Julia Barr Chats About All My Children’s Return

Pine Valley wouldn’t be the same without Brooke English; which is why All My Children fans are so happy that Julia Barr is reprising the role for Prospect Park’s reboot of the iconic sudser.  TV Line caught up with Barr to get. the scoop!

TVLINE | With whom have you worked so far?

I’ve worked with a lot of the new cast – the new Pete Courtland [Robert Scott Wilson], and the new Miranda [Denyse Tontz] and a new character Celia [Jordan Lane Price]. They’re all terrific and so sweet. It’s very nice to have a mix of vets and newbies – great energy.


Are you excited to see the old and new Pine Valley guard mix it up? Sound off in the comments!

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    Yes & no. I just can’t wrap my head around Zach living in PV w/o Kendall. This 5 yr ffwd is gonna take some getting use to – I was really looking forward to Cara & David’s relationship developing from where it left off as well as the pregnancy. Regardless of those little irks, I’m thrilled to have one of my favorite soaps actually come back. I’m beyond happy to see DC back as Adam :) (one of my all time favorites on any soap).

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    I thought for a minute that they had severely soras’d Pete were being played by Robert Wilson. There was an actor named Robert Wilson who played Channing Capwell on Santa Barbara but his middle name was Brian not Scott! Funny coincidence though….

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    PERFECT!!! I love that it is 5 years forward! I had not heard that about the story and think it’s a fantastic way to recognize the last few episodes before it went off and to then just kick start the new one without the baggage left behind by the previous writers.. which wasn’t great baggage!

    I am so looking forward to the new show. I was never a fan of AMC and hope that creatively it takes the show and genre to a new height and design/visual direction makes the show look less like its sister daytime programs and more like primetime.

    Fingers crossed! I also like the streamlined casts!!! B&B is a half hour and it seems to have a cast that is endless and never used.


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