Caption This: Steve Burton STRIPS on The Young and the Restless! (PHOTOS)

The day General Hospital, er The Young and the Restless fans have been waiting for has arrived. Steve Burton actually took off his shirt on daytime television! Take your best Caption This shot at these scenes of Dylan and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) getting hot and bothered.

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    So not surprised to see this here. Wonder if he agreed to show skin as good faith for being able to have the kind of schedule he wanted to have. Have to say he does look great! All those workouts with Scott and his brother in law has certainly paid off.

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    [quote=Alan Sarapa]Looks like Dylan is about to reward Chelsea for selling a lot of Monavie.[/quote]

    @Alan Sarapa it’s 4LL2LeytonCrave on twitter, that was freakin’ hilarious!!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: These soaps have gotten real scared now. They use to show people getting their backs broke out on the screen. Now all you see is a kiss and then the aftermath. What the hell happened? Even Lexie got more time then this from Brandon…But then I digress…

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    Hold it, hold it!!

    He’s only been on the show over a month and he’s taking his shirt, and in his last love scene on GH, he kept it on and only had his shirt off about 3 times in the last 2 years.

    Come on man!!

    Btw, he looks hot as always but still.

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    I’m sorry if she actually does have sex with Dylan all I can say is GROSS!!

    Chelsea is pregnant. She should be showing by now AND WHO IN THEIR EFFIN MOND WOULD BELIEVE that Dylan is the dad of she does wind up lying and saying he’s the dad. It’s just a dumb plot, a dumb story WITH A VERY HOT AND SEXY MAN!!

    I love Steve and Melissa but think this is just a dumb pairing!! Can soap writers please come to the understanding that when my father dies THE FIRST THING I AM not THINKING ABOUT is having sex with a chick I jump started WHEN HE DIED!!

    And if she does lie to everyone and create this scenario THEN Adam should throw down and take Chelsea down!!!

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    PJC, I don’t think the fact that Dylan wants to feel close to someone is too strange–he’s been rebuffed by Avery emotionally and physically and he’s lonely and sad on top of that. However, if they wanted to do the WTD story with Chelsea’s baby, then I agree it should have been done within the first month of the pregnancy, not now. Dylan isn’t the brightest bulb from what we’ve seen but he isn’t completely stupid, either.

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    HOT! Welcome back to my screen Steve Burton! Loving his performance…and the bod! Loving Y&R!

    What’s even sexier to me than his body…his smile. His character of Jason rarely got to smile and it was a shame because it’s one of his best features besides his baby blues.

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    His character is so boring and this whole thing with Chelesa is just Jason/Carly circa 1996 all over again.

    Jason and Carly have sex. Carly ends up pregnant and Jason agrees to lie that he’s the father.

    Now on Y&R, Chelesa and Dylan have sex. Chelesa is pregnant and Dylan agrees to pretend to be the baby’s father. Unless Chelesa uses this sex to lie to Dylan that he’s the father, this whole storyline is boring and stupid.

    I really liked Dylan and Sharon.

    Once Adam finds out, I hope the chews up Dylan and spits him out. Although I think since SBu is a “FOJ” I still hope Adams just goes in on him.

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    Adam will have a cow and will lose his mind; however I really thought Sharon/Dylan would be the new couple. I don’t want Sharon running back to Adam.

    I want Chelsea to be with Adam and I’m liking Nick w/ Avery, but will always be Nick/Sharon fan- I also want Red to be with Jack too, but definitely want Ms. Summer to stop crushing on Kyle. Summer needs to find another love interest maybe Carmine…she likes older dudes we can tell…LOL-

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    I am so enjoying Steve’s character Dylan on Y/R its a breath of fresh air seeing him finally unleashed from being shackled in that horrid Sam pairing on GH…I like Dylan he’s low key and that’s working for me. Not bad for as he says “an old guy”

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    I like Dylan. I like Chelsea. And I like their chemistry. But there is something unattractive about the character of Chelsea that she would bed a man she does not know while consealing the fact she is pregnant from the baby’s daddy.

    Why couldn’t they just have been friends?! Why the sex?! I don’t get it on soaps that when you’re dad, mom or even child or lover die, that you immediately want to have sex and usually with a complete stranger?!!!

    I am still in the ADAM IS A JERK BUT DESERVES TO KNOW HIS “Still my wife” WIFE is pregnant with his child! I am just tired of the drama being the SAME OLD TYPE we have all seen before!!! There is a great deal more drama and a BIGGER deal of strength that could be given to Chelsea if she just told Adam and said WE CAN NOT BE TOGETHER but can raise the child.

    Adam is a Newman. He won’t take that from anyone so there’s the drama! Not this stupid crap that will eventually get Victor involved and just prove that Chelsea is as much a con artist as she was when she bedded Billy and purposefully got pregnant by him.

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    I will give it to Steve Burton, whom I have seen on GH for years and although I liked to look at him found him to be ONE NOTE character. It was more in the writing for him but he was more TOUGH STONE COLD all the time than ‘real’.

    I mean, weren’t some of the promos for GH back then something like:

    “On General Hospital today, watch as Jason struggles against all odds to crack a smirk after Spinelli tells a joke”


    “On tomorrow’s General Hospital, watch Jason Cry. YES JASON WILL CRY TOMORROW! REAL TEARS when he and Sam take cooking classes and he has to peel an onion”


    “On this week’s General Hospital, Jason Morgan will wear a WHITE T-SHIRT and smirk! ALmost all week long! Tune in”

    All humor aside, I know the guy can act, but I am liking that it is being shown every day and not just for sweeps periods! Just pair him with a woman and let the quadrangle begin with Nick, Avery, Dylan and SHARON or CHELSEA.

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    [quote=curacaoman][quote=SavePortChuck]Funny how someone with such a hot bod can have zero sex appeal.[/quote]


    AND no personality.

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    TRACY ABBOT – I would take Carmine too.
    CUPPA COFFEE – Carmine is a sleaze you are right. Thats why he’s so appealing. Hes a hot hunk. He could put his shoes under my bed too. :love:

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    [quote=Cyberologist]I am so enjoying Steve’s character Dylan on Y/R its a breath of fresh air seeing him finally unleashed from being shackled in that horrid Sam pairing on GH…I like Dylan he’s low key and that’s working for me. Not bad for as he says “an old guy”[/quote]

    He must have been horrible on GH, then if you think he is great on Y and R, since I find him to be dull as dirt.

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    Steve notorious doesnt like shirtless scenes. He’s a Christian and he’s married. I believe the ABC brass honored his desire to do as little nakedness as possible. But YR has always been a very sexually oriented show from the start. Lol.

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    SBu likes to throw down during football season and always packs on weight which is why there were very few shirtless love scenes. He typically loses the weight around the summer time based on comments from his earlier interviews.

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    The guy’s in fantastic shape and he’s good-looking but he’s never done much for me and that hasn’t changed at all since he came on Y&R. He’s a decent actor and I don’t hate the character but I also couldn’t care less about him or his backstory; in fact, his backstory with Avery–who for the most part I’m fairly fond of–makes me actually like her less. That said, I will say SB has good chemistry with both Sharon Case and Melissa Claire Egan, maybe moreso than he actually does with Jessica Collins.

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    Wow! Steve Burton must really work out! He’s a very handsome guy. But, I know I’m in the minority here, but I like my guys a little less “perfect”. I would hate if my husband was so pumped up and I’d have to fight over the mirror with him, and he was “prettier” then me. Ha! Besides having women going nuts over his bod. But, to be a leading man soap star I guess you have to look like that.
    I thought the Dylan/ Melissa sex scenes was too rushed and “Staged”. Didn’t find anything sexy about it at all. They just met, so there was no connection and that she’s pregnant-yuck! But I really like Steve and Melissa and it’s good to see Steve finally smile a lot.

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    hey mon

    “Wait, you’re pregnant. No your not, I’m just stupid.”

    “So if I’m Obi-Wan, and you’re Padme, oh $hit, that makes that f*cking Newman psycho, Darth Adam, the father.”

    But seriously, the guy has really good traps, and when I was watching the scene, I couldn’t see his lats. But I am assuming those are in pretty good shape, too. I should ease up on his character a bit.

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    I still don’t get the vicious vitriol against Mr. Burton in here. However, he really is not my type even though those guys have to stay in perfect shape for whenever a shirtless or boxer brief scene is required; and he is definitely quite prepared for those situations. My preference is still with the more odd looking guys with slim or “swimmers” bodies. Of course you really never know until you see someone in person because then all games can change.

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    I think if it wasn’t a FOJ, and he was slowly introduced instead of being highlighted immediately, you’d have a different reaction.

    Plus you have a lot of GH fans of his on here who love the guy…

    I don’t have a strong opinion other than he is on a little too much for me.

    Although he is handsome and I don’t think he should be bashed either.

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    I love SB and as a GH watcher I was lucky to have him again and I do love him in his new role. And as an AMC watcher to see him paired off with Melissa Clair Egan (ex- crazy annie) is so fun. She is a lucky girl handling all these hot men. What a job.

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    A. Nice tan, didn’t they just have a snow storm in Genoa City?

    B. Only on soaps does a woman find it sexy to be thrown against a wall during a kiss

    C. Only on soaps are women always down for sex, despite being depressed and pregnant Chelsea was immediately ready for sex with a stranger

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    [quote=tedew]I still don’t get the vicious vitriol against Mr. Burton in here. ….[/quote]

    It makes some people uneasy that what happened at GH might happen on Y&R: Steve Burton might become THE leading man on the show in the very near future and at the expense of other fan favorites.


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    I would hate if my husband was so pumped up and I’d have to fight over the mirror with him, and he was “prettier” then me.
    SBu’s wife is gorgeous. I think Steve has a couple of pictures of his wife (Sharie) over on twitter.

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    Wow! Steve Burton looks amazing. His body is remarkable. Chiseled beefcake. He’s built like a muscled tank. You can tell he works out. My jaw dropped just like Chelsea’s did when she saw his bare chest in all its stunning glory. LOL!

    Kudos to his personal trainer!

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    Not sure why this is so stunning. This guy certainly isn’t getting jobs for his acting talent – he has about as much charisma as a plate of cold spaghetti. The only reason anyone would hire him is for beefcake shots.

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    SODSINCE16, casual sex on Y&R has been a norm since paul gave Nikki an std early on in both careers. Nick was sooooooo successfully at having UNPROTECTED sex with women on the show that he successfully became a dad twice because of it… AND WHILE MARRIED TO OTHER WOMEN when he had sex with other women!!

    When Phyllis is mad, sad or pushed into a corner SEX is her release whether it’s with a stranger or not. She
    Bedded Ronan the first time in a fit, had angry sex with jack more than once when with someone else. She even has casual sex with Lilly’s dad any time he comes back from the dead.

    Cane actually had sex with lily while he was “dead”.

    Chelsea is the first I believe on the soap to have casual sex with basically a stranger while pregnant with another man’s baby.

    And now a new first, Dylan had sex the very day his dad died with a complete stranger all because he was sad his daddy was gone. EXACTLY why I have sex gratuitously.. I miss my daddy.

    It happens so often on Y&R that when it does happen im bored to see, jealous I didn’t think to hit on the pregnant lady at the supermarket, randomly turn to a coworker and bang him/her in the copy room, or during a tornado, avalanche, building collapse or a blizzard have passionate rough sex with the person I am trapped with.

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    Of course you have sex and lots of sex on Y&R is a staple of the show. ;) That’s what made Y&R unique when it started, all the sex and young cast prancing around in nearly nothing, first soap to show bodies especially men ;)

    Y&R is motive-oriented characters, sexually charged, psychological drama…and loving it! :love: :love: :love:

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    I sense a lot of jealousy in here. As for Sharon and Dylan? Why in God’s name would they ruin Dylan by putting him with her. Sharon is not fit for anyone but Adam Ant!

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    hey mon

    Great triceps, too. It would be great if he would share his work routine. I wish that I could get my traps to look like this guys’s. This guy is really starting to grow on me as a character, although I don’t want to see him on every day.

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    I had never seen this guy “act” before he came to Y&R, and I am just not impressed, in fact if I don’t get to the ff button fast enough, I fall asleep.

    Mike Muhney will tear this dude to shreds, but then it seems he is Super Dylan and highly exalted FOJ so will they allow it?

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    @ logan_echolls — Dead on assessment! I’ve watched a few episodes and the “wise old sage” vibe of Dylan is such a yawn, i could barely take it. It’s obvious with the tighter jeans and 24/7 smile he’s trying to do a 180 from Jason, but it’s just *meh*. Expect MM to be backburnered in this story, as FOJ’s are first priority!

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    hey mon … I certainly agree with your take on Adam plus he does have the best one-liners going on right now. Hopefully when he dives in to save Victor the rest of the family will at least try to give him some leeway in the future.

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