Rick Tries to Explain His Deception on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Rick’s (Jacob Young) absence from the Forrester Creations meeting caused chaos for Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Hope (Kim Matula). It also provided an opportunity for Thomas (Adam Gregory) to try and grab Forrester back from Rick.

Brooke rushed to Bill (Don Diamont), who reminded her Rick was still at the top of Forrester. He instructed her to relaunch the Brooke's Bedroom line ASAP.

Brooke said she couldn’t model lingerie at her age.  Bill insisted she still has what it takes to move a teddy. Once again Brooke modeled lingerie for Bill. I got the impression he was thinking “Katie (Heather Tom) who?”

Hope continued to insist Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) should leave Forrester Creations. Isn’t Steffy still a stockholder? Hope just can’t eject a shareholder from the company!

Rick followed Maya (Karla Mosley) back to her apartment, where he did his best to explain why he’d lied. He told her that most people were attracted to him because of his name. She is the first to run away because of it, he stated.

Question: Does Thomas’ beard make him seem less of a corporate lightweight?

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    Just watched this episode, and I gotta admit, it was the best episode of B&B I’ve seen in a loooong time. There was more than one story being featured. It wasn’t solely about the triangle from hell. And I found myself paying attention to every single scene.

    Whodathunkit??? O_O

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    Oh yes this episode and it carries over on Friday’s! Friday’s is rocking w\Brooke in her nightie and leaving Taylor in the dust! It was great, and Rick & Maya that’s my favorite story right now…love those two together. Brooke & Bill at the end was HOT!

    I’m not diggin’ his full beard on Thomas, maybe more of goatee would be better for him.

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    I really loved today’s episode and especially the ending of it..just watching Taylor’s face and Eric telling the audience “he liked the Bedroom Line”. Jokes aside, I have a pacemaker and today’s show made it top out…big time. Had to rest because I was so excited at the outcome of the storyline. The best!. Hope it causes a bridge w/Eric/Taylor.

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    I agree that BB is better than it’s been in years. Bell still needs to work on story development but overall really loving the balance in the show. Today’s show was over the top..loved how they got back to fashion! KKL looks absolutely fabulous for her age. I’m even loving Rick and Maya. Rick seemed kinda pervy to my esp w/ Caroline but am absolutely digging him with Maya. Also enjoying the Taylor vs Brooke feud..it’s so much better now that they’ve finally moved past the boring never ending Ridge triangle. Hopefully the Liam triangle will finally be put on the backburner too.

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    Really like Rick and Maya after that speech he gave her. His first wife only wanted him because he was a Forrester.

    It was a good week no Wee Wittle Wiam.

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    Well…lets wait how the ratings are for this week. Once they slip, brad needs to shift his focus back to thetriangle from hell…because that is the only storyline that seemed to work for better ratings.

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    Yeah…the latest ratings that were featured were the first week after the “triangle from hell” took a much needed break. The ratings were even higher than before the week of Taylor and Eric moving in together, and Brooke’s “wrath”…lol. And Pam with the “knife” cliffhanger. That was the week of the 4 year high. So clearly, that triangle crap brought in the ratings, but the show’s doing pretty well without it….

    I can actually handle the triangle in small doses. I just can’t stand that to be the only focus of every single episode for months at a time. It’s tiring.

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