General Hospital May Be 50, But Has it Had Work Done?

Okay, this may be the best 50th anniversary promo for General Hospital to date. SOAPnet has released a spot featuring Laura Wright (Carly) and Roger Howarth (Todd), where Wright congratulates the ABC soap on its milestone, while Howarth asks if GH has had work done!

Considering General Hospital’s revitalization over the past year, I’d say it’s had more than its fair share of nips and tucks. Watch the tongue-in-cheek SOAPnet promo after the jump!

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    Yes, the show is no longer about depression, darkness, and violence and the refusal of the former regime to write for its vets and bring back former cast members is not being heeded by Ron and Frank. Thank God.
    I’d say that’s one hell of an anniversary present in itself.


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    [quote=Jon]I miss SoapNet! Damn Disney Junior![/quote]

    Soapnet is still on. At least my cable provider still carries it. I catch missed episodes every week on Soapnet.

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    If I may,
    I need to brag a little bit. I am 57 years old and I remember the first few days of GH. The story was basically about a girl named Angie and her hospital stay. She had a boyfriend, whose name may have been Jeff, I am not sure but Angie was in the hospital, a teenager, Angie’s father did not approve of her boyfriend. Dr. Hardy, of course, was trying to make things right. Meanwhile, Nurse Jessie was married to Phil Brewer, a younger man and intern? or resident at GH. This pre-dated Audrey, whose much older sister, Lucille, was Head? nurse. She was a toughie, with a heart of gold. It was only recently that I found out that Lucille Wall, who played Audrey’s sister, was the sister of Geraldine Wall, an actress frequently on Perry Mason.
    Now, my bragging is humbling. I cannot believe that 50 years have passed since the Angie story. So much of it seems like yesterday, yet almost everyone that I have mentioned in this comment has died. Where did the time go? It passes so fast!

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    I switched to DirectTv just to get Soapnet back. Comcast refused to reinstate it. I want to watch or tape some of the GH shows being shown on the 50th anniversary weekend.

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