CBS Daytime Boss Angelica McDaniel Reveals How She Turned Her Daypart Around


Not very long ago, CBS Daytime appeared to be a big, expensive, luxury liner headed straight for an iceberg. Lucky for fans of soaps, talk shows and old school gamers, Angelica McDaniel stepped in to steer the Tiffany Network's daytime lineup to calmer, more lucrative waters.

In a new interview with Xfinity's Sara Bibel, the CBS Daytime V.P. goes in depth on how she managed to find the cross-promotional balance that has her five series all achieving ratings growth.

Here's an excerpt:

Why do you think soaps are growing now? They were written off for dead a year ago.

There’s a lot of different reasons. But one of them is I think that four is actually a really good number. There were times when there were 17 soaps on television. Obviously that was a few decades ago but at CBS we always say we have a good balance of talk, drama and game. You can’t just weight too much on one genre of the other. You have to create balance. For us, we found that balance. We also have great stories that we’re telling. “The Bold and the Beautiful,” when everybody was saying, “dramas are dying,” Bold was increasing. They’ve been doing it for over a year now so it’s really great to see Y&R and all the other soaps on the other networks starting to find their rhythm and finds what’s working and goes viral.

For more of Bibel's chat with McDaniel, click here!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jamey Giddens: Boss Angelica McDaniel knows how to listen to the audience and make it happen. She is in it to win it. Who knows she might been have brought to do a Gloria Monty and end the soaps on CBS but turned the ship around. So I can dig it!

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    What a difference a year makes! Getting out the people who started out w/soap ties but b/c ashamed by it and getting ppl who have a love for it in those positions has really given these shows a new lease on life. I agree w/Angelica about the number of soaps. It is what it is on how the other soaps that are no longer w/us met their untimely fates, but the ones that we do have left have a brand visibility that works in their favor to maintain/build on the audience that is left. And add in the historic television to Internet transition of iAMC and iOLTL, it is a good time for the genre and having gotten into it the last decade, that will go down in the books as a dark period, it’s nice to be in a time that could be argued that is right up there w/other golden periods in the genres history. Apologies about the long winded post, but this is a good read.

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    The truth is that with Angelica McDaniel is finally someone at the helm that cares. You can see that on Twitter and you can read it in her interviews. The ones who tried to tell us that soaps are dead, they are gone. And that helps a lot.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: In a play on Mr. Clark’s speech when he meet with the parents:

    Angelica McDaniel: They say one bad writer spoils the show. Well how about 3! Rotten to the core! Now you are right Eric Braeden this is a war. A war to save the jobs of the actors at the longest number 1 daytime drama in America. Most of whom don’t have the basic storylines to raise the 18-34 demo. Now if you want to help us fine. Sit down with your acting coach! Stop your mumbling!

    Eric Braeden: How dare you!

    Angelica: Give your co-stars some pride. Let them get their priorties straight. When Les Moonves came to me offering me this job. I saw the lighting flash. I heard the thunder roll. I felt waken! Crashing! Swamping my soul!

    Eric: We are not in church Angelica!

    Angelica: I fell down on knees and I cried, “My God! Why has thou forsaken me?” And the Lord said, “Angelica, you no damn good! No, no, no I mean this! More than you realize. You’re no earthly good at all. Unless you take this opportunity and dooo whatever you have to! And he didn’t say Angelica be polite! Do whatever you have to! To transform and transmogrify this soap into a special series. Where the hearts, the minds and the talents of the cast can rise. Where they can put their best foot forward and blossom. Out from under the hackery of the past! Where the acting abilities of the cast are set free! And I, gave my word to God! And that’s why I fired them bastards and that’s all i’m gonna say!

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    now THAT is hilarious. LMAO!!!! And those are actually his exact words, well except the obvious soap references.


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    [quote=pferrando]So happy for the Tiffany Network…(and for Y and R).
    I think I really need to start watching B and B….[/quote]

    We do need you Pferrando to start watching again because every eyeball helps and makes our CBS lineup even stronger. ;)

    Maybe not as good as Y&R IMO but there is some good stories going on right now that I’m enjoying and as Y&R, B&B pretty much keeps there vets front & center in story.

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    I’ve fallen in love with this woman on how she has turned around Y&R in such a short time by having a vision for Y&R. She’s only been there a year so she knew how viewers thought of MAB and it was bleeding badly in ratings. Now the pieces are falling in place because any longtime viewers know it was around that time that Y&R’s writing was starting to change to degree. She had to probably wait until the contract of MAB expired, so I think the writing was on the wall and it was a matter of time.

    She understands daytime as Lucy Johnson did at CBS. Damn, Lucy was head of CBS daytime from ‘1989–2003 (had to do search I knew it was longtime) and if you think about it, after she left this is when CBS daytime changed completely and going south. Lucy had 4 soaps, game shows & not sure of talk shows. She was amazing and loved the genre, you don’t stay that long if you’re not successful. NBC could use a Lucy Johnson right now. We found our Lucy again. :)

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