Top 7 Moments From Once Upon A Time's "The Miller's Daughter"

Cora’s Final Act

Cora managed to break the protection spell on the pawnshop to get to Rumpel. Emma and Neal attempted to protect Rumple, but Cora banished them to the forest with the wave of her hand.
Cora approached Rumple as he mumbled about foreseeing this event in the past. He asked Cora if she ever loved him. Cora replied he was the reason she had to rip her own heart out. Rumpel was the only man she ever truly loved. As Cora raised her arm with Rumpel’s dagger to stab him and take his power, Regina inserted Cora’s heart back into her chest!
Cora genuinely smiled and laughed with tears in her eyes. Regina did the same, because she could finally feel her mother’s love. However, Regina had no idea the heart was cursed and Cora fell over into Regina’s arms. Cora and Rumpel traded wounds due to Snow’s earlier act with the candle.
Through shallow breath, Cora admitted Regina would have been enough (love) for her. Cora died in Regina’s arms, and Rumpel told Regina her mother did her no favors. Regina started to come unglued, and shouted Rumpel stole Cora’s life. Rumpel confessed he did no such thing, as Snow and David burst into the shop. Snow yelled for Regina to stop, but she noticed it was too late.
Without hesitation, a livid Regina realized Snow White set her up! How will Regina get her revenge on Snow White?


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I love the twists and turns in this show.

Snow cursing Cora's heart and getting Regina to put it back into Cora saved Rumple. That is going to restart her feud with Snow all over again. Enter Rumple's new apprentice (Emma) who (I'm guessing) will be needing his help learning dark magic to save Snow.

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Loved this episode best of the season so far I thought what Snow did was justified because Cora killed her mother and Regina killed her father and I happy that it's going back to Regina and Snow because I love their scenes together better then the scenes with Regina and Emma and I hope Snow tells Regina if you want me come and get me I know some people didn't like what Snow did tricking Regina into killing her mother but at least Snow try stop it and shown regret and remorse and to me Regina and Cora killed a lot of people and I have never seen either one of them to ever shown regret or remorse for what they did.

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I get we are supposed to view Snow's actions as crossing over to the dark side and doing something supremely evil but I just don't see it.
We have seen Neil, Emma & Charming all with their swords out (not a euphemism) preparing to fight her, are you telling me none of them intended to use those swords to kill her if they were given a chance?
I get Snow White is supposed to be good and pure but really all she did was kill a bad guy who would has been causing her pain since childhood, that pretty much anyone else was willing to kill if they got the chance.

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The point is Snow did not get her hands dirty she went the extra mile and had Regina do it that just was wrong.