Susan Lucci and Jack Wagner to Appear on Celebrity Apprentice

Get ready to see Susan Lucci and Jack Wagner school folks in the art of soap acting! La Lucci and Wagner will appear on the March 17 episode of NBC’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, taking part in a mock soap opera scene for a Crystal Light ad.

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice airs Sundays at 9 pm  EST on NBC.

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    This is great, and I’ll definitely watch- but why no Days tie in? It could only help the show. If this was ABC they’d have on Luke and Laura and talk about the GH 50th Anniversary at least 3 times. NBC should promoting their own. Camilla Banus can teach Gary Busey how to act. lol

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    I hope Susan has a good appearance. I remember her guesting on the ABC reality show “The Family”. The premise was a family members competing in a mansion for (probably) a million and a family member got booted each week based on the votes by the servants.

    It was so bad (but I watched) and I felt so sorry for her. It seemed like slumming back then (early 2000s). It was George Hamilton hosted…

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    [quote=DaytimeFan0001]This is great, and I’ll definitely watch- but why no Days tie in? …[/quote]

    We’re talking about a network that doesn’t even bother to promote its PRIMETIME shows.

    David, that is f*-kin’ hilarious!!!!!!!!

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