Chloe and Nancy do Damage Control on Days of Our Lives

Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) slapped the hell out of Daniel, (Shawn Christian) because of the scene Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) had staged.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Nancy (Patrika Darbo) scrambled to do damage control, because Chloe accidently left the pill bottle in Daniel’s room. Nancy went to Daniel’s hotel room to get the bottle. Chloe visited Jennifer, and informed her nothing happened between her and Daniel.  I am absolutely loving Nancy’s return to Salem. She is so matter-of-fact about her scheming, and you all know I love a good schemer.

Sonny (Freddie Smith) tried to convince Will (Chandler Massey) not to tell Gabi (Camila Banus) about Nick's (Blake Berris) actions. Will attempted to tell Gabi, but stopped when he saw how happy she was to be getting married the next day. In the end, Will didn’t tell Gabi.

Brady (Eric Martsolf) overheard Kristen (Eileen Davidson) talking to Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) about her plans, but the way she put it made him believe she needed him. Later, when Brady was gone, Kristen shared the real details about her scheme.

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    If we can just get Nancy to rile up the hospital set again, or cross paths against Kate, Marlena, or Maggie, we’d have ourselves a party. Chloe, I can do without. But all that rich Wesley vs. Horton history between Nancy and Jennifer was GOLD!

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    Team Chloebot! I am on the side of EVERYONE who can bring Queen Jennifer to her high saditty, self-righteous knees! She is definitely my new least favorite character in ALL of daytime…….surpassing Lame Lily, Hopeless Logan and Cawnie Falcoloony!!

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    Nancy should go head to head with Kristen and Kate and not be a party to the Chloe drama! Just seems a waste of a great actress and obvious talent!! Wish, instead of nancy saying “Chloe, you need to plot this way” that she said “Chloe, You catch more flies with honey then with vinegar”.

    Basically, tell her to leave Daniel alone. Be nice to Jennifer. Be a great mom and have a job and by default Daniel will see your good side and come running from Jennifer’s boring side!

    Chloe can still plot but it could be less obvious to all and more calculating then slapstick. Plus
    It would give both actresses other things to do on the show.

    WHY NOT TELL GABI ABT NICK?!!! That’s a ridiculous thing not to tell her the day before she marries him!! The guy is a convicted kidnapper and murderer and the fact that he hates will because he is gay is enough for GABI to have to consider if he is right for her! It’s bad advice and another dumb plot point to this story.

    The character of will has become more of an annoying wimp than nick has become a skinny buffoon!!

    (What do the writers do when their writing?!! Clearly thinking is not part of it)

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    Margaret Thatcher

    Having Nancy (Patrika Darbo) as Chloe’s (Nadia Bjorlin) partner in crime is great fun to watch. I see where Chloe got her cray-cray from. The two of them are quite a pair! I hope Nancy sticks around Salem.

    The Jennifer (Melissa Reeves)/Daniel (Shawn Christian) storyline is tired and played out. What a ridiculous pair. I realize there’s more than meets the eye about the relationship between Melissa Reeves and producer Ken Corday. How else to explain the constant presence of Jennifer Horton?

    Maybe they can change the name of Days of our Lives to the Jennifer Horton Hour?

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    Days of Our Lives is a show about the Horton family. Yes, we have more interesting characters, more passionate characters, funnier characters, sexier characters, more worldly characters in the Bradys, Kiriakises, Dimeras, hell, even the Carvers. But it would not be right not to throw a front-burner story at Hope, Jennifer, Maggie and Nick. I, for one, am just glad Hope’s not hitting people over the head and going to jail this year.

    That said…I DO hate me some Dr. Daniel Jonas.

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    I’m not super-political or anything, but Melissa Reeves has proved she’s no friend to the gay community and I haven’t forgotten it. There’s no rehabbing her or her character in my eyes.

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    I have always loved the character of Jennifer Horton and the entire Jack/Jennifer saga- It will never matter to me what she does in her real life because its the character that I love

    that said I also love Chloe but never liked Nancy

    Daniel comes off looking like such a tool – I don’t want him with either woman

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    So my DVR box died! So all my DAYS shows this week is deleted so did anything good/compelling happened beside Sami/Lucas breaking in the Salem PD?

    I assume the regular story played out

    -Sami telling Will that he needs to fight for his child
    -Lucas having a scowl on his face and being mean to Sami
    -Marlena upset that Brady not seeing who Kristen is and John trying to bring Brady out of the clutches of Kristen/ Stefano

    -Chole and her Mama trying to get Daniel from Jennifer; Jennifer going around town upset and confused
    -Abby having lunch with Cameron and he tells Abby it going to be ok
    -Daniel confused & abused
    -Nick talks to Gaby and Gaby rubs her stomach 10x on each episode show on
    -Nicole feelings for father Eric get instense with her dream scenes of screwing Eric
    -Ann lurking in the shadows to tell Chole what Daniel is doing and Maxine giving Jennifer some sage advice.
    -Rafe breaking Kate’s back
    -Hope asking Marlena what going on with you and John?
    -Victor & Maggie continue to be boring

    Was that the summary of Days this week?

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    1titanman, pretty much. Except for Stefano being back, John being back, Kristen and Brady moving into the Dimera mansion, Sami and Lucas breaking into the Salem PD evidence room, and Will still refusing to man up and fight his own battles.

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