All My Children and One Life to Live to Premiere April 29!

Get ready to celebrate the returns of All My Children and One Life to Live! Your favorite Pine Valley and Llanview residents will once again capture imaginations beginning April 29. TOLN has issued a press release with all the details, which you can read after the jump, along with checking out the official All My Children cast photo.



Two Beloved And Long-Running Serial Dramas Changing Landscape of
Broadcast-Quality Television Online – Coming Free to Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes

Los Angeles. CA – March 11, 2013 – Prospect Park’s The Online Network (TOLN) announced today the highly-anticipated online debuts of the beloved long-running serial dramas “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” for Monday, April 29. With the date confirmed, millions of the shows’ fans and new viewers alike can plan to watch broadcast-quality versions of two of the most beloved franchises in history with easy access and for free.

“We thank the fans whose tenaciousness to see these shows return made this historical moment possible.  We are determined to repay their support by delivering new and creatively groundbreaking episodes that both the fans, as well as legions of new viewers, will love.   These viewers will absolutely embrace the flexibility HULU and iTunes provide to watch their shows anywhere, anytime,” said Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank, Prospect Park’s Partners. “The response and camaraderie of our cast and crew has been inspiring as we have all banded together to succeed in our mission; unencumbered by the creative constraints of traditional broadcast television, to deliver storylines, style and characters that are stronger, with more dimension than ever.  Now with our launch date set in stone, we are ready to lead this historic return.  To the fans we proclaim, your support counts now more than ever.”

Emmy Award winner Agnes Nixon, creative consultant for both programs and a soap opera pioneer, added: “I am so pleased that our dream of bringing these two series back to life is coming to fruition. I am grateful to Prospect Park for their unwavering commitment to this project and to the amazingly talented casts of ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ – their devotion to these franchises has made this moment possible.  And to the fans – well, we wouldn’t be here without you.”

Brand new, 30-minute episodes of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” will be available to stream online weekdays in HD (when available) via the free Hulu ( service and to the millions of Hulu Plus subscribers watching on connected TVs, mobile phones, tables and PCs. In addition, the iTunes Store will offer both series via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and Mac and PC, making these venerable dramas available in a new format that suits the viewing habits of the digital generation.  Production began on “All My Children” February 25, and shooting will begin on “One Life to Live” March 18th. Both series are filmed in Stamford, Conn.

Breathing new life into the storied franchises, Prospect Park and TOLN will blend updated themes and fresh faces with the fan-favorite, Emmy-winning actors and writers who made these series must-watch viewing for legions of loyal fans.

Additional guest stars and recurring cast will be announced in the weeks ahead.

“All My Children” cast members include:

    Julia Barr as Brooke English
    Ryan Bittle as JR Chandler
    David Canary as Adam Chandler
    Lindsay Hartley as Cara Martin
    Vincent Irizarry as Dr. David Hayward
    Francesca James as Evelyn Johnson
    Thorsten Kaye as Zach Slater
    Jordan Lane Price as Celia Fitzgerald
    Jill Larson as Opal Cortlandt
    Ray MacDonnell as Dr. Joe Martin
    Cady McClain as Dixie Cooney
    Debbi Morgan as Dr. Angela Hubbard
    Eric Nelson as AJ Chandler
    Eden Riegel as Bianca Montgomery
    Heather Roop as Jane McIntyre
    Sal Stowers as Cassandra Foster
    Denyse Tontz as Miranda Montgomery
    Jordi Vilasuso as Griffin Castillo
    Darnell Williams as Jesse Hubbard
    Robert (Rob) Scott Wilson as Pete “Petey” Cortlandt

“One Life to Live” cast members include:

    Melissa Archer as Natalie Buchanan Banks
    Kassie DePaiva as Blair Cramer
    Robert Gorrie as Matthew Buchanan
    Laura Harrier as Destiny Evans
    Roger Howarth as Todd Manning
    Josh Kelly as Cutter Wentworth
    Florencia Lozano as Tea Delgado
    Kelley Missal as Danielle Manning
    Erika Slezak as Victoria Lord Buchanan
    Hillary B. Smith as Nora Buchanan
    Robin Strasser as Dorian Lord
    Andrew Trischitta as Jack Manning
    Jerry verDorn as Clint Buchanan
    Tuc Watkins as David Vickers
    Robert S. Woods as Bo Buchanan
    Shenaz Treasury as Rama Patel

Recurring “One Life to Live” actors include:

    Nick Choksi as Vimal Patel
    Sean Ringgold as Shaun Evans

Hulu is easy to use. Viewers can go to on a PC and click on a video to watch right away. Videos are available for unlimited streaming, for free (users only need a Flash-enabled computer and an Internet connection to enjoy). Viewers can watch their favorite “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” episodes and clips over and over again for free. Hulu Plus is an ad-supported subscription service that offers exclusive streaming access to full current and past seasons of shows to connected devices for $7.99 monthly. Hulu is available on devices including smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile phones and tablets and more.

All My Children and One Life to Live Cast Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler

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  1. Profile photo of harlee490

    Wrong pic..sorry…AMC’s photo is so much more classy and showing who’s boss. :love: Am sorry look at the difference in the photos…AMC’s got the soft focus, wide sets, polished look…OLTL looks nice and slighly cramped not the polish gloss…we know where Anges is ;) OK by me because I’m so PSYCHED for AMC’s return!! :love: :love:

    Where’s Nora! |(

  2. Profile photo of cord2012

    Yeah, OLTL’s cast looks a little sparse even though they only have four fewer contract players than AMC. It’ll be interesting to see where the writers take both shows.

  3. Profile photo of gslam

    Let’s not be reading into things regarding the photos, now. Whether you like one or the other is purely personal opinion. Both shows got the ROYAL treatment when it came to lighting, wardrobe, and styling. There was no favoritism regarding these shoots. OLTL was always the darker, grittier show of the two, so it makes sense that their cast photo is darker.

    I can’t wait!

  4. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    [quote=alstonboy4315]Why do they have that chile who plays NuDestiny dressed like a fairground stripper? :( [/quote]

    LOL. Yeah, I’m ambivalent to the way she’s outfitted. I think I understand what they’re going for (provocative pose) but I think it’s a bit over the top.

    It’s just a shame that Robin Strasser and Hilary Bailey Smith are missing. Perhaps it was a scheduling conflict that caused their absence but it’s a shame as it is truly noticeable.

    I don’t know whether PP thinks about this or not but if a picture speaks a thousand words, they should have added Shenaz Treasury and the actor who plays Vimal. If this picture were to go up on Hulu, first time viewers might have seen a diverse cast in the photo and perhaps been intrigued enough to give it a try. I know when I peruse Netflix for a movie/TV show, my interest in piqued whenever I see a truly diverse cast.

    On the other hand,

    AMC’s photo looks GREAT! It looks like one of those Editorial photo shoots– the kind featured in Vanity Fair and Vogue!

  5. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I’m very excited about both shows coming back.

    Re the pics: That slit on Ms. Slezak’s dress is maybe a bit too high. She does have very good legs.

    I wonder if the shows will keep the daytime soap opera look or whether they’ll look more glossy, like the primetime shows.

  6. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    [quote=appleridge]Robin Strasser was Ill
    Hillary B Smith was shooting Venice
    ST (Rama) may have signed a contract after the cast pic was taken[/quote]

    I understand.

    This doesn’t have to be the definitive picture for the revamped OLTL anyway. They reserve the right to update as they like.

    I made the statement based on what I’ve read about PP wanting to build on the shows already loyal following.
    Just my opinion that if the cast photo goes up on Hulu or iTunes, a diverse cast photo might capture the attention of groups of viewers who might not have thought of giving the show a try when it was on broadcast TV. People are very visual.

  7. Profile photo of tmac

    I notice that Roger Howarth is listed as a cast member, but not Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson. Does that mean Todd will be staying in Llanview but John and Starr are free to go back to Port Charles?

  8. Profile photo of fmat55

    I read somewhere that OLTL is going to be edgier than it was on TV. Rumors say Destiny will be hooking to support her child and Matthew has been a deadbeat dad. Wonder if we’ll get to hear Vicki “cuss” now that they aren’t on network TV.

  9. Profile photo of bishbay

    I am fond of Kassie de Paiva, the way people are fond of their kooky but well-meaning cousins. But dear God, Kassie–couldn’t you see what they were going for in this photo? Couldn’t you turn off the Big Smile and give us a little smolder? Predictably, La Slezak nails it.

  10. Profile photo of t dog
    t dog

    How exciting! Roughly two years and two weeks after ABC gave the iconic shows, stars, staff, Agnes Nixon, and us, the fans, a giant middle finger and the shaft, they will be returning. Even though I’ve known it was real for a while now, having a premiere date that is 50 days away just makes me smile.

    These shows, or as my grandmother would say stories, need our support now more than ever. So much is hinging on their success. I was a casual watcher of OLTL prior to its cancelation where I would generally watch the first little bit if it was interesting after AMC, I will now be watching both fervently. I suggest that everyone else does too. These sister soaps have so much potential. It reminds me of AMC’s final episode where Angie, Jesse, David and Cara discuss second chances and how they should be taken advantage of. Angie says that “One day our family and friends will die and they won’t be back. One day they’ll be gone for good.” Let’s make sure that day never comes for our soap families.

  11. Profile photo of luverica

    [quote=Ferrari517]That OLTL picture looks like a porn ad. That woman on the right has her legs spread so far apart I can see her unborn children.[/quote]

    ROTF!!! Ferrari517, I thought the exact same thing regarding the woman on the right.

    Other than that, Miss Erika is GIVING IT! WERK!!!

  12. Profile photo of bobbyew

    So excited! Can’t wait till this comes to fruition. So proud of Prospet Park for giving us a new series of on line television. As fans we can’t complain. Hopefully if it works they can find a network to put it on.

  13. Profile photo of acespencer

    I am intrigued and hope that they go for a more edgy and Dallas or Revenge type feel. Branch out from the same old crap and we can see the shows back on cable shortly. I see them getting picked up by Lifetime, Bravo, WE, Style, or maybe even TNT! Imagine TNT getting bold and jumping into the soap world! Lord knows it would be better to see USA or TNT offering an hour per day four days a week or heck even rotate the shows and do three shows of each per week with Friday’s as a double up! Then they could run a marathon on Friday mornings before the Friday afternoon shows air! It would perfect!

  14. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=tmac]I notice that Roger Howarth is listed as a cast member, but not Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson. Does that mean Todd will be staying in Llanview but John and Starr are free to go back to Port Charles?[/quote]

    I don’t know the ins and outs of credits, but I wonder if RH is just a place-holder in the credits listing until they can slip in Trevor St. John–once his return has been confirmed.

  15. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    Anyone else notice in the OLTL picture that Clint and Blair are holding hands and standing extremely close…will this mean they are now together??? It just would make sense to put Viki and Clint together (if they were together) When the show ended, they were the heart of the show…

  16. Profile photo of kmayne

    Does anyone know if the soaps will be available in Canada for free? I watched AMC for years and would watch it if I can. But at present I could not afford another expense.

    Best of luck to AMC and OLTL

  17. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    I will also agree with the majority…AMC’s cast photo is Vogue or Vanity Fair and works while OLTL is trying to be Maxim, but it doesn’t quite work and I’m more of a OLTL fan. I do like that they put the cast in a bar setting…would have been more interesting to have them in action poses like one cast photo did with The Sopranos during one season when they were all positioned around a poker table.

    Dannii looks like she don’t know where she is in that hoochie mamma outfit and Destiny kind of looks like a hooker, which makes sense if she is going to be one on the show. Oh well, I am still excited nonetheless! I am still the biggest fan!

  18. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    Does anyone remember Erica’s twin Jane’s last name? It wasn’t McIntyre was it? I see a Jane McIntyre listed in the cast and don’t remember Jane’s last name. Wouldn’t want that character back.

  19. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    I like the OLTL picture…it is going for an edgier look which is fine with me especially with La Slezak giving us some serious diva of a certain age sexy realness.
    It’s like Viki has revealed a new alter…Rikki, a femme fatale who marries for money and power who likes to steal other women’s men.

  20. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=kmayne]Does anyone know if the soaps will be available in Canada for free? I watched AMC for years and would watch it if I can. But at present I could not afford another expense.

    Best of luck to AMC and OLTL[/quote]

    All we know so far is that Hulu is not available in Canada (which is the only free option), and iTunes is charging, so it seems Canadian fans will have to pay to see it. (Me? I’ll read the recaps. I have no faith in the longevity of this Propect Park venture.)

  21. Profile photo of gslam

    [quote=Ferrari517]That OLTL picture looks like a porn ad. That woman on the right has her legs spread so far apart I can see her unborn children.[/quote]

    You’ve never seen a porn ad before, have you? LOL

  22. Profile photo of dellygrim

    curacaoman, from what i’ve read there is currently nothing in place for canadian, or an non-us fans to watch the episodes legally.wi
    i haven’t seen anything official but i’ve scoured for details, all of which indicated that the episodes for now will only be available on hulu/plus and itunes-us.
    hopefully this is misinformation or at least sometthing being worked on.

  23. Profile photo of DanielAvery

    The background of the OLTL picture is green-screened/CGI’d, so obviously they chose that look (dark wood, etc.) on purpose to coordinate with the darker wardrobe of the actors. Still, I agree with the majority saying the AMC photo is a better “look” because it’s a “real” setting. Maybe the lighter clothing and backdrop on the AMC photo just gives it a “larger” look in general.

    On OLTL:
    Clever of Kassie to be the only woman wearing red in a sea of blacks and grays. Could this be a signal that she will finally get her due as one of the leading ladies of the show?

    I can’t imagine smother-mother Tea allowing her ‘Daniella’ to be seen in that outfit, much less go out of the house in it. I guess times have changed.

    Destiny…I can’t even. :(

  24. Profile photo of tmac

    [quote=Y2Jin99]Does anyone remember Erica’s twin Jane’s last name? It wasn’t McIntyre was it? I see a Jane McIntyre listed in the cast and don’t remember Jane’s last name. Wouldn’t want that character back.[/quote]

    Her last name was Campbell.

  25. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Love All My Children’s “Vanity Fair” pics, everyone looks so sexy and slick! OLTL’s cast looks a bit threadbare, and the colors make it look like some basement…all that’s missing is the pic of dogs playing poker, lol. I

    Already can’t stand Destiny…calling it now, she will be a hated character. The actress reminds me of Lisa Bonet, who I couldn’t stand, lol!

    Still excited about the shows, and can’t wait to see the first eppys!

  26. Profile photo of pjc722

    To me, AMC, always seemed like the story of NEW MONEY … I know, AUnt Phoebe had old money, but Palmer, Erica, Adam and most of the rest was new dough!

    And OLTL, seemed to be centered around old money from the LORDS and the Buchannans… even though some of you would make the comment that the latter were new found wealth in oil… but their last name added to the OLD MONEY.

    So the opulence of one photo… AMC… talks to that new money ideal and OLTL’s talks to old money.

    But I am surprised that after all this chatter about bringing the shows back… AND I WAS never really a fan of either… that so many negative comments are being made already and pointed some at specific actors just on their looks from a cast photo.

    Give it a chance, we all screamed for their return. At least wait until Day 2 before we rip into it. I plan to and if anyone has read my posts, they know I love to attack and praise a little.

  27. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I can’t wait.

    I get Hulu Plus and netflex thru my blue ray player and internet.
    I switched to basic cable. This is the cheapest way for me to get all my shows when I want to watch. So with all, including the internet charge, it is still cheaper.

    I still like watching on my large tv screen. So I am good to go.

    Can’t wait.

  28. Profile photo of Llanview76

    I find it so interesting, the people who speculate the ad emulates porn…and here I was hoping for a Downton Abbey crowd. By the way, anyone notice where ALL MY CHILDREN’s Francessca James is putting her hand? Looks like Dr. Joe is finally going to have some sexual tension since Leora Sanders!

  29. Profile photo of LisaM

    Is Gammie is still dressing the OLTL cast? She sucks OLTL always had the worst wardrobe of all ABC soaps. Gammie cant pick out nice outfits to save her life. She spends more time looking for costumes for her best friend Strasser. I could walk into an H&M or Dillards and pick out more sexy and edgier outfits for Destiny, Danielle, Matthew and Tea for this shoot for less than $200. PP needs to get a stylist to help her.

  30. Profile photo of Yoryla

    The AMC cast photo looks AMAZING! It looks better than any of the network show’s cast photos have looked like in eons! I especially love Debbi Morgan – wow what a gorgeous woman.

    The OLTL cast photo looks good as a production-value standpoint, but why is it so small? Where is Dorian and Nora?

    And I have to say, that slit on Miss Viki’s dress goes a bit too up…starting to not look approriate for a woman her age and stature.

  31. Profile photo of Fashionista

    after all the fuss only Todd is listed and not Starr or John?????? and where’s Bianca’s daughter Gabby with bio dad Zach? I assume Kendall who is not there has her boyz?

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