Tom Pelphrey Celebrates Premiere of 'Junction' (PHOTOS and TRAILER)

Junction Cast


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12 February 2010
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Oh Tom, how I loveth thee!

Let me count the ways!! Love Love Love Love

There's no reason why he shouldn't be a big movie star by now. He's far more talented than Channing Tatum!!

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18 February 2010
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Yeah, but Channing Tatum knows he can't act that's why he goes for film without depth and he doesn't have to do much work. Tom Pelprey seems to choose projects where his talent will be used appreciatively. He reminds me of Johnny Depp and Sean Penn in his acting choices. They all have pretty faces but only Depp, Penn, and Pelprey has the talent

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14 January 2008
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I agree with Alstonboy, Tom is so sexy! Did you see him in that movie he did with Melissa Archer?

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14 July 2009
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I also think he should be winning awards by now, and I mean Tonys, Oscars! Agree with soapcrazy, he is that kind of actor, also think a younger RDJ.