Rob Wilson to Pull Double Duty on The Price is Right and All My Children


Anyone worrying Rob Wilson's new gig as Peter Cortlandt on All My Children would mean he'd no longer be sexing up the Showcase Showdowns on CBS Daytime's The Price is Right, can chillax. I hear the model/actor will be doing double duty!

"CBS plans to keep using him on The Price is Right in L.A. whenever he isn't taping his soap on the East Coast," says a mole. 

Are you excited to be getting a double helping of Wilson? Sound off in the comments!


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17 March 2010
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OMG yes! I love that there's man meat on TPiR now.

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12 February 2010
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He betta make that money now! That six pack and perfect face ain't gonna last forever..........

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21 March 2012
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I see him on Price everyday, he is sure easy on the eyes. Make that money now and SAVE it. You will need it later on when the pretty goes away...

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21 December 2012
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Who cares?