Was Elisabeth Hasselbeck FIRED From The View For Being “Too Right Wing”?

What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is going on at ABC Daytime's once insurmountable chatfest The View? First Joy Behar announces her departure; now US Weekly is reporting Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been fired for being "too extreme and right wing".  From the article:

"The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing," the insider tells Us. "People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed."

Okay, as much as it pains me to defend Hasselbeck (And trust me, it does.), isn't the point of The View to showcase women with different points of view? My beliefs certainly line up closer with Behar's or Whoopi Goldberg's, but I wouldn't say Hasselbeck is any more extreme right than they are extreme left. Oh well…

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    Bob Lamm

    Sorry, Jamey, but you are off base. You write: “… isn’t the point of THE VIEW to showcase women with different points of view?” No, it isn’t. The point of THE VIEW–just like the point of any daytime soap–is to sell advertising time and make money. Period. If ratings would be best with five radicals on the show, they’d have five radicals. If ratings would be best with five reactionaries, they’d have five reactionaries.

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    I really hate to be that person who gets join from someone else’s troubles, but I’m glad she’s gone.

    I’ll miss Joy though.

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    Marland Fan

    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]She was definitely annoying but I thought it was great to have someone with an opposing view on the show.[/quote]
    I don’t mind her having an opposing view, it’s just such a MISINFORMED view.

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    DAMN! This is just like when Meredith left for Today, and Star Jones followed suite. That made for good tv, and now ABCD throw the duces to big Lizzie- WOW

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    Uh oh they polled viewers? We all know how that goes yall and this is coming from someone who cant stand EH. I have a bad feeling that they are going to replace the girls on the view with younger outspoken versions.

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    I’m not a fan of Elizabeth’s but she is not an extreme Right-winger. She’s pro-gay marriage and anti-racist. Most hard core Right-wing loons are racist and homophobic.

    Given her long tenure on the show, I’m surprised she’d be fired, especially with the shows strong ratings and Joy’s departure.

    I’m sure Fox News will find a place for her.

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    RIP The View. The best component of the show was the dynamic between the different viewpoints. Without Joy to add some comedy and a bit of NY realness, and Elizabeth to…well..Elizabeth…what’s left?

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    I think the issue is that The View’s Hot Topics became more about pop culture and less about politics. Whenever a conservative has to comment on women’s issues in popular culture they are always going to seem puritanical and that’s never appealing.

    24 hours later same question – Sherri Shepard still has a job?

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    Well, I will say that my View watching completely fell of a cliff when I couldn’t take anymore Elizabeth. It used to be must-see late 90’s /early 00’s for me. I don’t mind a far right take, but sometimes I just feel embarrassed for her; it makes me cringe. She was more Matenopoulos, less Ling for me. Rachel Campos, I know it’s been 10, but start campaigning.

    The other nail in the coffin for me was when Viera left. The moderator needs to steer the ship. Their role should function as straight man for the rest of the panel, although Meredith could be funny and serious. I never fully took to Rosie or Whoopi in that role.

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    My political views often coincided with Joy’s but there were many times when I found her annoying. She has a rather grating personality.

    I actually did not dislike Elizabeth that much. She seems like the kind of person I could hang out with in real life. I’d do and say things just to see her shocked reaction.

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    *goes to another post*

    thats how I feel about Elizabeth :D However, she was part of some of the greatest moments in The View history (that fight with Rosie was soapy goodness)

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    I don’t agree with some Elisabeth’s politics, but I think she’s a good asset to the show. Like one of the other posters said, some of her views are more misinformed than anything else.

    I say bring in Meghan McCain or the other girl, I forgot her name, I know her first name is initials, she was pretty good on there.

    I am with liasonforreal, I think ABCD saw the ratings for the Talk and want to clean house.

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    I don’t care why the heffa is gone, I’m just glad she’s gone!!!

    She needs to take her hypocritical butt over to the 700 Club. I’m sure they’ll leave the light on for her……. :D

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    Why should she be fired, if it is true, which I don’t believe, someone has to balance the left-wings rantings on this show, even though she does a weak job of it. Oh, I forgot, it’s mainstream media…Sorry.

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    I will admit that I don’t watch the show a whole lot anymore, mostly because of Elisabeth. That being said a lot of people do agree with her views and although I’m not one of them since the show is called The View I feel there should be room for everyone’s point of view.

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    Thanks for reminding me which country I am in. All this time, I thought it was Brazil…… :D :D :D :D

    And for the record, I am not against Conservatives, just annoying shrews like Hasslebleep!

    Have a great day!!! ;) ;)

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    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]She was definitely annoying but I thought it was great to have someone with an opposing view on the show.[/quote]

    I agree!

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    I like Elizabeth – I stopped watching because of Joy. Joy developed an attitude over the years. I feel Elizabeth is much more genuine. I am an Independent myself, and I did not enjoy Joy’s extreme leftism. Elizabeth defended the right, while Joy was sarcastic and somewhat derogatory when it came to her political comments.. I will not miss Joy. And she used to be my favorite until she became political.

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    I guess ABC/Disney CEO Robert A. Iger hasen’t learned a thing.

    Disney CEO Bob Iger was asked about a number of issues at the Walt Disney Co. annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday, perhaps most notably about media bias at ABC News and ESPN.

    During the general Q&A, a shareholder complained about political bias at ABC and ESPN. He cited two specific incidents at the networks, including when ABC’s Brian Ross wrongly asserted that the Aurora shooter James Holmes might be a member of the Tea Party and when ESPN commentator Rob Parker asked if Robert Griffin III was a “cornball brother” for having a white fiancé.

    “I’m just asking you to start playing it straight with the American people,” the shareholder said, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “Stop the bias and return to an era of objectivity and honesty in the news. The American people will thank you for it.”

    Surprisingly, Iger did admit that the company has made mistakes in its reporting, though he didn’t get into specifics.

    “We have, at times, either presented the news in a slightly inaccurate way or in ways we weren’t necessarily proud of,” he said. “[B]ut I firmly stand behind our news organizations because I believe that overall the job that they do is one that is worthy of respect.”

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    Right Wingers are racist and homophobic – that’s ridiculous
    that’s like saying most democrats are socialists and Muslim supporting loon bats.
    You’re an idiot
    I would guess you sport an Obama bumper sticker, thinks it’s ok that 47 Million AMericans are on food stamps under Obama, think that it’s ok that we accumulated $7 Trillion deficit under Obama, think that it’s ok Iran is going nuclear, the median household income shrunk by 3.75% last year, gas is up 147% in 4 years and 26 million Americans are still unemployed.

    You’re a left winged nut job.

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