Blake Hood OUT; Hartley Sawyer IN as Kyle Abbott on The Young and The Restless!


Now, what in the name of William J. Bell, Sr. are they doing over at The Young and the Restless? Soap Opera Digest is reporting Y&R has given Blake Hood the boot as Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) youngest son Kyle (We still remember Keemo!).  

According to the magazine’s site, Hartley Sawyer will take over the role starting March 18. Sawyer’s acting credits include, Jane By Design, Glory Daze, GCB and Don't Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.

Photo of Hartley Sawyer Credit: Glory Daze

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    What?! I never thought Kyle should have been SORASed but since he was, I like Blake Hood and think he’s a good actor and resembles a young Peter Bergman. If the new actor is essentially the same age as Blake Hood, I can’t understand the recast. Oh well. [Shrugs shoulders.] Unless Kyle carries on a torrid fling with Summer before they learn they are siblings, I had no use for Kyle Abbott! Lol.

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    Huh…this seems kinda random. While not nearly as big a loss as Marcy Rylan, I actually liked BH as Kyle–he’s hot and a good actor. Who knows; I initially thought recasting Noah was pointless but now I consider RA to
    be the best Noah to date. So maybe this guy’ll prove us all wrong(I do remember him from GCB and Don’t Trust the B– and thought he was pretty decent).

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    Damn Phelps! Why get rid of someone who actually has PROMISE and can act, meanwhile that horrid Adrianna chick, and the actress who play her, get a free pass? Blake Hood was attractive, though I guess not “beefcakey” enough for Saint Phelps? Or did a “Fuck Us group” play a part in this ridiculous decision?

    And on a separate note, why does every new male character under 50 on this show HAVE to look like a freaking Abercrombie and Fitch model? I don’t need to see models taking over my screen! I don’t tune in to this show to see “pretty folks,” though I am a gay man–and proud to be so! Kevin Schmidt was a PERFECTLY good Noah, who was tossed by the wayside for Robert Adamson, who is stiff and lacking in real depth.

    And those hair models who play Tyler and Mason? Don’t even get me started!

    If she’s not casting rejects from that damn Hollywood Heights show, she’s trolling modeling agencies and picking up PYTs that need to STILL be in acting class!!

    I am gonna give this guy a chance to prove himself, but I really see no need to fix something that isn’t broken!!

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    Far from me to be a Phelp apologist (I find the show just as unwatchable as it was under the previous regime even if there are fewer dumb-on-paper ideas) but I think we have all watched enough soaps to know that when there is an unexplained and an unexplainable firing, it means something happened behind the scenes. Personal conflict, bad behavior, whatever it is. Show runners don’t just recast actors that are doing fine in a role just for kicks. So we will probably never know the real story but let’s cast stones since we don’t have an explanation.

    (and similarly Abby’s recast timeline is simple: they fired her, sort of went back on it but only in recurring, MR found a better on-contract role so she jumped and they replaced her).

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    [quote=Abfab7]GH meet your new Lucas Jones…..[/quote]

    Now THERE’s an idea….!

    Kind of out of the blue, but then again, not really. For some reason I had the feeling from the get-go BH wasn’t one of the new regime’s favorites. And they replaced his opening shot already several weeks ago, so I was expecting this.

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    Oh gosh this is surprising, didn’t see this coming at me. I wonder if his contract was up and decided not to renew. I liked Blake after awhile but he has not defined Kyle as a character so I’m not unhappy nor happy…it’s wait to see….

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    Y&R may be better but all this recasting and new actors will make it harder for anyone who once watched and left during Maria’s tenure to return and see anything familiar.

    Not sure why the recast or the firing … And since we saw a mass exodus early on when Jill came on board I have little doubt in my mind that it was an issue with back stage drama other than Jill wanting to put her full stamp on this show.

    Sadly, even though I think Jill and josh have done a great job with story… I was not a fan of Leslie n Tyler early on but love their developing story now…. They haven’t been great in new sets as I find the smaller and not very eye catching or iconic Newman ranch rather boring, as well as that new restaurant put in place after gloworm burned to the ground looks like they hired the crew from TRADING SPACES to do it with left over garden hose.

    And all the recasts, actors leaving, and moved to the side for newbies has been a bit much for a short period of time. This show suffered in creativity under Maria but had one of the best actors on daytime. Lets just hope CBS giving free reign to Jill that they catch her n stop her before the show isn’t anything like we remember.

    So far I like.

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    Just when I was FINALLY getting use to him out the door he goes.

    LOL at the Ambercrombie comment… but why do they never have their model’s smile or even seem like they are having fun? Honestly, look at the pics of the two above one is smiling the other is creepily leering……

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    [quote=Abfab7]GH meet your new Lucas Jones…..[/quote]
    I was thinking he’d make a great Dillon Quartermaine, but Lucas Jones would be fine by me, also. He’s just too cute and talented not to be seen on any show.

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    I watched some of Sawyer’s stuff on Youtube, and I have to say he’s funny as hell. He kind of reminds me of Jim Carey a bit. I wonder if they are taking Kyle in a funny/jokester direction?

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    Well, it seemed awhile back–at the height of Jack’s addiction storyline–that TPTB were toying with the idea of Kyle and Phyllis, at least based on some of the scenes that I saw between the two of them. Then they backed off, maybe due to what they saw as lack of chemistry between BH and MS. The recasting may have something to do with them revisting that idea moreso than anything to do with Kyle and Summer.

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    Hartley starts Filming as Kyle the week of March 18th

    Y&R Recasts Another Role

    By SOD • Posted: Mar 11, 2013

    Y&R has replaced Blake Hood, who plays Kyle Abbott, with Hartley Sawyer. Hood was cast as the older version of Jack’s (Peter Bergman) son in April, 2012. Sawyer, a daytime newcomer, begins taping the week of March 18.

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    Looking at the pictures nu Kyle looks very similar to the current one.

    After watching the show for nearly a decade I quit YR early in MAB’s regime. Tried to tune in several times since the new regime took over but haven’t been able to get back into it. As mentioned above too many unrecognizable hair models, sets, and music..the show doesn’t seem like YR anymore.

    Ironically I keep setting my dvr for BB. Guess I just expect less from that show and will keep tuning in as long as KKL is still on the frontburner.

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    blake looks a little too old for the part of kyle..i was noticing grey hairs on him..shallow i know..but damn, wouldnt it be amazing if summer ended up being jack’s…??

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    Blake was and is very cute but at the same time I had trouble investing my time into the character.Probably because they didnt even given him a storyline that was interesting that girl he was in also didnt add anything to the show considering she was a bland as it gets and also didnt last long.

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    [quote=Restless Fan]No more recasts! Noah, Summer, Abby, The music. Where do you draw the line?[/quote]

    JFP wanted to freshen things up a bit. Make it sexier, younger, and make the music more contempo with the times. However, I didn’t think Y&R needed so many cosmetic fixes. it’s lost the opulence the show used to have.

    Everything feels a bit cheap. Similar to what Frank and Ron did with GH. GH used to feel slick aesthetically, now it feels like GH’s homely sister.

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    I did not care for the new Kyle when he first joined the show, but he has improved considerably and I see no need for change. I do not care for the idea of Kyle and Summer, she just recently turned 17 and now they kick her to 18 to make her appear of legal age, but I think they should have left her at about 16 and not gone this route with Kyle. Also she looks real tacky with the new blonde do. If they wanted to get rid of someone, Adrianna would have been my first choice, followed by the dimwit brother.
    The music is terrible on the show. As a 30+ year viewer, am real disappointed music wise, lack of any extras at coffee shop, athletic club and so on. Sets are terrible, music still bad and I could go on and on.

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    I thought hair models were pretty people who couldn’t act…

    NuNoah can act. NuSummer, while young, can still act (a hell of a lot better than the other one), and I’m pretty sure this guy can act too.

    And as far as the show not looking the same, I don’t blame Phelps for that. Every role that has been recast, has basically been a role that was recast last year. We are acting like these people have been on the show forever. That other Summer had JUST started on thes how before she was replaced. Blake Hood just started on the show last year. Kevin Schmidt was always in and out with Y&R.

    Why are we acting like Victor, Nikki, Katherine, or Jack have been recast with a 20 year old model with no acting experience. These are the young people, and personally I feel as if these recasts are meant to solidifty the future of the show. I’m glad they are doing it now, as opposed to have us get realllly comfortable with them and then yanking them away. We haven’t seen much of Kyle until recently. ANd we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. THey have shown they are interested in writing for him, but maybe he’s not available the way they need him to be. I mean, the guy has been on and off for the past few months, or am I the only one that noticed it? Not saying it’s his fault…but I’m just saying, we can’t automatically jump on the “hate JFP bandwagon” because they are recasting the younger set. So far, I’m impressed with EVERY SINGLE recast they have done. I’m impressed with the writing.

    Only thing I don’t like is the music. The new sets, some are okay, some are not. But good grief….Y&R is still Y&R. The main characters are still here, and all of the recasts have been newbies anyway….I don’t get it.

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    Restless…as you know I am right there with you. I am OFFICIALLY over the recasts and the parade of new, even short term characters being brought on. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with Blake. One of the hotter recent additions.

    Jill is trying to (in her words) “make the show more alluring”, but she’s turning us cross eyed with these changes. It needs to stop.

    YES, the writing has absolutely improved, but I’m started to feel we’ve now sacrificed Y and R’s overall look and feel (and stability) for better writing. While writing makes the show (we learned that under MAB), all this other stuff is starting to annoy me. Useless new sets, useless new music, useless recasts…

    And before anyone bitches me out, I’ve been mostly positive about the new Y and R, but enough is enough.

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    [quote=stoney07]Yeah…I don’t really care. Blake Hood was take it or leave it for me…[/quote]

    Moi aussi.

    Personally, I’m more interested in Keemo’s whereabouts.

    Y&R should keep working on the music and set design, however–the music is a bit less grating than it was last month and the sets have been hit and miss (mostly miss) thus far.

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    @angrierblackerman @NathanHastingsSr. I agree! That what separated Y&R from the competition. Y&R had it own sex appeal and we don’t need to see the same young actors all look alike. As for the music Y&R had it own music that stood out…JFP somethings need to be left alone not everything needs a tweaking.

    I like Blake Hood’s version of Kyle and he and Peter had great chemistry and thought it was good. What I don’t like is that when they cut these actors they have to go out and do a recast quick! I’m not too thrill with these recast on Abby and Kyle…

    Why is that we have actors on this show who should of been recast prior to these characters. Yeah I’m go here so for you Lane fans but why couldn’t Lily or Cane be recast or even Victoria? How come there not looking deep within at the other characters-

    The storylines have gotten better but JFP & MAB know how to drive the fans crazy along with Sony-

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    Personally, I have no problem with the Kyle recast, mainly because the character never should have been SORAS’ed under the MAB regime in the first place. The kid went from being a pre-teen with a hockey interest to a college graduate, all in the time it took to tell that HORRIBLE & DREADFUL “WHO KILLED DIANE JENKINS” storyline.

    I really had nothing invested in the character, so perhaps this new person will give me a reason to care – we shall see, we shall see.

    Other than that, I’m still diggin’ “Y & R”!!

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    Restless Fan

    @pferrando: The honest to God truth of the matter is, Y&R feels very unfamiliar to me. I’m going into each episode with an open mind but some days I’m just not into it. It feels too much like a new show. The familiarity is gone for me. Jill’s idea of tweaking is really intense. Not hating on her, just sayin…

    The biggest problem I had when Maria was in charge was with the writing. It’s improved for sure but in the absence of the things that made Y&R special it’s disadvantageous. As an earlier poster noted, Y&R has lost it’s opulence. Need proof? One only need look at the repeat episode that aired during Thanksgiving last year of Victor/Nikki’s 2003 nuptials. It was the same sets, same music, same way of directing, but under a skilled EP and skilled HW, the show beamed in it’s magical way.

    It’s one thing to freshen up a show and another to overhaul the production. JFP is overhauling the production. I do put that on her shoulder because those changes fall under her umbrella. Whether it’s her call or Sony’s call, it’s too much. I also have to say the more I see the Newman ranch the less I like it. The set feels smaller than the last one. There is no depth to it. Heck, the penthouse feels bigger than the ranch does. Same goes for the newly designed Chancellor estate. By moving that wall from east to south it condensed the feel of Katherine’s house. Ditto Nick’s nightclub.

    Right now from a production stand point the only thing that feels familiar is the theme music, which I pray never changes. But I won’t lie and say I’m not worried about it. With the exception of OLTL, JFP has changed the theme music of all the shows she’s helmed since her GL days.

    I guess what I’m saying is, I’m done with changes for right now.

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    If Summer isn’t Jack’s daughter then maybe the recast of Kyle was because the replacement looks a little younger than Blake Hood, who appeared a little too mature for Summer. But I’m not liking these recasts and wish they would have just let Abby go out of town again than to get another Hollywood Heights transplant.

  25. Profile photo of MotownKate4Soaps

    I’m almost tempted to drop Y&R again off my personal canvas. I only started watching again during ATWT withdrawals and the promise of short-lived time with Maura West. I used to watch Y&R with my grandpa and then on my own as a teen when not in school. But after a lull in activity in my real life recently, it’s picking back up again and simply have to prioritize my time again, meaning GH will become my main daytime program to catch up with.

  26. Profile photo of pferrando

    Why would Jill expect any of the viewers to invest in her “vision” of the show when she continually is changing things in such a short amount of time.

    Burn down the ranch to put Nikki and Victor into a relatively “nice” penthouse set, to just then put them back at the “ranch” which is cramped and looks small, and NOTHING like a ranch.

    Burn down Gloworm to showcase “On the Boulevard” for months, to then just have IT disappear and be seen only once in the past couple of months. We are now back at the GCAC for every meal. Did Nick’s club burn down too?

    Make a big press “to do” about getting Jess Walton back, then give her probably a total of 6-7 scenes since she’s been back, with no real story. And yes, I realize Jess doesn’t want to be back full time, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be used when she is there.

    Write off Abby, to then decide she’s needed back on canvas, but not on contract, to lose her and have to recast the damn part.

    Now nuKyle’s gone and we have to start all over with the third Kyle in less than a year.

    I hopefully am not the only one who’s starting to question what’s going on.

    Josh has still got me, but Jill never has, and is making it harder all the time.

  27. Profile photo of tedew

    Not sure how old Blake Hood is but Hartley Sawyer is 27 right now. I wonder if this aging factors means anything at all to the future of Y&R?

    alstonboy4315 … of course model boys are very nice to look at; but I do prefer the guy with the odd look or rougher edge. It would be nice to have a few cast from that stable every now and then.

  28. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Too bad. Another re-cast. Blake Hood has done a great job as Jack and Diane’s son, he even looks like both of them. This new guy looks like he should be playing Scotty Grainger, Lauren’s older son.

  29. Profile photo of rozzberry

    I won’t pretend BH was a Tom Pelphrey in terms of talent, but he was good. I don’t see the need for this recast. I thought him & HK had nice chemistry. Oh well.

  30. Profile photo of pferrando

    This is one, like yettoairAbby, that I’ll probably find myself resisting.

    And I’m not big on nuSummer yet, so will they be the first couple I FF through? God, I hope not.

  31. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I’m not crazy about the picture of this new guy, Hartley Sawyer — he looks psycho. Why JFP would get rid of classic-looking Blake Hood is beyond all reason.

  32. Profile photo of brettyboy

    The new Kyle is nowhere near as good as Blake. The recast was pointless and unnecessary; in any other profession Jill would be in court for firing people for no reason and employing her friends.

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