General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Sabrina declares her feelings for Patrick, who claims he had no idea how she felt.  She apologizes for putting him on the spot, because she didn’t want to jeopardize their friendship. However, she felt the need to tell him.  Patrick thanks her for being honest, but he has never thought of her that way.  Patrick gets paged to surgery, and leaves Sabrina by herself.

Carly and AJ kiss for Todd’s benefit, as Liz walks in and sees the kiss. She doesn't say a word and leaves.  Todd doesn’t believe she’d go back to AJ after all she told him about the man.  AJ heads off to call Liz, and Carly stresses to Todd that she’s with AJ now. She tells Todd to accept it. Todd claims she’s making it up to stay away from him.  Carly doesn’t need an excuse to stay away, because he’s not worth the effort.  Todd knows she wants to get back with him. 
Sonny visits Olivia's apartment, looking for Kate.  He explains they were supposed to find a psychiatrist to try integration.  Olivia explains Kate being angry with her, and not understanding the cause.  Sonny thinks Connie is back, and tells Olivia about the broken mirror.  
Connie’s publisher Agnes is preparing for the launch party for the book at The Floating Rib, when TJ and Molly arrive. They declare Molly is the book's author, and not Connie.  Alexis threatens a civil lawsuit against Connie and Agnes, but Agnes counters with the thought of a slander suit.  Shawn claims Kate is on her way to clear things up.  
Connie arrives and immediately names herself as the sole author of the book. Alexis confronts her about Molly being the author, and wonders why Connie is back.  Connie says Kate ran off to hide.  Connie reads an excerpt of the book, as Sonny and Olivia arrive.  Connie announces she’s writing a sequel about a woman wronged by a two timing man whore.  
Sonny wants to know why Connie has returned, and what happened with her and Kate.  Connie’s angry with him, and complains about what happened between them. Connie feels Sonny took advantage of her, and then slept with Kate.  
When AJ returns, Todd wonders if his relationship with Carly is all a story.  AJ calls Carly a bottom-feeding tramp, but claims they have reconciled. He continues the charade. Todd claims they’re faking, and he’ll prove it.  After Todd leaves, Carly regrets allowing AJ to help. AJ says Carly owes him a favor now.

Patrick tells Epiphany about Sabrina’s crush.  Pif is glad the truth is out, and Patrick is surprised she knew.  Pif asks Patrick how he responded to Sabrina's confession. He admits he left Sabrina standing alone by the nurse's station.  Patrick doesn’t think of Sabrina that way, and thought they were friends.  Pif can’t believe he never saw it, and figures he’s either blind or lying to himself.  
Liz returns to the hospital and explains to Sabrina she saw AJ and Carly kissing.  Liz rants about Carly being a skank, and how she’ll probably dismantle AJ’s life again. Liz thought her luck had changed after her last two romances, but she was wrong.  Sabrina understands her feelings, and updates Liz on the Patrick situation.  Liz apologizes for pushing Sabrina to say anything, but Sabrina agrees it was for the best.  

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    AJ/Carly/Todd: I laughed at all of it. I think all three played well together.

    I’m so very tired of all things Sabrina and her high school crush. Jason Thompson deserves so much more than this.

    Had to giggle when Molly was reading the book passages and TJ was trying to be supportive but getting a little interested at the same time. Such a teenage boy!!

    So glad Connie and all her wackadoo is back. Much prefer KSul’s version of Connie than KAte.

    LOL moment of the day: OLivia packing up Steve’s ab machine.

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    AJ/Carly would be the clearest choice after chem-testing Sean Kanan with the various available ladies of Port Charles (Sam, Liz, Carly). What complicates things is the Roger Howarth factor. Howarth, like Ingo Rademacher before him, has made his enjoyment and continued desire to work with Laura Wright known. If tptb want to keep him happy, as Rademacher before him, they will keep Todd/Carly in each others’ orbit.

    I’d love to see Carly/AJ try to keep up the faux relationship for a bit and find some real connection underneath it all.

    Does that seem to leave Nurse Elizabeth Webber out in the cold? I’m still hoping for a surprise sapphic liason btw Nurse Bitchface Liz and Dr Britch WestNile. :-) Or is a Liz/Sabrina pairing in the offing? Sabrina is good with kids, after all! The 2 could fall into each others arms consoling each other over their romantic woes.
    And in the background Felix could go “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT ?!”

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    Alexis’ outfight was a hideous sight. It was the wardrobe of a deranged clown. GH has got to come up on the styling! So many horrible, ill-fitting garments on so many beautiful women. Too bad Julie Berman is leaving because I think she’s been pretty well styled in the past year.

    TJ & Molly were adorable again after a while of her being completely focused on Rafe.

    I found Ms. Chu, event planner, super obnoxious. Mac must have been filling in for Coleman. I imagine Coleman would have been more fun in the scenes given his history with Kate.

    I don’t understand Connie’s current motivation. She is upset with Sonny for “cheating” on her with her?! Huh? What happened to all of Connie’s growth the last few weeks with her friendship with Tracy, bonding with Olivia, mourning Trey and connecting with Sonny? Even if she were mad at Sonny why be so mean to Olivia, TJ and Molly? Do we really have to start back to “square 1″ with Connie? Okay, too many questions and I don’t care enough about the answers. Lol.

    I enjoyed Todd/Carly/AJ but thought their scenes were too long. Todd & AJ played well of each other. I’m surprised because the characters feel similar to me.

    The split second I saw Liz’s ensemble, I hated the dress but loved the shoes. Why must Liz be doubly-punished by walking in on AJ/Carly kissing and then into Sobrina?

    I LMAOed at Sabrina’s declaration of love being met with Patrick’s stone-cold expression and deadpan, “I have surgery.” Hilarious. I love laughing at Sabrina’s pain. [Chuckling now as typing that.] No amount of Epiphany’s “sage wisdom” can convince me that Patrick would realize he has romantic feelings toward Sabrina. I feel horribly for Jason Thompson, Sonja Eddy and Rebecca Herbst. Heck, I feel badly for the actress playing Sabrina because I am sure she is capable of more. I do know that the more Saint Sabrina Santiago, the patron saint of tearless crying, is featured the more I loathe her.

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    No Carly and AJ just won’t work, the history between the two is just to warped plus she kept his son from him, I don’t know any dude who would take that from anyone. Liz needs some happiness and AJ is the guy to give it to her plus the Quartermaine Mansion needs some children to liven it up.

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    Plus Todd and Carly work, they have great chemistry. I will say this none of those actors on the show have that much sway to where they can tell people who they want to work with. Soap actors don’t have it like that anymore.

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    Liz needs a better man than AJ. Sure the character is sweet with her but when you compare him to all the other incarnations of AJ this one is a true wimp! Again the relish is the only solution for his families company? He invests his energies on his teenage son’s nightclub owning, no record deal teenage mom turned bio chemist to say it alongside him?!!


    And there is something “wrong” in the way that Todd, a convicted rapist, is insisting that Carly does not mean NO when she says NO to getting back with him. NO MEANS NO! Not , well I am being coy and cute, you big old rapist lug, come hither!

    Not that I am a fan of Todd and Carly, but I think cartoony has to pay attention to the character of Todd’s history and even if they want comedic, they must not have him telling a woman she is lying when she says she doesn’t want him. Adding in AJ to the mix just reinforces that for me.

    WHY CAN’T CARLY JUST BE STRONG and instead constantly go with “you lied to me”, why can’t she say “you lied to me, stole my late best friend’s baby and traded it for your ex’s dead one, blackmailed you granddaughter’s killer to keep his secret in return for your secret, and keep lying even to a court of law” have her explain she wants more from the men in her life than lies. That she has kids.

    Sorry, I’m dreaming that cartoony actually writes a soap opera for intelligent women to be portrayed or for them to watch the program. sorry everyone.

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    Angie Lucy

    Todd, Carly, and AJ were hilarious. The actors clearly had a blast with those scenes. I’m looking forward to AJ explaining this to Elizabeth. I’m really enjoying the two of them as well. If she can have a baby with a hitman and be married to a kidnapper who drugged her, surely Elizabeth can hang with (reformed?) bad boy AJ.

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    Sabrina is hurting the show. She is so freakin annoying.

    Why must Patrick be saddled with that twit. Then Liz has to hear her constant whining about Patrick.

    I didn’t enjoy the AJ/Carly stuff only because of the history of AJ/Carly. After everything that woman has done to AJ, I can’t see AJ even pissing on her if she was on fire. I really don’t want to see a Todd/Blair 2.0. I wish Todd with paired with someone else. Sick of seeing Carly’s cry face.

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    Lucy D.

    There were many laugh-out-loud moments in today’s show. AJ, Todd and Carly were really funny–all three actors looked like they were really enjoying the scene. But I don’t want Elizabeth to suffer too long.

    And Molly and TJ were also a hoot together, especially when they were going over the book.

    Sure there are things about GH I don’t like right now, but I think the show is SO MUCH BETTER than it used to be and in light of the increasing negativity here, I’m going to be like Pollyanna and only say positive things.

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    Oh my poor Liz!!! She did look ravishing though! Loved her curly ponytail aswell.

    Can you imagine, we actually got a few minutes of Liz/ Sabrina scenes, where the topic is LIZ’s lovelife? Yay for that.

    I can kind of get Patrick not realizing Sabrina had a crush on him. He’s a man. He already had her in the “friend” compartment.

    Ugh @ Carly for just taking an innocent bystander to pose as her boyfriend, but I am glad because this give AJ one up on her in the Q fight

    Omg Connie is just such a skank. That dress…ugh. Vile & cheap.

    Who IS this Agnes woman?! Talk about annoying, and fake. And I don’t just mean the character. Yuck!

    Alexis looked REALLY nice today, loved her outfit. Finally she’s wearing something else than those drab black and grays.

    Sonny & Olivia bored me to tears.

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    General Hospital was funny today. It really was. However, that’s almost all it was: funny.

    Sometimes I think my job as a General Hospital fan is to be a good little cheerleader, and to support just about everything they throw at me. In my case I have found, the less I piss other people on message boards, the better I am.

    I’ve kept my peace about Tarly. I have never said anything substantial about Carly & Todd’s pairing, mostly I think, because LW and RH both wanted this. So, as I often do about the big stuff that I disagree with, I keep my mouth shut.

    Kassie DePaiva blew up Twitter today (even though I think overall it was probably a good day for her), with this photo:

    For those who don’t already know, she took it on the chin. The backlash was a sight to see.

    Now, it’s not my job to know why Depaiva chose today to post that Twitter pic. She said in response, “Relax, I love Laura (Wright).” I think her point was clear, though. Incidentally, she also posted this pic, which made me very happy for her:

    GHfanforever talked about this the other day in a post here. She made her feeling very clear about Tarly, and the the way in which RC recycled what in her opinion, were TnB scripts. I remember thinking how eloquent her post was, and how courageous. She was right, too.

    Initially, I was very ambivalent about ME, RH, and especially KA being brought over from OLTL. When I saw how much some fans wanted this to work, and when I realized the story potential there was by bringing them aboard, I got on the bus, too. Why bash these actors and the creative staff at GH relentlessly?

    However, as a fan, I thought I would get something out of the deal, too. I honestly thought that I would get some COMPELLING s/ls outta the deal, and I thought GH might have devoted a little time in actually addressing some of OLTL’s last s/ls, especially TnB’s budding reunion. My wish list also involved GH bringing Ted King aboard because I REALLY wanted a Tocazar s/l, but never mind that. It was probably very unrealistic to expect Carlivati to pull THAT out of his hat. Instead, we got Tarly (along with several other now pointless stories), which IMHO, was forced and contrived. There was nothing for Carly or Todd to base any real feelings on. Todd was basically played for laughs, instead of as GHfan described, the compelling, conflicted villain that he always was. The reason that I am mentioning it today is because even though I laughed, Todd’s buffoonery finally got under my skin. RH could barely stayed in character as Todd pulled this declaration of the deep love that he and Carly share out of his ass! With RH now headed back to OLTL, it’s been a colossal waste of time.

    With ME, KA, and RH are ALL out, KeMo nowhere to be found, Maurice Benard being reduced to a purse-holder for Konnie, the loss of several KEY GH actors, and so many junky s/ls, there is a large chunk of the GH I know and love missing.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy and grateful that GH made it to it’s 50th. I’m very excited about the Nurses Ball, and I love all the vet returns–even though there’s no meat-n-taters in any of their s/ls. But they can’t fill the void that in hindsight, some bad decisions made. GH needs SOME compelling drama, and it needs it fast.

    I think they are headed in the right direction with Carly/AJ/Liz. If you are an impartial viewer (and not say, a LizFF), there’s a lot to like here. I laughed my butt off today when both Liz and AJ called Carly a skank! You certainly can’t say that Liz didn’t have a POV today. It can’t all be played for laughs, though. There has to be something you can sink your teeth into, and I think drawing on Carly and AJ’s shared history in a dramatic way would be the way to go. It sure would give Maurice Benard something else to do.

    One thing that I did like today was Patrick’s gravitas in responding to Sabrina’s feelings for him. He was sympathetic, he thought about it, and he didn’t just blow her off.

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    Roger Howarth must be thrilled that two beuatiful women, Laura Wright and Kassie D. love working with him so much. Lucky guy! I know Kassie has stated a number of times how she’d love Todd and Blair to get back together.
    Laughed at the Todd, Carly, AJ scenes. GH is really great with the comedy ( I think that is Ron C.’s speciality. Used to laugh so much over the things David Vickers on OLTL used to say). Problem is, the show can’t be all comedy or else it starts to become cartoonish. They need to bring more drama on the show and start writing better for people like Jason Thompson. He’s such a great actor and deserves better then this silly Sabrina crush storyline. I’m afraid he’ll be the next to leave if they don’t give him more to do. The show needs more balance to it and please stop making Sabrina and Copnnie the main stars of the show.
    I also watch Y &R and they do drama the best. That show isn’t perfect either but the writing seems so much better lately on that show and they deal with real stories (not this endless silly D.I.D. Connie story on GH).

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    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AND ENTHUSIASTICALLY AGREE WITH TEALITA’s post on GH and the influx of OLTL characters and wasted potential!!

    And FINALLY someone else posts a post as long or in this case, longer than mine!!

    Kudos for what was a very insightful, well written and extremely thought out reaction to the new GH. You can read that you love GH but you’re somewhat disappointed. A great mix of “half full / half empty glass of water” critique.

    A few days ago I posted how just before and during the new regime coming on board, this show has lost 6 major actors who carried stories. Sure I was lambasted for a conspiracy theory that was non existent both in reality and for that matter in my post. What I had been writing about was how if story is not there, actors leave to not only save their careers but also for creative reasons. If the story was there as promised for Jonathan Jackson he would have stayed but that was he precise reason he opted not to renew… And Nashville did not come up until after he announced leaving and actually left. The same with the character of robin. She had story but nothing amazing. That was right before this regime and blame wasn’t theirs. But during their year or so here, now 4 stars have left and the biggest star next to tony Geary is Maurice Bernard is lanquishing in a supporting role since this regime came on and it’s their 50TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR and he, as TEALITA’s said is carrying Connie’s purse.

    This regime missed playing sonny right after Jason’s death that would have showcased Maurice’s talents as a actor. But they gave the huge buildup after to Connie and Todd.

    That’s where we should be worried because the show can’t keep doing guest starring a star from the past to revisit love stories for short periods because we, as fans, want continuity. We want one story to end and another to pick up from the remnants of the last. That’s why we watch.

    The problem with GH isn’t its actors (well not all of them) because mostly everyone can act. It’s the stories, development and for me as a fan, the reason to watch Monday through Friday instead of just fast forwarding through a 5 hour week in 45 minutes. I used to do that with Y&R under Maria, do it a little now with both GH and Y&R, and can fill an entire commercial break with an entire B&B episode because of those same reasons.

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    All the Carly/A.J. scenes were hilarious. I was laughing the entire time.

    But A.J. was acting very stupid in this case where Liz is concerned. With him being all over Carly, was there no fear on his part that Liz might have walked in; seeing him kissing Carly!? He was basically all over her while waiting for his real date…

    I’m glad that it only took Connie an episode to reveal herself. I couldn’t go to another chapter of this Connie-pretending-to-be-Kate mess.
    I have to say that I liked Connie calling Sonny a manwhore.

    Lumina! Oh these little references make it so great to watch this show. There are so many things people could enjoy if they weren’t so busy complaining about everything.

    Sabrina shouldn’t be surprised that Patrick never thought of her in a romantic way. As should no one else. Sabrina is acting immature for months now. Why should a grown up man who has a kid take her all that seriously!?
    Anyway I do enjoy Sabrina’s friendship with Elizabeth.

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    [quote=J Bernard Jones]LUMINA! CASEY THE ALIEN’S HOMEWORLD! THEY REFERENCED LUMINA! ::does happy dance!:: LOL[/quote]

    I thought I was hearing things and had to rewind – I love the nods to history

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    For everyone upset about Patrick’s ‘storyline’, you can thank Kimberly McCollough. There would have been a s###storm around here if they went and killed Robin off, so they kept her alive and are doing the best they can with her back and forth schedule. Leaves Patrick in limbo until she returns (just a few more weeks people). I do agree they need to mature Sabrina up a bit, though her acting like an adult now is a start. Seems like they should have just put Patrick and Liz together and had Patrick in a real quandry with Robin does return. Still hoping Lucy will give Sabrina a makeover before the Nurses Ball so we looks like an actual adult.

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    Donny2001A- I really liked your thoughts on Patrick. I want to give this Patrick/Sabrina storyline a chance, but I wish they would finally make her more adult, instead of acting like a star-struck teenager. I just don’t want Jason T to leave the show, he’s too good of an actor. But the past few months he’s lacked a good storyline and with JMB and Brandon B leaving, I’m worried he’ll be next. I am hoping for a Sabrina make-over, may-be thanks to Lucy, at the Nurses Ball and Patrick, (Prince Charming, I know, I’m old fashioned but I love that romance stuff),will suddenly see her in a different light.

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    I love the nods to the past as well!!!

    I thought it was an overall great episode

    Connie coming back is great, I really enjoyed the energy she put into those scenes. While I don’t mind this story, I certainly understand everyone’s frustrations. I wish Sonny would stop following Kelly Sullivan’s story around like a puppy dog and I wish Cartini would break away from DID for just a little bit. I do think they rely too much on it. The book signing scenes were nice, I felt really bad for Molly and TJ and so wanted Molly to slap Connie in the face or throw a drink in her face or something. That Agnes woman was pretty annyoing, but it’s nice to see an Asian-American woman on screen in a supporting part—I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her with her annoyance turned down quite a bit. I miss Dr. Kelly—she is beautiful and has great storyline potential. Loved her sex addiction story on GH: Night Shift.

    Loved the Todd/Carly/AJ/Liz scenes and see great potential in all that. Especially with Todd leaving and coming back apparently, gives reason for Carly and AJ to get closer while he is away although I prefer AJ with Liz and Carly with Todd. Poor Johnny :( Plus this gives AJ the edge he needs about this new Quartermaine heir.

    Really enjoyed the Liz/Sabrina scenes…their dialogue actually made sense for two women of their age, going through the perils of dating. It was nice.

    Okay, Sabrina has been less and less annoying to me the stronger her character gets and even though I feel as though the show is shoving this coupling down our throats, I might be falling for it. Dare I say, they just might end up being a good couple? Hear me out…putting Patrick with ANYONE after Robin was going to be a HUGE task and we had two types of women for him–the schemer and the mousy, annoying pretty girl and neither one of them seems to be the right fit for Patrick (according to this message board) so what are they gonna do? Get rid of everyone, including Patrick? Then y’all would gripe because Cartini got rid of yet another GH character they didn’t create and then suddenly we’re not in the hospital anymore. I am willing to give this story the benefit of the doubt and looking forward to more Sabrina and Patrick…until Robin comes back of course. I actually liked what I was seeing today. Also loved Patrick talking to Epiphany. Nice scenes.

    That’s all :)

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    W/out yet reading any above comments, this episode was a BIG WIN for me, considering few if any vets were on. This was arguably one of the best openings i’ve seen in recent memory, even including any Laura return stuff. Had a surge of adrenaline when Liz rushed into the restaurant (forget the name) and saw how beautiful she looked. Now THAT is an opening! The fact that they rushed her back to the hospital keeps a bit of excitement going on at all things “St. Sabrina Hospital” (shout out to soapbaby) which i always appreciate. And the fact that the Liz /Sabrina friendship is starting to focus a tad bit less on the latter is a welcome thing.

    The AJ/Carly/Todd scenes were all super entertaining, altho super plotty, but i’ll go with the flow on that. I think Kanan was getting off on Howarth’s tendency to ad lib which keeps things exciting. Considering the stretch it took on Monday to get us to Tuesday, i was surprised to love this as much as i did!

    I welcomed the return of Connie and was shocked to see her out herself, which inadvertently ends her scheme against Sunny but allows her to screw over Nasal Molly who was a bit more adorable w/out the Rafe distraction. They actually are providing some twists and turns in this super duper overexposed ConTooni story (Day 5 in a row will be today!)

    Thumbs down of the day goes to the OTT, obnoxious event planner. We got the gist of it w/in a few seconds and she got way too much airtime. That being said, i enjoyed Nancy Lee Grahn more than i recently have. Alexis needs to be driving the action more than just reacting to it. The dialogue about Milo vs Sean did crack me up. Everything was rapid fire today (Tues) and all very entertaining.

    I just don’t care about Olivia, i don’t understand why they keep her around and don’t give Genie a longer contract. I’d prefer to understand what goes into the decision making of TPTB.

    My big win of the day is Rebecca Herbst, still in full makeup and back in her scrubs. LOVE.HER.TO.PIECES. She played every beat of this story perfectly and loved the hush hush aside w/she and Sabrina in the exam room. I couldn’t be happier to see overexposed stars like Kelly Monaco be sidelined while RH gets her chance to shine!

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    The one thing that makes it easier to swallow AJ instantaneous decision to go along with Carly’s facade is to have HIM also get what he wants from her in return. It’s the only way it can really make sense and also give AJ a bit of the upper hand.

    I was a bit frustrated AJ wasn’t worried more about Liz too, but THAT my friends is what makes us tune in to tomorrow :)

    @ soapbaby: All legit questions re: Connie, and i too can’t think of any reason to ignore all of Connie’s “growth” except [for TPTB] to just find reasons to front burner Kelly Sullivan 24/7. Probably the 2 biggest gripes i see/read the most are the front burnings of Connie/Kate and Sabrina.

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    @tealita, your post is BRILLIANT and a work of art(!), and it makes me proud and honored to read this board, as some such as yourself go against the fray and speak their true feelings and yet only want THE BEST for their soap. As courageous as GHFanforever, imo!

    The reason i boycotted GH when CarTini took over was mainly b/c i resented the OLTL influx, altho i was seriously tempted to tune in when i’d heard they’d front burnered Finola Hughes. (I was a bitter Betty when Howarth was brought back and TSJ was out, i turned off OLTL for their remaining months on the air). I finally however took the plunge with GH when i read Genie was returning, and caught myself up on episodes going back to “Duke” knowing Robin was alive, and “pre-AJ return”.

    I also echoed your same sentiments a few days ago, that GH is not offering anything SUBSTANTIAL to sink your teeth into. None of the stories have any real meat, to paraphrase your post. What i feel this show desperately needs is a really FAMILY dynamic, b/c even when you have comedy and hijinks front and center, at least you can have a family — like the OLTL Buchanans — to anchor and ground the show.

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    Best scene of the day for me was the Carly/Todd/AJ scenes when Todd kept coming up with different names for AJ. My daughter and I were cackling like hyenas over here! “EJ, TJ, BJ, LL NOTcool J….” Hysterical!

    I thought Liz looked beautiful for her date, too bad that scene was short and they stuck her back in scrubs so quick.

    I’m SO over Kate/Connie/Sonny. I just don’t care.

    Hilarious when Alexis said to Connie, “Do you SEE who I’m with?” when Connie was going on about Milo’s great body. I thought the same thing.

    **Edited for typo’s.

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    @pjc — also a fantastic post, all valid points, and i’ve been concerned as well, and then dismissed as being negative or complaining too much. I am fully aware ppl are pissed at how Luke has been written, but currently Tony Geary has been on ONE DAY PER WEEK since his last vacation. I almost expect Luke and Laura to exit together and TG to not renew his next contract, tho i have no idea when it expires.

    As much as i like what i saw yesterday, it’s very clear the show is only getting its rocks off writing for certain characters regularly (Connie & Sabrina & Todd), and then some others mysteriously so (Olivia). I don’t know if economics figure into this, but i wouldn’t rest the future of my entire show on LLo or KeSu but more on Genie Francis and also RE-ESTABLISHING a core family for this show. Only then could we take the cartoonish stuff in stride. There has been ZERO attempt at creating an established family. Hell, OLTL had The Buchanans (2 separate yet connected families) AND The Evanses! Sure, having Tracey Q is nice, but she ain’t no Emma Snyder or Tracy Abbott, LOL!

  24. Profile photo of liason4real

    OLTL had drama within the Lord, Buchanan, Cramer, Evans, and Ford families.

    Liz/RH looked stunning for her lunch date. It would be nice if Liz did some freelance artist work either for the PCPD or Crimson, so that she can get out of those freaking scrubs on occasions.

    Todd has become nothing but a big fat buffoon.

    I gagged at the kissing noises from AJ/Carly. Gross.

  25. Profile photo of LizzieVee

    Regarding some comments I read about AJ/Carly and how they shouldn’t be together because of thier past history, etc., does anyone really think that just because she did all those bad things to him and took Michael away to be adopted by the mobster she married, that they won’t get together? Please. This is GH. They rewrite history all the time. They don’t care about history or what a character would or would never do. The fans do but the the writers don’t and everyone knows it.

  26. Profile photo of Ferrari517

    If were AJ I would have knocked that loud mouth Carly on her A$$ had she tried kissing me with those stained yellow bottom teeth –

    has anyone seen her bottom teeth? Check them out next time then that’s all you’ll be focused on when she talks HAHAHAHAHA

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    IOWA – I totally agree with probably everything you said, but especially on how good the OPENING was! I loved it! An unsuspecting, utterly BEAUTIFUL Liz walking in and seeing something so shocking as Aj & Carly kissing! I kept thinking, wow, when was the last time Liz had the opening “money shot”. THAT really was the way to do an opening!

  28. Profile photo of Cornfed

    “money shot” —yes, perfectly said. It was directed really well, and you barely had a fleeting chance to check her out in all her adorableness lol. Those exciting moments carried me almost thru the entire episode. And just lickety split she’s back in scrubs, dignity barely intact, still in makeup and just too damn cute for words. I’ll go with the flow on this one just to see RH get some love from TPTB. She’s been heavily featured for weeks now so it allows me to cut CarTooni some slack! LOL

    I gotta add that it’s just not fair that Kelly Sullivan gets to interact with the entire cast yet so many other characters are isolated :( But i’m trying to be patient as Socialist Ron spreads the story love around :)

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    FFIT :beer: :beer: :beer:

    Loved the todd/carly/aj stuff.

    Still not loving the connie and sabrina stuff. Why isnt sonny pointing out that kate and connie are part of one another and he cares for both of them. connie believes she is the original as does kate, so since no one knows if either of them are the original wouldnt it be accurate to say that they are both a portion of the whole and leave it at that. And again, why doesnt anyone care that sonny is boinking a woman who cant consent. Sabrina – ugh. Cant help but think thats time that could be sent focusing on Anna/Duke, lucy/kevin Alexis/shawn and who is sams father, maxies pregnancy or how about the return of laura frickin baldwin.

  30. Profile photo of snizzle

    GH was much better when they had an anchor family like the Quartermaines (or before them the Hardy’s or Webbers). Also agree that it’s fun to see returning vets but overall the stories are not very deep. As they said back in the 80’s, Where’s the Beef?

  31. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Since I didn’t watch OLTL under Ron Carlivati & Frank Valentini this is from one of my favorite posters who is a loyal fan of OLTL:

    “When RC wrote for OLTL, the characters he was most fond of were those who had little interest in their family. If they did have interest in someone, it would be some type of honorary child, or grandchild. His OLTL sent a big message about how unimportant family is. He might be trying for the same at GH.”


    So another Doctor goes to jail arrested for murder? Devlin, Hunter, Ewen now Steven Lars? Geeze so that leaves just Sabrina’s General Hospital the whole hospital arc is about a newbie from nowhere with the entire hospital pimping and propping her ass .. why?

    Somebody please tell me why this character is getting so much focus and a fifty year old show catering to her and yes I resent this, when I see what should be pivotal characters e.g., Patrick, Pip, and Elizabeth reduced to being her costar. Give them a storyline “away” from Sabrina Santiago; I’m tired of the clubbing me to death with “every character” spewing her sweetness and light the writing is atrocious. When I saw Steven Lars (who is leaving the show) flat on his back and Olivia in her wedding dress and they can’t have a scene without Sabrina barging in the hospital room unneeded. Self-absorbed as usual talking me myself and I and Steve’s last words on the show dang near repeating what I’ve already heard..oh how great she is. Come on script writers GMAB I’ve heard this all before.

    Thank you! (I apologize profusely but I just can’t take it anymore its been nonstop over the top and I’ve %$#@&^% had it)!

  32. Profile photo of Cornfed

    PREACH IT cyberologist and EET! (thanks for that RC info cyberologist)

    And what does FFIT stand for? “Fast Forward It Totally” ?? :)

    Now that it’s confirmed that Genie is only on a 3 month contract :(( :(( :(( , it’s become totally obvious to me that they are intentionally spacing out her episodes ala Jack Wagner. Since i don’t feel any enthusiasm coming from Ron re: Laura, i get a bad feeling. Maybe if the JMB talks weren’t taking place at the same time, there could’ve been more Ice Princess story? I honestly can’t even imagine Marcy Rylan’s annoying voice snooping for clues on a real adventure, but i’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised!

    I think viewers not only resented the propping and pimping of Sabrina, but also b/c of JT’s acting ability to really carry a heavy story not being utilized. It’s not just 5 days a week of Sabrina, but that JT is saddled with an After School Special and Chiclet teeth Britch. I do give a shout out to RC for having Sabrina admitting her stalkerish behavior, but it’s sorta too little too late.

  33. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=IOWAHAWKEYE]Those exciting moments carried me almost thru the entire episode.[/quote]

    ^^ Ron’s writing style banks on these moments to keep viewers. The stories are shoddily put together and the focus on far too underdeveloped/uninteresting characters and then_ BOOM_ an exciting moment. I love exciting moments and surprises (i.e. Robin being alive and held captive, Faison being revealed as Faison) but those are stunts and not complete storytelling. I look fondly on the last year of OLTL because there were many great, exciting moments sprinkled among poor day-to-day writing. Ron C. needs a strong co-headwriter to balance out his “James Reilly-esque” tendencies (Thanks to david42608 for that.)

    Ron C.’s writing has plenty of humor and camp but no heart or dramatic payoff. All of the vet returns are great on a superficial level but there should be stories to match the returns and utilize those beloved characters. Right now, there’s a lot of frustration knowing that Laura, Scotty, Kevin, Frisco and Felicia are roaming around Port Charles and not having their rich histories mined for story. Instead we get the same, repetitive dialogue from Sabrina and Konnie without any character/story development.

    I think much of the “love” for Ron is because he reveres the genre and many felt that Guza resented the genre. How good would GH had been if Guza loved the show’s history the way Ron does? Ron’s fandom is his biggest strength and I think masks his huge deficiencies as a writer.

  34. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Dont misunderstand me though – the sabrina stuff irritates me because there is so much other good stuff and i want them to get back to those lines instead of marcia marcia marcia lol. I want to see her popped in the nose with a football ;) just kidding but please get me back to the cream and not this nonsense. I cant help but feel that there just isnt any payoff to a story thats taking up so much airtime. Who doesnt anticipate that just as sabrina gets her makeover and patrick swoops in for a kiss, robin will show up and thats that. I see liz and aj as being more about jason than being in to each other where there would have been a bigger pay off had patrick been hanging with her. If they were intent on quiz they should have had carly torn between patrick and todd again because robin’s head would explode if she returned and carly was hanging out with patrick let alone having playdates with emma and joss. Plus the show really doesnt need a female in this age range. I would rather have had a steve recast or matt being released from jail if this was about having more medical staff.

  35. Profile photo of Grimm

    When I watched OLTL under the Carlivati/Valenti regime, I had the help of viewing ti solely on Youtube via a user that would edit the show down to “OLTL-without the teens” everyday. THANK YOU.
    I’ve a feeling that a similarly edited “GH -without Starr/without Sabrina” would be embraced based on what I read here.
    They really need to have the latter mix it up with more of the canvas. Sabrina vs Todd (over Nurses Ball funding) and Sabrina’s brief encounter with Caleb did wonders to give the character some depth.

  36. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    IOWAHAWKEYE~ Haha! Unfortunately, I am forced to sit through the whole show because I watch live everyday. (Meaning, the 1st viewing at 1pm). I surely would FF the Connie & Sonny stuff if I could. ;)

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