What Will Maya Do When She Learns The Truth About Rick on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Rick (Jacob Young) woke up on Maya’s (Karla Mosley) couch. She shared how she ended up in prison and what happened to her daughter. Rick told her to put on something nice, because he wanted to take her out. Rick took her on a window shopping trip on Rodeo Drive.

The pair kissed romantically on the median between two lanes of traffic. You can tell Rick wants to give Maya her fairytale, but how long can he keep his identity a secret?

Caroline's (Linsey Godfrey) obsession with Rick's whereabout is playing out as more than a little deranged. She barged into Eric’s (John McCook) office and demanded to know where his son was.

Caroline told Eric that Rick was spending too much time with charity work. When Eric tried to explain his son’s actions by comparing them to his own, she told Eric it sounded like an excuse.  Maybe there’s hope for Caroline yet.

Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Marcus (Texas Battle)  worked out with a punching bag and talked women. Marcus encouraged his brother to go after Maya. I wonder how Rick will respond to a little competition?

B&B Question of the Day: Just how ripped is Lawrence Saint-Victor?

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    Thank the Lord we got a short break from the unholy triangle but reading today’s live thread it sounds like it might be back today..

    BB is my guilty pleasure soap. I’m good as long as we get gratuitous scenes of semi naked gorgeous men and a bit of camp.

    I’ve hated Rick since JY came back to the role but am actually liking him in the s/l with Maya. Even Caroline has been somewhat interesting since she dropped the boring goody goody personality.

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    I like bitchy Caroline.
    I like this version of Rick. I’ve hated Rick ever since the other guy left the role…not Kyle Lowder but the other one before him.
    I like Maya, just wish they’d do something with her hair.

    I DO NOT like Hope.

    First off, how the heck do you go to the man who basically just DUMPED you, and tell him that he can marry the girl he knocked up? As if he NEEDED her permission. Hope, you got dumped, so stay out of it…not that he’ll last with STeffy. He’ll be back with Hope before the clock strikes 12.

    What i’m loving is the less focus on the unholy triangle…it’s beginning to feel a little more like B&B again.

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    Daniel St. John

    When Maya was sitting at that table “making herself pretty” and the end result was that same rat’s nest on her head I almost threw my remote. I get that she’s broke but a hot comb and some VO5 does not cost that much.
    At least she and Rick continue to be the best thing on this show though. I do have to admit to liking the newly self absorbed and bratty Caroline.

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    B&B is so great. I am finally loving the Boldness and the Beautifulness of this show. They make my favorite city look magnificant in HD1080p. Everything Stoney said. I don’t need to write. Bitchy Caroline telling Eric thats just an excuse. Was great tv. Telling her elder he can take that excuse and shove it. As I said a week ago that girl may commit murder and get away with it cause she tired of these guys screwing her over. She’ll get off to cause Dollar Bill will pay of the judge and jury.

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    NathanHastings Sr., I totally agree. I keep reading comments that they “should do something” with Mya’s hair. She is wearing her hair in the natural style and there is nothing wrong with that. Too many of our African American women are straigthening their hair to look more european because that is supposed to be the “standard.” It is what reinforces the self hate that a number of African Americans struggle with everyday. I wear my hair in an Afro because I am proud of my heritage and my hair!

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=reggyreg]NathanHastings Sr., I totally agree. I keep reading comments that they “should do something” with Mya’s hair. She is wearing her hair in the natural style and there is nothing wrong with that. Too many of our African American women are straigthening their hair to look more european because that is supposed to be the “standard.” It is what reinforces the self hate that a number of African Americans struggle with everyday. I wear my hair in an Afro because I am proud of my heritage and my hair![/quote]
    If Mya’s do was a natural fro I would have no issues with it but this child’s head is an asymmetrical mess. It always looks like she just got done being put in a headlock.

  7. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    [quote=NathanHastingsSr.]The white folks always have to clean up the blacks on the Bell soaps. It’s soooo offensive.[/quote]
    ITA…. it is very offensive, but I’m more offended that they are dragging it out!!! Fix that girl’s head now…. I can’t take this anymore!

  8. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I have defended Linsey Godfrey in the past but no more! She was terrible in the first minute in her scene telling Eric about her troubles with Rick. So bad that I turned the channel. I guess the pundits here at DC are right on this one! ;-)

  9. Profile photo of stoney07

    I’m black (obviously lol) and I agree, its tiring seeing the AA characters always come on being poor with messed up hair.

    HOWEVER, the reason I keep saying ‘Fix this girl’s hair” is because it’s not the way she naturally wears her hair. There’s a difference between have an afro and then having Maya’s hair. There’s a difference between going “Natural”, and then just not bothering to comb your hair.

    There’s nothing natural, beautiful, or remotely attractive about Maya’s hair. And if we wanted to show black pride, I don’t think it would be through undone hair. The best way to show black pride on these shows are to show how black people really DO take care of themselves. Who would think we actually DO buy combs and brushes? All the women DON’T wear weave!!? We do take time to brush our teeth and wash our asses? So if we want to show black pride, and if we want Maya to represent black people correctly, it won’t be by walking around with her head an unkept, ratchet mess. It would be by showing that she may not have a lot of money, but she DOES know how to make do with what she has…and she knows how to take care of herself AND her hair O_O

    thats my issue with it.

  10. Profile photo of SparkleLJJ

    I agree with the poster that said black people should embrace their hair. Natural hair comes is ALL forms, shapes and sizes. Its not just wearing an afro. Maya looks like she is wearing a “twist out” or a “wash and go” on today’s episode. For those who don’t know what that is, try google or youtube. You will see all types of natural hair women with their hair just like Maya’s. And for anyone who thinks, this hairstyle does not take A LOT of time and effort, please watch a couple of tutorials on Youtube. Unfortunately, black people are the most uninformed and biased when it comes to natural hair. I applaud her for wearing her hair in its natural state and not flat ironed, weaved,or worse, some horrible wig.

  11. Profile photo of stoney07

    MY point is whether or not this woman is wearing it to be NATURAL or wearing it for storyline purposes. Like I said, the natural look is not just a fro, but for a woman in this situation, dressing the way that she is, living where she is, we are supposed to believe that this woman is poor. So I don’t have a problem with the style as long as it is kept nicely and done INTENTIONALLY. Which in this case, I can’t assume, but I suspect it was done to reflect how she’s living. And no matter how much time she spends on her hair to get that ‘look’, it doesn’t change how they present her on the show. The character is SUPPOSED to look unkempt. Her clothes look old and worn, they hardly fit, and to see her compared to the rich Forresters/Logans, it shows a huge difference.

    Dayzee was “natural” when she was introduced as well. But at least she had a rubber band tied around the dreds. They weren’t sticking up all over the place. And then when she married into “money”, the dreds disappeared. We don’t knwo if that was the actress’ choice or not…but it happened.

    So if money changes appearance, then we can deduce that her “natural hair” is there to further show us that she’s poor. Where they miss the mark is, even poor black women, or poor women in general, still find ways to take care of their hair…even if it’s just combing it.

    If Maya was going the natural route, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t look as dry and messy as it does. And that’s just my opinion on it.

  12. Profile photo of SparkleLJJ

    The fact that Daisy stop being natural once she came into some money is exactly the point of the poster who said that black people have to have their hair well kept or pressed in order to be accepted in a european world. Natural hair has ALL kinds of looks based on ones hair type, thickness, density and length. Sometimes it looks wild and crazy and other times it can be tame. It is a “look” that is not widely accepted by the mainstream and it takes some getting used to. So I understand why a lot of people do not like it. Personally, I thought she looked beautiful today. Hair and all.

  13. Profile photo of stoney07

    I to this day still liked Dayzee better with the dreds. I didn’t see a need for her to get rid of it. She was beautiful that way.

    But Maya’s hair, to ME, is not really the same. I understand what you’re saying, but to me I just don’t like it. I’m completely IGNORANT when it comes to hair and beauty products…lol, but I just don’t like that. There are a couple of women at my church that wear the whole “wash and go” look, and it looks good on them. But for Maya, it just doesn’t work. I don’t know if it’s because it doesn’t fit her face for me, or if its because they are TRYING to make it look bad…but for me it just doesn’t work.

    Now if she were to maybe try another natural way to do it, I’d be fine with that. I just don’t like THIS style on her at all…

  14. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    U have to understand, when African Americans (like myself) urge these producers to fix these actors’ heads, it’s not because we don’t like the natural look. I had two teachers in elementary, both female, who wore their hair natural; with Afros. HOWEVER! the afros were kept neat, and at least picked out (it cost about 50 cents to buy an Afro pick) and looked clean, etc. etc. Maya doesn’t brush her hair, or comb her hair, it looks greasy and dirty and it makes her look crazy.

  15. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    My mom used to rock the most perfectly round Afro and she loved her natural hair but what she didn’t do was leave the house looking like she didn’t brush or comb her head.
    And if anyone thinks that a Bell soap is intentionally going for a natural look and not trying to emphasize how broke and downtrodden Maya is supposed to be then I have some prime swampland in Florida that I will sell you for cheap.

  16. Profile photo of reggyreg

    I understand the different comments that people have made. I too was disappointed when Daisy’s dreads disappeared. Did someone go to the actress and ask her to change her hairstyle? Did she feel inner pressure to do so? Of course we will never know. I wonder how people would have reacted if Mya sported a clean and neat fro or some other natural style. I suspect that she would STILL get backlash from her hair. We need to wake up and acknowledge that we as African Americans feel the pressure of conforming to the European standard and if we do not do so we are seen as being less than and contrary.

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    I really like Rick and Maya. I haven’t liked any of Rick’s love interests since he came back until now. They better not bait and switch and she ends up on the backburner w/Carter. I’m still mad they did that with Thomas/Dayzee/Marcus. Rick and Maya have real chemistry, she’s a much better actress than Caroline, and best of all they don’t spend all day talking about the triangle of doom. I think her hair looks fine; it was really wild at first, but I figured that was because we were supposed to think Maya might go Sheila Carter on Dayzee.

  18. Profile photo of pjc722

    People it should not be about her hair and should be about her acting. Hands down this actress is doing a fine job portraying her characters emotions. It’s just a little creepy how she was styling her hair while sitting at the table.. Not how it WAS STYLED but HOW SHE WAS DOING IT AS SHE STYLED IT. It just sort of made her look a little crazy (NOT THE HAIR BUT HOW SHE WAS DOING IT)

    I am all for this show giving Steffy Liam n hope a rest but the sudden destruction of Rick and Caroline and the pairing with maya seemed out of left field as did the pairing of Eric n Taylor. Slow it down and tell the story. We will love it more.

    I am going to say that Caroline’s sudden change in character will be due to the head trama fr falling with bill. Bet everyone.

    And as much as I love another hot black man on the show, can we please just give story to the two we already have first as well as some of the vets. Bill bell jr truly tells stories in a vacuum and changes his direction and mind faster than I do my socks!

    We will love B&B more with MORE DEVELOPMENT and less “oooo oooo oooo I have an idea and lets put it on air NOW!!!” Type of direction

  19. Profile photo of tashikins

    I am black with dreads. I have worn my hair every which way but I like the natural best. Black women have been pressured to press and straighten their hair–mainly by black women. More black women than any other demographic ‘encourage’ me to straighten my hair or weave it and return to my ‘pretty’ looks! It is akin to the glorification of light skin–the closer to white you look the more comfortable many seem to be, including or especially black people. Daisey had to conform to the status Quo to make others feel comfortable? Disappointing! I always liked Maya’s hair on Guiding Light–didn’t she wear it natural then? If blacks are embarrassed by her hair that speaks volumes about how they feel about themselves. Is there a similar embarrassment for the long blonde weaves of Beyonce etc?

  20. Profile photo of stoney07

    I’m not embarassed by her hair. I just think it looks the fool.

    I’m a black man…well, a mixed man. And I personally am attracted to dark skin people. I date all kinds of people, but I personally find darker skin to be sexy. One of my ex girlfriends is now “Natural” and she’s just as beautiful now as she was when we dated. HOWEVER, I have also seen some “natural” women who looked a natural fool.

    And in my opinion, Maya is one of them. It’s not the fact that her hair is natural. It’s the fact that it isn’t really kept up well. At least to ME it’s not. That’s my point. That’s why I said Dayzee looked good with the dreads, and even back in the day on Y&R when Olivia was sporting that little fro with the scarf tied around it, it wasn’t that bad.

    But Maya’s hair is just outrageously bad to me. Not because it’s natural, but because it’s not attractive at all to me. Maybe it is to some, but I can only give my opinion.

  21. Profile photo of blake3b

    Regarding the natural look it reminds me of a young man I worked with that had an afro, I never about it being attractive until I saw it on this guy and he sure pulled it off, so I have no problem with the natural look! lol

    But regarding the actress that plays Maya, seeing the pic of her on Rodeo Drive all I can think of is she is thinking she has come a LONGGGGG way since Ellen Wheeler’s Peapack, NJ days on Guiding Light! LMAO!

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    I like Rick and Maya. Much better than Caroline/Rick. But does Bell need to completely destroy Caroline. She wasn’t exactly develop as a character but we knew she was a decent person. The dialog that comes out of her right now is ridiculous.

  23. Profile photo of booze26

    Lets discuss the show. \the girls hair is a mess, everyone can see it, so no point in mentioning it all the time.

    Monday was a mess, tuesday was a lot better.

    Why did BB replace KL as Rick with JY? Allright, JY is a better actor,but I really miss something in his scenes. He doesnt seem to have fun,there is no depth in his character and it has everything to do with his lacking performance. KL was a very different Rick ofcourse, and I think he fitted much better in the role then JY.

    Caroline’s character seems to develop all of a sudden. I never disliked her like some do, and het change of attitude actually makes me like her more. We need that kind of spirit on this show. Lets face it, its just plain stupid Rick is spending all this time with the homeless crew.

    I like the Marcus and the brother pairing. TB seems to have fun with a bro on the show.

    Some randon thoughts:
    What is the point of AG as Thomas on this show? Really, he is Ridge Jr, but BRad doesnt want to seem to write for him. The only girl he had chemistry with was Brooke, and perhaps the blond model he once dated.

    This Maya baby story is louzy executed, and you can see that Brad changed directions. It was probably Kay Aldens story, and he decided to change it.

    Where the hell are Steffy, Hope and Liam. They havent been on in a whole episode. How is that possible?

    Whats the point of Donna and Pam, and I dont mean the fact that they are getting sreen time, but thefact that the actresses, especially Pam, have no connections on this show. I dont see any point to keep these two on contract. Allthough I still think that Brad should have paid more respect to the Donna-Eric pairing. That was far more plausible then the Taylor-ERic mess.

    BTW, I am glad HTylo had the day off, I hope she took the day off to actually visit an acting coach.

  24. Profile photo of tashikins

    Well booze26 since you mentioned it –I do not find Maya’s hair “a mess”. Marcus’ brother is so beautiful! Admired him since G&L. He was with Tammy first right?

  25. Profile photo of harlee490

    Let’s get back to Maya & Rick, I personally like those two more then Caroline & Rick. There’s a nice start in chemistry with both actors. As for Caroline I’m liking her “new” attitude compared to lack of personality from before, even if I didn’t care for how Brad did 180 degree. The story w\Rick & Maya is good and has a future. I’m enjoying B&B nore now then last summer and in any LSV has his shirt off…I’m glued to the TV.

  26. Profile photo of reggyreg

    Speaking of bad acting. Texas Battle is BAD, BAD, I mean really BAD! I can not take him and his non acting self anymore. Are these actors required to take acting lessons? If not, they should.

  27. Profile photo of pferrando

    Always so much hair discussion on here! :p

    I haven’t watched more than a week, but are they supposed to have chemistry?

    Prior to Caroline, wasn’t Rick with Amber?

    God this is kinda like Kevin on Y and R…doesn’t seem to be any females they are paired with that has any sizzle.

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