The Following Recap: "Welcome Home"


The revered Roderick (Warren Kole) finally made an appearance.  He’s the local sheriff of the town with the mansion, and set them up there.  It was also revealed he’s been working with Joe from almost the beginning, and was responsible for two of the kills of which Joe was convicted. Joe never revealed this, so one of them could be on the outside running things. 
Charlie basically set up tech support in the estate so Joe and the followers could call each other and check their tweets or something.  He was also very apologetic to Joe, for not delivering Claire. Joe was sure he’d make it right. 
Knowing Claire had been taken into police custody, the followers devised a plan to learn her location. This included ambushing Mike as soon as he walked into his hotel room.  They brought him to an abandoned warehouse determined to beat the location out of him, Hunger Games-style. 


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