General Hospital's Jason Thompson and Dominic Zamprogna Laugh it Up With Fans

Jason Thompson and Dominic Zamprogna with fans


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Now, can GH give these two great actors a better storyline? The whole Sabrina crush is never-ending. She's a grown woman, stop making her act like a teenager. Jason T is too good of an actor to be stuck in this ridiculous story. I am just afraid he'll be the next to leave if things don't get better. I am curious to see Dominic with Marcy Ryan (the new LULU). Hoping she adds some spark to that silly surrogate story.

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I think the writers are playing it smart with the Patrick and Sabrina maybe-pairing. Robin was the love of his life and we know she's alive, so having him in a relationship with another woman probably wouldn't work. But he's so hot and so nice I can see why a grown woman would have a girlish crush on him and, given the circumstances, not want to tell him for fear of rejection. If you've seen pics of actress Teresa Castillo you can tell what a transformation this is.