characters and more with the stories and how they just don’t make real sense. I’ll buy all the stories about how Kristen gets off and all that but can’t fathom why Brady would fall for the woman who tried to kill her dad or even her step-mom! Or how Eric would not notice the attraction Nicole has for him. Or that Daniel is so darn STUPID and women fawn all over him when in the 3-4 years the guy has been on the show, the actor has had SOOOOOOOOOO litttle chemistry with all of his girlfriends and his NUmom and NUdaughter! Why they keep bringing back past characters just to put in them in retread stories that already failed or force pairings on us like there is nothing we don’t see.

    Give me evil Stefano and all that, just don’t populate the show with all this dumb forced love!!

    And wait, Abby is a virgin. Ok, I will buy that. But you’re telling me that after dating Cameron (played by another actor) before the town blew up she never once told him she was a virgin?! Doesn’t make sense since we saw those characters as close as possible and on a show that shows people having sex on desks during the work day, on gym floors during a workout class, behind the bar during happy hour, in a cab while one of them is driving, during a shoot out when one of them is doing the shooting, during an operation while one of them is being operated on, I CAN NOT BELIEVE SHE JUST NEVER MENTIONED THAT SHE IS WAITING FOR MARRIAGE and the guy… Cameron… didn’t ask her “ARE YOU A VIRGIN?!!”

    Honestly? Don’t play the fans for fools.

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    LOVE that the DiMera mansion is finally back, and Stefano is HOME where he belongs!!!

    Now finally Kristen has an approriate powerbase, and she’s out of that small hotel room.

    I have to say, I don’t mind Brady at all. I don’t think he’s necessarily “dumbed down”. He’s a man in love, who wants and needs to believe in the woman he loves. He wants to take a chance on love, and especially after Madison passed away (though I still cringe when they mention her name on the show, I keep actively trying to forget all about her). But I just on’t see Brady as so dumb. In the beginning it bothered me how he turned his back on his family, but not so much anymore. A lot of people have to make similar choices.

    The Eric/Nicole storyline is so awfully Boring! I love both characters, but I can’t help but FF all their scenes. They need to get out of that church and go do something with some action.

    I have to say, the Vargas guy, who stabbed Nick is awfully HOT! Purely from a looks point of view – can you imagine what a Vargas/Will pairing would look like?! Yum! :D

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    “The Eric/Nicole storyline is so awfully Boring! I love both characters, but I can’t help but FF all their scenes.”

    Unbelievably so. It’s just so repetitive and kind of unimaginative as well.

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