Oh When Victor and Nikki Go Marching Into Marriage on The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless opened with a clip of Peter Bergman telling fans how much he appreciated them welcoming him into their homes. The montage featured classic flashbacks of Jack, his family, friends and of course Victor (Eric Braeden).

Victor and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) pledged their love to one another in her hospital room to the hum of “Amazing Grace”. Victor swayed around with his eyes closed to the tune, as Justice of the Peace Clarice Collins (Sheryl Underwood) blessed their relationship.
Then, my jaw literally dropped when a nurse pulled out a tambourine and burst into a rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In.” I have watched a lot of eye raising things on The Young and the Restless over the years, hello Kevin (Greg Rikaart) in a chipmunk costume, but this was just surreal. In the words of Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper), “Dear God in heaven!”

Nick (Joshua Morrow) tried to convince Avery (Jessica Collins) to abandon her case, because it was too dangerous. However, she told Nick she couldn’t. Avery insisted she was on the right track, and had to follow through with it. When they returned to Avery’s apartment, they discovered it had been ransacked.

Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Leslie (Angell Conwell) argued about her going to Milwaukeeto keep tabs on her dad’s case.  Leslie worried about how she could keep Neil safe, if her father came to Genoa City. They ended up in bed together.

Dylan (Steve Burton) checked out Chelsea’s (Melissa Claire Egan) car and told her she needed a jump. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any jumper cables. Later, Dylan found out his father had died while he was away from the hospital.

I can never get enough of Jack and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). It doesn’t hurt that they have so much chemistry and history. Phyllis told him she was worried about his possible drinking. She also expressed her concern that the alcohol might act as a trigger for Jack's addiction to prescription drugs.

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    Is it in SBu’s contract that he has to pretend to be the daddy to someone’s kid? They better not have Dylan pretend to be that girl’s babydaddy.

    That nurse pissed me off

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    I find the idea of Victor surprising Nikki with a marriage every day until she can walk down he aisle to be both romantic and endearing. That being said, the idea that a “big, Black nurse” would burst into a soulful rendition of “When The Saints Go Marching In” was all kinds of wrong. Why must every daytime soap employ the stereotypical mammy character in the small roles like this? Geez.

    I do think Victor, Nikki and Abby are adorable together.

    I don’t think Leslie and Neil have an ounce of chemistry.

    I am no longer waiting for Steve Burton to interest me.

    I like how Leslie/Tyler/Neil/Wheeler/Avery/Nick/Victor is becoming an umbrella story. I am intrigued.

    I am finding Phyllis to be really obnoxious.

    I loved the opening segment with Peter Bergman. It was lovely. I look forward to the other actors’ sharing over the next two weeks. Great idea.

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    Talk about AWKWARD! Yet I could not look away. I don’t know how MTS was able to remain as composed as she did and then when the additional hospital staff members entered the room….

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    I will lay it out there that I found it sweet. But I don’t get why after all the marriages they have shared why they just don’t do a small intimate family wedding where Nikki doesn’t have to exert her energies and then just have a party.

    Sorry, the idea that the 40th anniversary of the show will be celebrated around an episode of characters that have been married 12 times or more in total or whom have married one another 6 times seems a bit odd. I wish it was based more around the anniversary of one of the companies and there is a big ball or something.

    Sad to see Marcy no longer playing Abby soon. I truly think she made the role and not sure why… Other than she wants her people in the roles… Didn’t fight harder to keep Marcy instead of letting her jump to GH. (That was a huge blunder on Maria’s part with Eileen Davidson as well)

    AND I JUST DON’T GET IT, Chloe even mentioned that the story is a repeat of her tricking cane into believing Delia was his and not Billy’s that the show is going ahead with Chelsea finding a scapegoat spearmint donor for her! It makes no sense when there is great drama to mine in other ways with Chelsea. And I wish they would just start the pairing of Sharon n Dylan already and let Adam focus on Newman and then finding out he is a dad to be.

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    Cleveland? How many times in one episode does Avery mention driving to Milwaukee for this case? Where in the world did you get Cleveland?

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    I am new to Y&R having followed Steve over from GH which is no longer watchable, I never thought I’d get caught up in it as quickly as I have. Its a good soap! I like the people and I am charmed by the Victor/Nikki story! That suprised me, but I think its really sweet, and I loved the wedding! the singing made it perfect! I had the experience of a lovely wonderful nurse, who happened to be black, singing Amazing Grace to me when my sister was in hospital.
    :love: :love: :love: :love:

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    I watch both Y &R and GH. I’ve really been enjoying Y & R lately. It has improved so much the past few months. They do “drama” the best out of all the soaps and I really like how, for their 40th anniversary, they have the actors ,like Jack and Nick, talking about the show in the beginning and their favorite scenes. Very well done!
    I am really liking Victor and Niki this time around. The nurse singing was a bit odd but I liked it, especially seeing Victor smile and singing along.
    It’s very obvious that they are trying all they can to make Steve Burton the leading man, showing his emotions with the death of his Dad, and Faith getting so attached to him, and “testing’ him out with the various actresses (perhaps eventually with Phylis, they way they ran into each other and the look). I really like Melissa Egan (since her days on AMC), and it almost seems like she will say Dylan is the father of her baby. That will drive Adam crazy, especially if Dylan also becomes involved with Sharon. I see a lot of drama ahead and at least Y & R is using all their actors in good stories (GH could take some lessons). Looking forward to Victor’s and Niki’s real wedding!

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    [quote=tmac]Cleveland? How many times in one episode does Avery mention driving to Milwaukee for this case? Where in the world did you get Cleveland?[/quote]

    I was thinking the same thing. That just confused the situation.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Victor and Nikki’s impromptu Hospital wedding and obviously I really enjoyed the whole tamborine/singing that commenced. It was both very cute, funny, & endearing.

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    I think Victor found Jesus at the hospital! Maybe he had to go to church when he was in the orphanage…. Cause the only time I know of him going to church was at weddings and funerals. I could imagine Victor facing death in his old age with a Bible on his lap and trying to save his family. Trying to make up for all the evil he unleashed on earth while he was on it.

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    hey mon

    Seemed strange that Ashley’s daughter Abby was a part of this montage. Nikki has never been very friendly to Abagail, and it seemed out of place. But I guess there is another ‘fake wedding’ coming up on Friday. Oh boy! I’ll proclaim it a success if it involves a body-double or stalker-of-the-month.

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    Restless Fan

    I loved the scene where the nurses started singing. I watched it a couple of times. They were having a pretend wedding and I thought it was fun. It also showcased romance which I’m all for. Daytime was built on romance on love triangles.

  13. Profile photo of tedew

    Actually I thought the whole “wedding” was rather silly and ridiculous. What about the other patients with all that caterwauling going on? I almost expected them to bring out the rattlers!

  14. Profile photo of stoney07

    I loved it!!

    I knew some people would take the comic relief and try to make it serious, but it was MEANT to be silly, and I thought it was hilarious. I also enjoyed seeing a playful side to Victor.

    When’s the last freakin’ time we’ve seen the Newmans actually have a little fun? I can’t even remember. I think it showed us that they have a normal side to them…after all the fighting and manipulations…they still have hearts. Thought it was great…

  15. Profile photo of pferrando

    I liked it too. And I actually thought the nurse was an excellent “extra”.

    Victor’s character is a lot more balanced these days. He’s tender with Nikki, and is again acting like he cares about his family.

    At the same time I’m enjoying Victor being Victor with Wheeler. It’s a relief that he and Jack aren’t at odds for once. And keep the scenes coming with him and Adam.

  16. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Yeah, but when will ol Vic ever give Adam a hug or two? Or is he still non-forgiving since Adam ‘did in’ his in-utero half-sibling back in 2009? I think if Adam apologized, he might get a space at the table.

  17. Profile photo of Jorpa

    If Victor had never told Nikki he wished she were dead (or something to that effect in Mexico years ago) I could have enjoyed this scene. I still think Nikki should make him crawl through broken glass and a hot pit of coals before she forgives him. I have always loved Victor until he told her that. I have never looked at him the same after that. I was actually embarrassed for him trying to sing. He should stick to his day job.

  18. Profile photo of tashikins

    heymon, I diasgree. I always thought that Niki and Abby got along well. I think Niki is very protective of Abby and they are joined in their dislike of Sharon. I love them together.

  19. Profile photo of pferrando

    Jorpa…ALL the characters acted and behaved in strange ways because the writing generally sucked, and they had to work with what they had.

    So I’m erasing from my mind anything that I watched or fast forwarded through during the LML or MAB years where the character was OUT of character.

    Nikki and Victor are front and center where they should be.

  20. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    tashikins — I guess you’re right. Nikki has never treated Abby as bad as she has treated Adam thru the years.

    Of course Victor is acting the way he always has — demanding that Mason alter Sharon’s prescription.

  21. Profile photo of tedew

    … and if Victor does persuade Mason to do the altering then they should both go straight to jail. Followed closely by Nikki divorcing him finally for ever without recourse leaving that main source of stress in her life far far behind.

  22. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    We keep wishing, but it never happens. That’s why my fave s/l of the MAB & Hogan era didn’t even involve Ashley. It was the 3 sibs suing Victor for $1.5 billion — and winning!

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