First Impressions: Patrika Darbo Returns as Nancy on Days of Our Lives (PHOTOS)

Naughty Nancy Wesley (Patrika Darbo) is back in Salem on Days of Our Lives. Will Chloe’s (Nadia Bjorlin) mom be able to help her bust up Daniel (Shawn Christian) and "that boring Barbie" Jennifer (Melissa Reeves)? What are your First Impressions of Darbo's return as Nancy?


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26 May 2012
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Well, her hair looked better than the last time. Otherwise, I've never cared about Nancy, she's mostly been a nuisance.

And even tho Nadja Bjorlin's acting has improved from the last time, I still don't buy the character of Chloe as a conniving bitch. And I also don't buy that Nancy would be this jazzed to help her daughter connive herself a man.

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14 January 2008
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Is she bringing a teenage SORAS version of her daughter Joy with her too? That is the only thing that would excite me about all this. Then Jack Jr can come home from boarding school and have a teen romance with Joy. Chloe and Nancy would love that!

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8 September 2009
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Great to see Nancy again. I often would wish that they could bring her back permanently as a town 'busy body'. It's been a long time since we had gossiping women (think Enid Nelson on All My Children) on a soap...not counting when Desperate Housewives first debuted.

Would love to have an 'Enid Nelson' type or a 'Mrs. Kravitz' type in Salem!

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23 June 2010
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I found it disturbing to watch/listen to her talk. It seems like she's struggling through her sentences.

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17 January 2013
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Welcome home to Salem, Patrika Darbo. It's good to see you again. Can't wait to see you serve up the crazy.

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I noticed that too about her speech i hope she's ok...but she had a lisp the last time she was one too..

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12 February 2010
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She is doing a fine job. I just wanted her to slap the BLEEP out of that self-righteous (SEE YOU NEXT THURSDAY) Chicken Little Horton. And I also am liking Chloe and Nadia Bjorlin a lot more lately. I think I need prayer.

In terms of her speech, I really hope she doesn't have any sort of illness. Anytime I hear about an actor with speech problems, it reminds me of my beloved Michael Zaslow, who passed away back in 1998 from ALS. Sad Sad