Lauren’s Adulterous Guilt Tears Her Apart on The Young and the Restless!

Michael (Christian LeBlanc) created a scene outside Lauren’s (Tracey Bregman) room by pounding on her door, as Carmine (Marco Dapper) was bumping and grinding away. Carmine scrambled to hide, as Lauren went to the door. Michael tried to make up, but Lauren said there was nothing left for them to say. I feel so sorry for Michael. 

Carmine told Lauren she was the best he’d ever had and that he wasn’t just saying that because she had a “smokin’ hot body and a beautiful face.” He said he felt a connection with her.

Kevin (Greg Rikaart), of all people, was the one who provided some words of wisdom for his brother. Will Kevin's pep talk help Michael put his family back on track?

The Newman family rallied around Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) when she fainted. They insisted she find out if something more serious could be going on.

Sharon (Sharon Case) told Adam (Michael Muhney) she should move out of his home and leave Newman Enterprises. Surprisingly, he agreed she should leave Newman, but said she shouldn’t leave until she found the right job.

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  1. Avatar of bobbyew

    Great episode. Y&R is on a roll. Adam wants the love of his life around till the day he dies. Loved seeing Nikki’s new closet thought that was really cute. Melody is playing the role she has always been meant to play. Loved when Lauren got home. Glad she came to her senses. Today’s episode was great. Ms. Conwell was great begging Avery today. She was funny Tuesday night on House Husbans of Hollywood too. She brought it in primetime. She can play serious and also has a hilarious side to her as well.

  2. Avatar of tmac

    Lauren sleeps with Carmine, then goes home and sleeps with Michael. Anyone going to be surprised when Lauren turns up pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is?

  3. Avatar of soapjunkie88

    This Michael/Lauren/Carmine storyline is written very well. Such a high level of soapy drama, I love it. And it has a major impact on Lauren and Michael’s marriage because they actually have been together for such a long time. It makes you care in a different way. This is not a five-second marriage that is in crisis. These are a husband and a wife in their 7th year.

    I’m also very happy about the development between Adam and Sharon. It’s great to see how they deal with their feelings for each other, knowing that they’ve been toxic together in the past.

  4. Avatar of Coffee_Junkie

    [quote=tmac]Lauren sleeps with Carmine, then goes home and sleeps with Michael. Anyone going to be surprised when Lauren turns up pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is?[/quote]

    That’d be pretty stupid considering she’s 50+ years old.

  5. Avatar of bishbay

    Aw, C_J, you’re being mean. TB has had her share of fillers and Botox, but I think she looks very good. As for your second objection…it’s a soap!

  6. Avatar of yojoromo4469

    [quote=bishbay]Aw, C_J, you’re being mean. TB has had her share of fillers and Botox, but I think she looks very good. As for your second objection…it’s a soap AND SHE IS ONLY 49.

  7. Avatar of logan_echolls

    Kelly Preston had a baby at 49. It’s possible.

    I totally can see Lauren sleeping with Michael also. Guilt makes you do things. But I love her and Carmine. When he told her they have a connection, I know Lauren felt it to.

    Even though Lauren has had a good marriage and no matter how much you change, a part of who you were is still with you. Something can trigger Lauren into old Lauren.

    I’m not looking forward to this silly hiding the baby from Adam plot but I’m glad Sharon and Adam had that talk. I really want to see Dylan and Sharon or better yet if BB comes on Y&R as Lauren’s son Scotty (the wishful casting) I would so love to see her with him. It’s ‘just funny that the actors who play Sharon and Dylan were brother/sister on GH. Well step.

  8. Avatar of kintex

    Loved the Shadam scenes :love: I hope the writing for them keeps improving.
    At this rate I would be shocked if Lauren doesnt get pregnant. I think Carmine is more into Lauren than she is into him. I hope this doesnt turn into a fatal attraction. :)

  9. Avatar of tmac

    To Coffee Junkie…Tracy Bregman is 49 years old. I guess you’ve never heard of late-life pregnancies or even post-menopausal pregnancies.

  10. Avatar of tmac

    To logan_echolls…” It’s ‘just funny that the actors who play Sharon and Dylan were brother/sister on GH. Well step.”

    They played step-siblings. Dawn’s parents were Monica and David. Jason’s parents were Alan and Susan. And Sharon Case and Steve Burton weren’t on at the same time. Sharon case last played Dawn in 1990, Dawn died in early 1991 and Steve Burton came on as Jason in late 1991.

  11. Avatar of pferrando

    I’d like to see some sort of jealousy/fatal attraction type of story, and it could go either way.

    She looks great. She’s a year older than me and I look like I could be her Dad! |(

  12. Avatar of tedew

    Lauren could get pregnant (or at least think she is) in typical soap fashion; but I’m not sure it will go that way. If they do then it will probably be the hysterical pregnancy route which would then have Lauren spill the beans to Michael.

    Even though (believe it or not) Marco Dapper is not really my type (the nearly clean cut built up look) he is so daffy and goofy when it comes to Lauren that he is practically irresistible and so hard to ignore.

  13. Avatar of harlee490

    I still think they should make Shadam more like Roger\Holly type lovers. Glimpses of happiness together but never fully there in bliss. There will always be something there to wreck the relationship. Adam (Roger)’s need for power and always out for approval from Victor (Adam Roger’s dad) or his schemes. Roger’s affairs and even Holly’s affairs. It has that dynamic of a tortured love. Look how Roger\Holly lasted and drove story, YEARS! Holly never could quite trusted Roger which should be the same with Sharon. Only difference was a child….hmmmmm ;)

  14. Avatar of pjc722

    GREAT EPISODE!!! Great acting and suspenseful!

    Finally drama worth watching with Leslie and Tyler.

    Amazing dialogue with Lauren and michael!

    Sweet story with Nikki and victor. Sucks we won’t have Marcy too much longer!

    Downside is that Avery is being too pushy and aggressive with Leslie to the point of bullying!!

    Chelsea keeps going over and not saying what she wants. JUST SAY IT GOD DAMNIT!!

  15. Avatar of luverica

    I want to see Michael terrorize Carmine like he terrorized Cricket and other citizens of Genoa City back in the day. Carmine, you in danger boy.

  16. Avatar of alstonboy4315

    Lauren Fenmore has been a good girl over the past decade, for the most part. So she is entitled to ONE roll in the hay with Carmine’s sexy ass! At least she’s not giving it away like free Costco samples, like certain other women in town…….(Syphallus, SharHo…….)

  17. Avatar of bishbay

    tedew, that was a controversial storyline, if you’ll remember–Sharon had sex with those three men in the space of two, maybe two-and-a-half days. Many people hated that storyline but it was so crazy that I could only view it as some sort of parody, and it worked really well on that level. In any case, I really like the fact that JG finally defined Sharon’s mental illness–which was amorphous under MAB–and made the entire story much more realistic. Concrete example of the difference between the two regimes.

  18. Avatar of ChrisGa

    While I’m loving the screen time for TB and CLB, I’m finding myself feeling sad for poor Michael(and while I totally get all the for Marco Dapper, I sure as hell wouldn’t kick CLB outta my bed). But, at the core, long-time viewers know this is the real Lauren; she was the original GC hellcat(well, maybe after her “sister” Jill–and don’t get me started on that bullshit retcon)until she basically got de-fanged by daytime’s most infamous–and iconic–psycho, Sheila Carter. In that respect, I like that JG is calling on the character’s previous history(frankly, I’m kinda surprised they didn’t touch on that more during the bullying storyline beyond just a quick mention considering Traci suffered at the hands of Lauren for years).

  19. Avatar of Coffee_Junkie

    [quote=tmac]To Coffee Junkie…Tracy Bregman is 49 years old. I guess you’ve never heard of late-life pregnancies or even post-menopausal pregnancies.[/quote]

    Lauren is too much of a hag to get pregnant. It ain’t gonna happen. It’d be like Nikki getting impregnated by 90 year old Victor.

    This is a writing regime that focuses on the YOUNGER sect. They’re not going to make (pardon me) *49-something* Lauren PREGNANT.

  20. Avatar of harlee490

    I’m loving Lauren & Carmine, but I do want Lauren & Michael to find each again down the road. I loving the storyline of steamy, torrid affair again, which soaps hardly do anymore and it’s paying off in spades.

  21. Avatar of RedChair

    Considering the SORASing of Fen, et al, and he was born during the halcyon days of Michael/Lauren, then their marriage is at about the 18 year stage,not 7, isn’t it? I realize soap opera time is more confusing than space/time anomalies from STAR TREK, but I’m just sayin’….

  22. Avatar of harlee490

    Yes about 7-8 years, but soaps have always done that going back to ATWT. Tom Hughes was born in ’1961 by the end of the decade he was going Vietnam. By early ’70s Tom had his first marriage to Carol or Natalie (Judith Chapman) and the famous clause of Eileen Fulton in her contract at the time they couldn’t make her a grandmother. Look finally it wasn’t until mid-’80s until Adam was born…LOL!

    It’s not that unusual for SORAS children to drive the next generation of stories.

  23. Avatar of tedew

    Coffee_Junkie … calling Lauren a hag is going a bit to far. Well … she’s not really a hag physically but these days she certainly has been on all other fronts.

  24. Avatar of pjc722

    This story that started off with Fen and then morphed into Michael and Lauren fighting to then turn into Lauren cheating on him has been one of the BEST stories on daytime in years!! It has been told expertly and writen believably!

    It has all the hallmarks of great soapy drama from anger, suspense, love, death (close), fighting, crying, sex and more sex!!!

    And not once did I feel that i had just watched the scene the day before!!! KUDOS to the writers for this one.

    Now, please do it with all the stories!!! (i.e. Jack’s 2 years worth of stories compressed into 3 months and now he is a goody two shoes and Adam is the one with the fued with Victor)

  25. Avatar of harlee490

    Afer reading the posts again, it’s a good morn, house is quiet, kids (2 dogs, 4 cats) are fed, husband still asleep I’m kicking back relaxing, w\my Folgers Italian roast java and my hemp to watch online Friday’s episode again…this whole past week episodes was on FIRE…it has been so long since I couldn’t wait until Monday’s episode of Y&R…literally been years. :love:

    My weekend off is all most over and damn it’s been glorious when both have the same weekend off together. ;) The time change was last night and I should be hangover from my martini but that’s the beauty of Belvedere :beer: :beer: :bigsmile:

  26. Avatar of pjc722

    For a second there, Harlee, I thought your post was a break down for a soap based coffee commercial and then you threw in the belvedere and now I’m wondering how sweet ur weekend sounded and how to mix those kinds of sweet moments into all our shows!!

  27. Avatar of pjc722

    The show was great this week! Finally Tyler and Leslie’s story is coming to a head and the actors are great!! (Still wish Leslie was closer to her original toughness). Nikki’s story is being told wonderfully. Abby was on screen. Little of Kevin trying to be stupid again. The baldwins were amazing and Carmine’s chest and abs and Calvin tat have me wanting Italian every night!!!

    Even Chelsea racing over to Adam to say I have to tell you something to tell him “I don’t have anything to tell you” was spot on SOLELY because of the actors! (Sorry, Sharon though being there and having to slink out a the time is getting contrived though).

    MY ONLY MISGIVING was the “really this is the super couple of billy and Victoria’s story this week” with them both being sick?!! Unless the Abbott family cure-all is going to become the business venture that Victoria needs to being down Adam or just have something to do, I have no idea why they were wasted this week like that. It would have been better to see Victoria researching MS and meeting doctors (she is worth a half billion so all doctors would meet her to have her pay for his time). When my father was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, my siblings and I spent weeks researching and talking to our doctors on what the disease is and how to live with it.

    It just seemed a waste of the actors talents if nothing comes from the flu scenes.

    (Sorry, I am a THE GLASS IS FILLED WITH SOMETHING AND SOME OF IT IS GOOD BUT I HABE NO IDEA WHAT THE OTHER CRAP IS?!! king of guy. No half empty/half full here.)

  28. Avatar of harlee490

    Yea, the whole Dylan’s dad dying, I didn’t pay attention as much not as invested, there were other GREAT stories (yes plural) happening which out weighed the weak link of this story.

    As for Villy, I enjoyed Billy taking care of her, Victoria is and has always been a spoiled, pampered brat, that’s what of love about Villy is their charm together. :O

  29. Avatar of tedew

    pjc722 … I agree with you about Sharon always slinking out. I would have thought that Chelsea would have seen through all that by now and actually have fought for her man. She loves Adam, Adam loves her … get over the so called obstacles.

  30. Avatar of pjc722

    Wait, Dylan’s dad died?! I thought he was asleep!!! LOL

    Damn. Why bother even having the actor on? It was like Phyllis’ dad coming to the show just to croak!

  31. Avatar of ILOVECHILE

    I think lauren needs a change in her life it’s been the same for the last what 10 yeas or less I think she and carmine make a cute couple and she if she just so happens to get pregnant I think it should be twins.

  32. Avatar of harlee490

    Not sure if Dylan’s dad died but outlook was pretty bad… :bigsmile: I wasn’t paying attention, but Dylan selling their construction company, if saying Catholic pendants, the rosary…if not dead is he going to lean in and tell Dylan him he was adopted….hmmmm ;)

  33. Avatar of ANGELWENDY15

    I am really liking the Lauren/Carmine story. It’s showing a middle-aged woman, who is unhappy and disillusioned with her marriage, and finds it thrilling that a younger handsome guy shows her interest. Very real to life.
    When Micheal finds out, watch the explosion. Y&R does the best drama stories!

  34. Avatar of pferrando

    Harlee, so far everything that Josh has written has been for a reason, so hopefully with all this airtime the Dad being brought back is eventually going to be some sort of plot point. I’m done with backstory though with Dylan, so I want that sped up! ;)

  35. Avatar of harlee490

    Pfferando…why bring in your dying dad instead happening off screen…something’s up! Yes, I realize this next step w\Dylan, move it along to get there…if so I’m game, involving a vet but this is the weak link in the story , just getting there further down the road could be good….any guesses Pfferando…? :O I do ;)

  36. Avatar of stoney07

    Dylan’s dad was on the show? Yeah, I thought I saw it, but I honestly just didn’t care. The rest of the show is great, but those scenes with Dylan and pops were just….meh…

    As for Victoria having morning sickness, I hope to God morning sickness isn’t as contagious as hers was…lol.

  37. Avatar of harlee490

    OK, here we go…live today (everyday with a VET :love: ) and start of all vets as I’ve been posting and I love it to start it off with the great Peter Bergman! :)

  38. Avatar of harlee490

    Navery! Is good together because Avery is “good” girl w\secrets & profession. As Sharon was “good” girl on the other side of tracks. Nick (Josh) plays hero so well, because Bill coined young Newman heir as a “romantic hero type” whiched played out for years. Nick is Nikki’s son more then Victor’s in personality…that had always been established and I’m enjoying hot, romantic Nick again instead of stupid, constant hard-on for Phyllis, MAB’s version of Nick :love:

  39. Avatar of harlee490

    Loving that KSJ has a meaty, leading man storyline! It’s about time after the years being regulated with bad S|L after S|L he didn’t jump ship and leave! TY KSJ…for hanging in there a BabyDaddy…get’in HOT >) :love:

  40. Avatar of harlee490

    PHACK…everyone saying how quick Jack’s S|L with addiction and it’s not quite done yet….after PHACK marries( ;) ) and Jack’s own insecurities…it rears its ugly head…Phyllis turns to Kyle ;) …Kyle wooooing Summer ;)

    If Summer isn’t Jack’s…BRING IT ON then w\story..I’m ready! :love:

  41. Avatar of stoney07

    I’m indifferent to Dylan…the writers are doing a good job with him…I’m just indifferent. However, he looks nice with Chelsea, even if she WILL pin this baby on him -_-

  42. Avatar of harlee490

    Stoney…JFP is proving a point…complete opposite of Jason…Dylan will step up to plate and I LIKE IT! Chelsea & Dylan are newer characters tying them to each has great S|L! Far reaching…Dylan protecting Chelsea ;)

  43. Avatar of harlee490

    This is getting GOOD w\Leslie…Tony Todd is going to be AWESOME as the the scary dad!! ;) >) HEY MON’s PSYCHO is coming! ;)

    The previews as Nick threatening Senator Wheeler…here we go …do it good Josh… ;)

  44. Avatar of yojoromo4469

    [quote=harlee490]Not sure if Dylan’s dad died but outlook was pretty bad… :bigsmile: I wasn’t paying attention, but Dylan selling their construction company, if saying Catholic pendants, the rosary…if not dead is he going to lean in and tell Dylan him he was adopted….hmmmm ;)[/quote]

    I realize I am an old grouch, but don’t like the Dylan character and hate to see the waste of time with his dad propping him up. Almost as bad as the waste of time with Vicky/Billy and their colds. I have grand kids that could write a more exciting story line.

  45. Avatar of harlee490

    [quote=yojoromo4469][quote=harlee490]Not sure if Dylan’s dad died but outlook was pretty bad… :bigsmile: I wasn’t paying attention, but Dylan selling their construction company, if saying Catholic pendants, the rosary…if not dead is he going to lean in and tell Dylan him he was adopted….hmmmm ;)[/quote]I realize I am an old grouch, [/quote]

    But you are…always ;)

  46. Avatar of tedew

    I don’t get the disdain for Dylan that many seem to have in here. We do need new characters and new life so just give the character (and actor) a bit of a chance.

    Also … so many here are so thrilled that Lauren has become an adulterous cougar. Sure it could have some ripple effect that may tear the Baldwin family apart at the seams but if I were Carmine I’d feel that this was temporary at best. So when Lauren cools her heels then maybe he can go after Jill?

  47. Avatar of pferrando

    Harlee, you are on to something I guess I’m not so far…but I agree…and I hope it does involve a vet. :beer:

    I think my fav part of today’s show WAS Kevin and Phyllis. And it proves my point that he’s valuable to the show and talented. I just wish they’d get him and Chloe split up. Calling her “toxic” and again making fun of that ridiculous chipmunk was priceless.

    Oh, and I kinda like the idea of Dylan and Chelsea…we’ll see.

    Can’t wait to see who they feature at the start of tomorrow’s show!

  48. Avatar of harlee490

    I’m feeling the same way about Dylan as tedew, I don’t have a problem w\SB or Dylan. We need fresh blood on here to interact and create story w\vets, all soaps have always brought in new characters to drive story of any veteran. He’s not eating up screen time but being gradually intermixing with the cast. Some of the background flashbacks are annoying, but at least they are fleshing out the character and letting viewers get to know the character.

    I’m sort of intrigued by Chelsea & Dylan and possibilities that it could create. I still think something is up about his dad arriving to die off, that’s a sign for something else down the road and opening up a story for a vet, I’m OK if that’s the case.

    Yes, Phyllis & Kevin was so funny yesterday and both were hitting the mark with their exchange of words ;)

    Yes, Lauren is adulterous cougar but this harkens back Lauren’s roots because not the first time Lauren has had affairs. I’m so enjoying this story and fallout coming for family Baldwin. A simple torrid affair is creating so much story and soaps haven’t done this type of story in moon’s age and viewers are loviing the after affects…good job Josh! :) Let Carmine move on the next lady, there’s plenty of women to choose from on canvas…making Carmine a libertine is perfect! ;)

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