The Chew Offers Up General Hospital-Themed Menu Items For 50th Anniversary Celebration


Okay, this is kinda cute. ABC Daytime's The Chew is offering up special menu items in celebration of General Hospital's 50th Anniversary. My favorite is the one for grilled halibut with a side of Pickle-Lila. Hey, I'm low-carbing, so I can't have Molly's freaking Belgian chocolate cake, okay?! Check out the entire menu after the jump!



To try one of the recipes at home, go here, then click on your fave dish!

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    LOL…this is to fun! I think my favorite on the menu is “Carly’s Love Triangle on Flatbreads”… :love: It sounds damn good actually ;)

    PS…Molly beware of shadow behind it’s Jamey Giddens stalking your Belgian chocolate cake ;) I howled when I read the last line!

  2. Profile photo of soapcrazy

    ITA alstonboy4315. and since they included a champagne dish of meat, they might wear me down to watch one of their episodes. might, I say, I promise nothing. let’s see how good the dish is first

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    Wow! This sounds very fun, and YUMMY! :)

    I am so glad ABC is doing so much cross-promotion and making the effort, despite how people may feel about The Chew as a program. IMO it doesn’t make up the past, but it’s a start :)

  4. Profile photo of moshane58

    They’re are some of us soap fans are sick of ABC trying to shove The Spew done our thoarts.Wouldn’t watch that greasy haired thief no matter what.

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