The Following Recap: “Welcome Home”

On this week’s The Following Joey awoke at Maniac Mansion with his father staring at him because that’s not creepy at all. Joe (James Purefoy) seemed touched to be in the same room with his son finally. He tried bonding with Joey, but was met with the silent treatment. Joe apologized for Claire’s absence, and promised to bring his mommy there.  Emma (Valorie Curry) insisted Joey would come around once he knew Joe better.
Agent Donovan (Mike Colter) was put in charge of overseeing the Joe Carroll case, probably because the FBI was embarrassed at the ineptitude of their colleagues thus far.  He made it clear he wasn’t a fan of Ryan’s (Kevin Bacon) free range (and torturing of suspects), since he’s only supposed to be a consultant. The fact the Donovan was doing his job, pissed everybody off.  Ryan sulked, and made sure to give a lot of sass. 

Yes, friends, Sassy Ryan was back!  And. It. Was. Glorious.  Ryan was especially sassy after Donovan was forced to bring him in on the questioning of the follower arrested last week.  He threw zingers back and forth with the follower, David, but never got any useful information from him.  Within a few minutes of interrogation, the follower was swallowing a cyanide pill he’d embedded under the flesh of his hand CIA-during-the-Cold-War-style.  After taking a huge bite out of his thumb, the follower started vomiting dark blood instantaneously.  It was very graphic and disgusting.  In other words, thrilling TV!

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    about your comment that joe is good-looking and has a hot accent, plz people followed charles manson and slept w/him, david koresh,jim jones,etc. look at the fugly celebrities that have people falling all over them.

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