Jack Professes His Love For Phyllis on The Young and the Restless

Wednesday’s The Young and the Restless episode started with Michael Muhney talking about Adam’s Genoa City relationships.

Jack (Peter Bergman) professed his love for Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) by telling her he is falling in love with her all over again. Why does Jack and Phyllis’ relationship always suck me in? They are perfect for one another. They know each other’s faults and weaknesses, and accept one another for who they are. I guess I just answered my own question.

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) had a dream about Adam finding out she is pregnant with his baby. Chelsea’s mom Anita (Catherine Bach) showed up at her hotel room, and quickly realized her daughter is with child. Chelsea denied it, but Anita knew she was lying.

Dylan (Steve Burton) told Sharon (Sharon Case) he was leaving Genoa City, because there was nothing left to keep him there after his father’s death.

Carmine (Marco Dapper) told Lauren (Tracey Bregman) that if she ever “needed him”, he’d be there for her.  Abby (Marcy Rylan) called Carmine out about Lauren, and the two got into an argument about how their relationship ended and Lauren.

Congressman Wheeler (Mark Pinter) talked with a henchman about getting rid of a bunch of thorns in his side all at one time. The man said it would be difficult if they weren’t in the same place. Wheeler asked if a wedding would work.

Question of the Day: Why is Pinter so good at playing evil politicians?

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    Not sure if it was this episode or the next day but when Carmine sent Lauren that pick of the Queen of Hearts and she kind of blushed, that was so cute to me. I just love Carmine and Lauren.

    I wish the Senator would stay. I would love for him to get it on with Jill.

    Didn’t understand Dylan saying now that his father is dead, there is nothing keeping him in Genoa City. But his father lived in Chicago not Genoa City? So what did his father have to do with him being there? What about the woman he so loved? He barely speaks of her anymore.

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    The actress playing summer needs to tone down the 15-16 yr old enthusiasm for being an intern at jabot especially since she is 18. If they want to age the child from a year ago when she was recast then they either may want to age her maturity or recast if we’re to believe that Kyle, granted only 23/24, would be interested in her one bit.

    For a crush to work and for a “will he won’t he” scenario to fall into place, they have to make it seem believable. Like on GH with Sabrina for Patrick, summer for Kyle makes me think “why would the guy who can get any girl with his charms go for the sweet BUT WAY TOO YOUNG girl who’s more lil sister than vavavoom sexy girlfriend”??

    I’d prefer to see a relationship with fen now develop and the fall out from bullying seen with both of them at school. A new soap staple.. END STORY AND MOVE DRASTICALLY FAST FROM IT.

    (Again, I love the actors. Not the direction for a couple of them)

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    LOVE jack with Phyllis! I think it’s amazing relationship!! But do you know how everyone is saying that wouldn’t it be great if the paternity of summer turned out that she was jacks daughter (this man has to be the luckiest man alive. 3 kids and not one diaper change in the lot if true!)

    Well we all know nick was the only one to see the results, what if victor actually changed the results because he wanted his son happy and to stick it to jack?!! That would be fantastic solution! And would add to nicks storyline to lose a child at the hand of his dad.

    As for Dylan, yeah… I love the character and Steve’s emotions came right out after his onscreen dad died, but I’m not sure why he brought his dad up to gc to die instead of bringing himself home.. The dying man must have had friends n other family down there who wanted to see him other than Dylan. Plus, all I see it doing is making him more attractive to 3 women for showing a tender side!

    Not a fan of Chelsea having sex with him. Now we have to wait on Sharon’s story with him and Chelsea complicating it. Sorry I still don’t think that Adam has done more than be a jerk to Chelsea but nothing to the level that deserves her plotting to lie abt the baby daddy to keep him away from it. The scenario doesn’t have legs other than the stiletto ones Chloe is putting on them.

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    I love PHACK together, they ooze all over my screen with their chemistry! Jack doesn’t freak out if Phyllis is scheming something up, as long it doesn’t effect both, because they are both alike. It’s a mature, loving, romantic and HOT relationship.

    TraceyAbbott did you see the look on Summer’s face when she walked in Phyllis giving Kyle a hug…. ;) priceless….and so like her mother ;)

    If we can’t have Summer to be Jack’s (which there is so much soapy drama in that story) then I want PHACK to have a “love child” of their own. Think about Phyllis has a Newman heir and Abbott heir…future stories of sibling rivalry ;)

    Thursday’s episode w\MS opening up and Michelle was rockin’ that day.

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    hey mon

    Phack is great. They both are best when they are together. She is secure in the love of an older man, and he is able to guide someone/something beautiful and make it his own.

    Really reminds me of when Rachel calmed down after she met and married Mac on AW.

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    I like the name -Phack. Right now I think Jack and Phylis are the best couple on all the soaps (I watch Y&R, GH and started getting into DOOL on Soapnet). Now this is a mature relationship that is both romantic and has chemistry between both actors.

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    OK, had to go rewatch Thursday’s episode again, (was so into PHACK during the live showing) and seeing what I might had missed.

    I’m diggin’ on Alex\Abby thing happening and she’s leaving …boo :((

    Victor & Nikki, my favorite hospital wedding, Victor and his love beads…this is why I fell in love with V|N in the first place. Harkens to the essence of their romance in the beginning, Victor protecting his lady love, Nikki has came first this time and business is second (MAB would not wrote Victor like this) MTS & EB is giving longtime viewers back the couple we know. Lovin’ these two!

    I’m thinking all kinds of hell will hit the fan during V|N’s wedding, yes the obvious the shooting, but could this be where Michael discovers the truth, they have been milking the build up and coming close of being exposed…I’m loving every second of this story!

    Jack going to propose to Phyllis…

    This is tying into Leslie\Tyler\Avery story…could be the real target…they will all be there…

    Will Katherine have an episode at the wedding….

    The previews for Friday’s episode is SMOKING…Leslie\Gus first meeting, Steve Burton looking HOT & RIPPED! :p

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    Please don’t let Phack get married…yet. It’s insane how likeable Jack makes SyPhyllis.

    I’m enjoying Alex/Abby i hope he has chemistry with next Abby.

    I don’t really care about Saint Dylan.

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    As much as I dislike the way they are writing Chloe for the past year or so, I think she has incredible chemistry with Alex too. I agree, I like Abby and Alex….but I could go for Chloe and Alex too. hmm..

    Phyllis and Jack are wonderful. That’s all I have to say about them.

    The whole show is on fire. The weakest link was the bag-o-money, and I guess tptb realized it wasn’t working, and it fizzled right on out. WONDERFUL!!!!

    Now as for Dylan…I still could take or leave him. He’s not bad…but he’s also not that great to me. But I like him with Sharing.

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