A Good Fake Man is Hard to Find on The Young and the Restless

Tuesday’s The Young and the Restless opened with Joshua Morrow reflecting on Nick, his family and loves Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), Sharon (Sharon Case) and Avery (Jessica Collins). Every time I see clips from Cassie’s (Camryn Grimes) death, I still get a bit choked up.

Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) tried to convince Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) she should find another man to hide the truth about her baby from Adam (Michael Muhney). Chelsea informed Chloe she was legit now, but did lament that a good fake man is hard to find. After Chloe left, Dylan (Steve Burton) stopped at the table to chat with Chelsea. I’m not sure what to think about the obvious Dylan and Chelsea chemistry test going on.

Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily (Christel Khalil) shared a romantic moment, which should make Lane fans happy.

Nick continued to insist Avery go to the police, but she was determined to pursue her own path.

Leslie (Angell Conwell) confronted Congressman Wheeler (Mark Pinter) about the call she received from her father.  Then, she visited her brother Tyler (Redaric Williams), who said he wasn’t running again. After, Leslie went to Avery and asked for her help in setting up a meeting with her father.

Both Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Nick went to Victor (Eric Braeden) and questioned him about Congressman Wheeler.

The Young and the Restless Question of the Day: Who is the love of Nick’s life?

NOTE: At least half of The Young and the Restless was pre-empted by coverage of a Papal vote.

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    I watched the entire episode on CBS.com.

    I think the love of Nick’s life is/was: Cassie; Noah; Faith; and Summer.

    I know that Chelsea’s Mama ( Daisy Dukes ) will open her big mouth as she now knows she is going to be a grand ma. She sees $$$$$…

    Phack is sooo hot! As is Lauren and Carmine!!

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    Ahhh…opening w\JM and his character Nick. OH…where Carmine & Lauren are hot and lusty where PHACK is hot and romantic. I loved Chloe & Chelsea banter when Chloe was describing the babydaddy, “tall, dark, soccer player”…hehe!

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    I believe that up until this time Sharon has been the love of his life. I couldn’t stand him with Phylis. Now I am really enjoying his romance with Avery. I am a HUGE Avery fan! I am sick of Chloe’s advice to Chelsea. That is the only sl I find boring. I like them as friends, but Chloe grates on my last nerve. But at least we didn’t have to listen to Kevin whine. I wish he’s meet a fatal end on the show. He has run his course in my opinion. I will say though that I enjoyed his banter with Phylis.

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    I am not a fan of the WHEELER story. They bring him on when his daughter dies in Jack’s place after being hired by Victor only to have his story end with it MOST LIKELY BUT NOT DEFINITELY being revealed that he killed Belinda, the never before seen momma of newbies Tyler and moved to the forefront Leslie?! We’ve been served a good story but a story that is not anchored anywhere because these characters are all new and not established.

    PLUS, we have yet to meet Gus and Tyler’s relationship with Lily is still just an awkward office flirtation that every other day is being limited to Tyler pronouncing that Lily is better off with him than with the father of her kids.

    Even the revelation that Victor hired Wheeler’s daughter… something that could be explosive… has been wasted away by the now GOODY-TWO SHOES, Jack and squandered for blackmail reasons by Wheeler. Adam knows the truth but can’t use it since he moved the corpse.

    AGAIN, I LIKE THE STORY but just like under Maria Bell, the climax is a bit weak because I am not truly invested in the story. I didn’t know the hooker. We don’t know Wheeler because, even with the knowledge he is married, we have not met his wife to add a spin to the family dynamic of his story and the weight of revealing he had an affair with Tyler/Leslie mom or that his daughter was a hired prostitute. We don’t even care about HER because we only saw her walk up to Jack and then saw her face down on his oriental and then wrapped up in it.

    Gus, the man convicted of the crime, is being defended by Avery but we’ve not even met him to hear his desperation of being in prison for a crime he did not commit. We’ve only heard Avery’s bullying emotional tactics on Leslie and her devotion to the INNOCENCE PROJECT.

    None of it is anchored.. AGAIN, I say it. It’s a soap staple to anchor a story to a core family or build it to where it is now yet Jill and Josh have crafted a story that within a year will take more time to explain because the characters arent part of the shows history than it will take to forget.

    Wheeler should have been made more established. His daughter been made to be a little more connected to the city and his life. His wife should have been introduced to add dimension to his character. And Gus should be more than just a guest starring role from an actor who expects FOOD to be included with his paycheck (wouldn’t we all).

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    And I have a sneaky feeling that Adam will be shot when trying to save Victor from Wheeler and we will see Chelsea reveal she is pregnant to a comatose Adam in his hospital bed. Of course, Sharon will overhear and walk away before she is seen.

    I don’t want to see CHelsea, who is 3 months pregnant… and did she EVEN go to a doctor to get confirmation??… convince Dylan that their one night stand 2 nights before got her 3 months pregnant!

    Love the angst Lauren is feeling over Carmine and can not believe the rapport between Abby and Carmine! They are great as bickering exes!!! It’s sad to see Marcy go and I hope her replacement has the same amount of spunk as she does in the role!

    I am getting sick of Michael’s cry baby reaction to lauren these days. BE A MAN! Stop whining!!! Get a job. Get to work. Let the relationship get back to normal at Lauren’s pace NOT at yours!!! This is true Michael from his early days prior to Christine hostage moment. I hope it goes that way. LOL It won’t but I hope.

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    Happy to see Adam confide in Sharon. Old Adam would have covered up and lied to her till he was caught. Adam telling Sharon the truth about what happened with Wheeler’s daughter instead of lying to her is a step in the right direction. I am loving this Shadam. I like Wheeler, he is a formidable opponent to Victor and Adam.

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    hey mon

    Chelsea was just sickening. Bedding down a one-night stand basic stranger who is new to town. What about VD, Chelsea? Think of your baby for once.

    Telling Adam that he is a father can’t be all that bad. He was like a perfect MILLIONAIRE gentleman the last time you were pregnant. I am finding this story-line stupid and hard to believe.

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    pjc722 … Michael’s “cry baby reaction to Lauren” is certainly an overstatement and not without reason on his part. Lauren has been a complete hag to him and then goes running into the open arms of her ardent boy toy?

  9. Profile photo of pferrando

    I also don’t see Michael crying at all.

    This Y and R marriage was the longest currently with the two of them together. They’ve been through a lot, so why wouldn’t one or both of the spouses in this longterm “soap marriage” be upset.

    What I do like is that Christian (like both Phyllis and Victor) have dialed back their performances to the level of “normal” since Josh started writing, and I find their scenes enjoyable to watch. They all can be over the top (in a good way usually) so I’m liking that they are making better choices with their material.

    Maybe it’s all in the writing? ;)

  10. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I agree 100% with pferrando on the characterization of Michael and the acting from LeBlanc, Stafford and Braeden.

    Regarding Michael, he is desperate to save his marriage and rebuild his family. He sees himself as being the one who single-handedly blew things up, so he’s deferring to Lauren in this situation. I understand his POV. I also understand Lauren’s POV as well. She made a huge mistake cheating with Carmine and her guilt prevents her from jumping in to save her marriage. She’s dead wrong but she’s deeply conflicted about her needs versus her desires. I am loving this story and that think the actors are doing fantastic work.

    Regarding the improved acting, CL, MS and EB tend to go “over-the-top” in their performances but under Josh Griffith’s pen and the new directors, they are turning in fine, more subtle, nuanced performances, particularly LeBlanc and Braden (Stafford can still grate and verge to whiny.) I am no longer FFWDing their scenes (well, Stafford still at times makes me cringe but not as much!)

    I am really enjoying the show right now. I only wish that Dylan was not so shoehorned and forced as a character. Chelsea too for that matter. So, the pairing of these two in scenes has me reaching for the remote. I enjoyed Chelsea when she was conflicted about her marriage and building a life, not flirting with every man in Genoa City! Dylan still hasn’t made an impression but takes up a lot of screentime.

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    I was being sarcastic about michael. I just find that since he has nothing else going on that he seems a bit over the top desperate about Lauren. I think if he only fought harder for his son instead of falling the “law” he overlooks for his mom n brother, they would not be in this spot.

    I think I am just frustrated with the character because I like him but right know the way he is makes me think cry baby.

    But seeing this is a soap I am loving the Lauren cheated. It would be great to see more

  12. Profile photo of harlee490

    But Michael doesn’t know what’s up w\Lauren and mood swings…Lauren is confused, feels extreme guilt, being in love w\Michael but loving the passion of Carmine, Michael is sort in limbo…so I understand Michael’s feelings.

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