The Following Recap: "Welcome Home"

General Randomness:
–This funny-awkward exchange between Mike and Ryan- R: “Nobody likes me.” M: “Well, you’re inconsistent and extreme. Nobody knows how to respond to you.” R: “…I was joking.”
–Ryan’s sarcastic “That was creepy” to follower David, as he spout vague prophetic cultist mumbo-jumbo, as the followers are ought to do.
–David to Ryan “Bet you didn’t see that coming,” when asking Ryan how he liked the “plot twist” of Joe escaping for a second time.  To which I say, dude, a blind person saw that coming!
–When Roderick took Joe on a tour of the mansion, Joe asked how many followers were actually living there.  Roderick dodged the question!  I, for one, am also curious.  I really want to know what the room situation is.  Like, if Joe, Joey, Emma, and Roderick all get their own room because they’re “special,” and everyone  else has to share 75 to a room, or if there’s 200 people there and only 3 bathrooms?  The number of murders on this show might get into the triple digits.

–Also, don’t Mike and Roderick look like they could be brothers?  Could Roderick and Mike really be brothers?!
I continue to enjoy the highly implausible, but campy fun that is The Following.  (Although, two weeks without Jacob and Paul is a travesty).  What did you guys think of Joe’s “Welcome Home?”
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about your comment that joe is good-looking and has a hot accent, plz people followed charles manson and slept w/him, david koresh,jim jones,etc. look at the fugly celebrities that have people falling all over them.