General Hospital’s Rick Springfield BUSTED for Missing DUI Court Date!

What will Jessie's girl say? Actor/singer Rick Springfield was arrested today in connection with of a DUI case. According to TMZ, the General Hospital star missed his court appearance in February, where he was to show evidence he completed his alcohol education program.

In May 2011, Springfield was arrested for a DUI, after Malibu police pulled him over and reportedly smelled alcohol in his car. Early Friday morning, L.A. County Sheriff's deputies went by Springfield's house to serve the warrant. While he was being booked, Springfield's attorney had the warrant recalled and he was released. 

Hours after the incident, Springfield posted the picture and caption below about his ordeal on Facebook:


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    TV Gord

    [quote=alstonboy4315]Sorry, but I have no sympathy for RICH folks who drink and drive, knowing GOOD and daggone well that they can afford a cab……..or a limo.[/quote]

    This, multiplied by infinity.

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