Villy’s New Set Debuts on The Young and the Restless! (PHOTOS)

My current fave The Young and the Restless couple finally has a new set! Gone is that gaudy, garish monstrosity — inspired by some sitcom we never knew Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) supposedly "loved" as children. In its place is a fresh, modern space for the lovebirds. See another pic after the jump!

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    I must be in the minority because I never really notice or care about sets. Everyone on Twitter is always complaining about the couch and how “tacky” the sets look….but I just want good stories and to be entertained.

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess……. :)

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    hey mon

    Well, at least Victoria has some decent digs, now she is up their with Adam’s mansion that he bought off of Genevieve. Nick looks like he lives in a cracker-box apartment. I’m sure Abby doesn’t have the same home that Ashley came and cried over 10 months ago when Tucker cheated with Harmony.

    So, I’m glad that Billy and Victoria have a nice mansion to live in. Now let’s just give Billy a story-line worthy of Billy Miller. If it were up to me, I would have Miller on every day, stripped down to the waist, giving the gals something to watch.

    He’s far more believable as a human being that Stevie Burton ever will be. And I know that amongst almost all of the ladies and many, many guys; Billy inspires that ‘aw shucks’ reaction because he really seems to be an endearing sort of guy. Even in his worst moments, a guy wants to sit down with him and have a beer.

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    If you go to plays, you quickly realize sets do matter! The furniture and items do indeed help to tell a story.

    I know this is a soap and perhaps I’m overstating in this case, but coming from the theater world, each piece of furniture or set piece should have a significance in relating the life of the characters.

    If you read or see a play by a playwright like Eugene O’Neill, who has huge voluminous descriptions of how his plays should look, you quickly realize that sets do indeed matter.

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    Thanks. That couch/sofa, whatever the proper word is, was way beyond being just plain ugly. I have not yet seen today’s show, but will enjoy whatever is new in their house. Thanks to whoever did this.

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    I not a fan of the new color, but so far other than the penthouse, I’m not raving about the new sets. Not bad, but I guess I still prefer to see the show in familiar surroundings.

    I get Jill’s desire to put her stamp on it though.

    Just keep giving us the vets, please.

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    how is this explained? I know they were attempting to paint and Billy showed Johnny color streaks on a wall, but I love that new wall color.

    I loved today’s (Monday’s) episode…. when people start a proper thread on it, I will jump in as I have a lot to say and I need to clean up all of the rumpled Kleenex around my couch…

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    This looks MUCH better! Very modern and stylish. Glad they got rid of that hideous yellow couch with the pink blanket and the granny knick knacks.

    Now they need to update Nick Newman’s “tack house”. That barn is atrocious and way too cramped for Nick and all his children.

    Well done, JFP!

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    Restless Fan

    It’s nice looking. I’m glad we saw Billy and Victoria doing some of the work on it themselves. I wonder what Maria thinks when she watches the show and sees almost all her ideas tossed out? ;-)

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jamey Giddens: That is about correct. I’m sure she is on FB talking about how she never dumbed down sets!

    Everyone knows when Ma’ Hell was there she had Billy living in trailer! I mean a trailer! Like from the trailer park with full 80’s old furniture and hick items alike. And she said they were doing things they had never done before. That was true right down to carpets they used.

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    I saw the new set, and will say it did look good.

    However, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with how the set looked. As I had no issue with the old Newman Ranch, the Abbott house, the Chancellor mansion, Abby’s house, etc. They are all CLASSIC sets! I cannot fathom why people would complain about them. Y&R is not a show that needs to have modern sets. That is not what Y&R is about. Y&R’s feel should be a lush, elegant, luxurious. Not modern, geometric, and dull. There is absolutely no feel of life in the New Ranch. It’s a plain old ordinary house, that could belong to anyone. Like someone suggested, I could imagine it as Nick’s or Paul’s house. Certainly not as the Newman Ranch. The penthouse was nice in itself, but inhabited by totally the wrong people. Again, a good fit for perhaps Nick, Devon, or even Neil. Not Victor & Nikki. Avery’s apartment is just not fitting for Y&R. Nor should the character have a set in the first place.

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    Im only with Y&R for 2 years and I loved the rustic type old homes. I am upset the newman ranch was burnt down. not everything has to be glitz and up to date. I hope they leave the other sets alone. Sooner or later the brainiacs that are doing this will be gone and will have changed everything cause they had nothing else better to do. Give it a break.

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    I love the new set and I love Villy! I didn’t mind the old set as much as some other people but that’s probably because I actually got to sit on that couch and on Billy Miller’s lap no less :D

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    I will hand it to Jill and company, finally producers redecorate a house without giving the characters a brand new one without explanation! This is the same house just freshened up! Same walls, same staircase, same windows and dining room leading into the kitchen JUST all new furniture, colors, decorations and the like!

    Now this is how it should be done! Do I love it?! Yes, only because they used what was there and it still feels homey!

    NOW… Jill, in no tall order, have Michael visit and see the dramatic change in Billy’s place and have him run to lowes OR better yet, have him hire Dylan to refurbish his place in the hopes it will make Lauren happy… sorry, Michael, only Italian salami packed tight will make your woman happy!

    Then while interviewing with Neil for a law job, he tells Neil about Dylan and Neil has his place redone.

    As someone said earlier, Neil needs a new abode! His place was the same from the time he FIRST married Dru and then they slightly renovated after they remarried and it’s been the same monochromatic place ever since!!! BRIGHTEN the joint up for a brotha!!

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    I’m another one that didn’t mind Villy’s old set. It was refreshing to have such an unusual house. I haven’t seen Monday’s show yet, but I’m guessing the new decor will be as boring and cookie-cutter as the rest of the new sets. :(

    If they make-over other sets, I hope they will have more personality to them and not just look like all the rest. It’s nice, though, that they are spending the money on sets. Don’t think they would be doing that if the soap was going away. ;)

  15. Profile photo of harlee490

    I like it better then the last look, I hated that ugly site.

    Lets get to today’s episode…ASHLEY & PHYLLIS! We need Ashley back in GC somehow…Salem can still have cray cray Kristin but Geona City needs regal Ashley. ;) That tit-for-tat between Ashley & Phyllis was great! :) Phyllis held her own, asking Ashley where Ashley was when Jack needed her! It continues tomorrow! >)

    The wedding was intimate and nice and the setting was good but where’s Katherine? If Lauren & Michael was there I don’t understand why Katherine was missing? Other then that, I loved MTS today, she looked gorgeous! Everything is building around the “reception” I assume because Adam crashes, Sharon crashes, Ashley in town for the wedding, so probably we should see Katherine. I’m looking forward to this…

    If Wheeler isn’t going to be at the function to be shot, then maybe Senator Wheeler is quite done yet but could be just the beginning starting to unravel…

    Loved seeing Reed…how can you not love Villy? and NO I DON’T WANT AH to GO anywhere, it’s starting up again trying to replace Victoria…sorry the fact is Amelia is Victoria now and not changing… :~

  16. Profile photo of tedew

    harlee490 … is was painfully obvious why Katherine was not at the wedding; she forgot and there was a scene explaining that. What I wonder more is where were all of her helpers to remind her to be there??? Also … why on earth would Eric Forrester travel all that way just to be at yet another of Victor/Nikki weddings? And Ashley being there did not seem proper to me at all even if Abby insisted. Ashley allowed to be there but Adam not even invited.

    Now that Phyllis seems to have been toned down I’m liking her quite a bit more and I’m glad she took Ashley to task for being the sister in absentia. Billy thought it was better not to be there? Come on, that should have been the warning bell to pop right in and even more so for Traci.

    I’m with alstonboy4315 on the sets; it really should be the story we are paying attention to. However I’m also with SZima regarding the Villy house which is the last place that really needed a makeover. Plus the ranch house did need a major overhaul but I’m not sure about the new one at all.

  17. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I agree with harlee490’s entire post!

    Villy’s place is a huge improvement over that tacky look previously.

    Regarding the actual episode, Billy were lovely and adorable. I could NEVER see Heather Tom play this pairing and it works because of the chemistry between Amelia Heinle and Billy Miller. AH is a fine Victoria and a soap veteran of over 20 years. I just don’t get why so many are “anti-” this woman.

    Back to the episode, I enjoyed how understated and lovely the wedding of Nikki and Victor was. Her hair and dress were beautiful. I loved all of the scenes of Nikki prepping for the ceremony. I did not like fashions worn by Victoria, Abby and Summer. Kay not being there was a glaring absence. Perhaps the actress was sick the days of taping?

    Now, the Ashley v. Phyllis scenes were okay but I would have rather seen Ashley at the wedding. Her being there would be odd but soaptastic!

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    hey mon

    Forget about the house, we got to have Billy in more of these story-lines.

    The guy is fantastic, and has that ‘cute’ factor when he enters the room. All the girls go cra-cra crazy over him. Shoot, I’ll be a-bettin that Chloe would hunker down pretty d@mn quick if Billy even gave her a sideways glance again. She’d forget about Kevin in a Motown Minute.

    Sharon would be perfect as Billy’s next conquest. You know that man-crazy Sharon still has that gleam in her eye remembering that one-night stand they shared back in 2009. I, for one, would be all over that pairing, and it would set up some serious Billy vs Nick, Billy vs Vick, Billy vs Adam, Billy vs Jack situations.

    Billy and Lauren. Billy and Summer.

    But let’s bust up once and for all Billy and Victoria. Bring Amelie’s real husband (JT) back to GC to take care of Victoria.

  19. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    Eric was there only to set up the future plot lines of Jabot creating an office in LA near Forrestor Creations so they can do cross overs.

    Some where on DC I left a post on MY thoughts of Monday’s show…

    Summer knew far too much about FC, so she will probably intern there and get caught up in that Hope/Liam/Steffy mess that has taken over Los Angeles.

  20. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    I loved Monday’s show.

    There was NOT a dry eye in the house.

    Loved how Jack lit up when Ashley appeared, and loved the scenes with Jack/Ashley/Big Red.

    Loved how Nikki was looking into the mirror as she got ready for her wedding, and how the shots show how “long” the walk down the aisle seemed to her, and would she make it.

    A Victor/Billyboy truce? It was great to see Reed again. And that was a nice tribute to Stephanie Forrestor ( Bold/Beautiful ) from Michael and Lauren, to Eric. I can see future cross overs now that Jabot is opening a fashion design dept. Perhaps Chelsea and/or Chloe can move over to the other show?

    It was a lovely ceremony, right down to the colors and Abby and Victoria helping Nikki get ready.

  21. Profile photo of noway


    I could get behind a Billy/Share thing again. They were crazy hot together, her pulling him in her room at the GCAC. Now maybe I have to go out in what’s left of the snow that will be gone in another hour and cool off.

    Give me Billy any day, over the snooze fest that is Dylan. 8)

    IDK maybe with this casino owner coming to town, Billy will get a story.

  22. Profile photo of kerfuffles

    They can remodel their set all they want, it won’t change how boring Billy & Victoria are as a pairing. Maybe it’s because, in part, Amelia Heinle is so underwhelming as Victoria but lord this couple is just snoozeville.

    I guess core fans of this couple are okay with Billy Miller being reduced to playing a Newman lapdog (and can’t quite believe, after everything Victor has done to him, Billy actually fistbumped Victor at the wedding yesterday like they were old buddies) as long as he’s kissing Victoria’s ass while he’s doing it, but it’s just boring to me.

    There’s just nothing soapy about this couple. It’s no wonder they’ve been backburned to supporting players.

    So while I’m glad YR got rid of that heinous FKB set, I’d rather the show be making substantive changes to this pairing rather than trying to gloss over them with a new coat of paint.

    I never thought I’d see the day Billy Abbott was a boring character. But that day is here, and has been for quite a while. This pairing with Victoria has sucked the soapy drama right out of him.

  23. Profile photo of AlbertoTulsa71

    [quote=alstonboy4315]I must be in the minority because I never really notice or care about sets. Everyone on Twitter is always complaining about the couch and how “tacky” the sets look….but I just want good stories and to be entertained.

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess……. :)[/quote]

    No matter if it’s TV, theatre, movies, etc etc.. sets are SO important. I remember the first full page review of Y&R in 1991 by Mimi Torchin for Soap Opera Weekly. In the first paragraph, she attributed a part of Y&R’s success to it’s lighting AND SETS. Back then, the sets were practically characters. Miss Thing knew what she was talking about.
    When Diane trashed that huge plate on the Newman ranch, to me, it was like killing off a character.

  24. Profile photo of AlbertoTulsa71

    Restless Fan: I know EXACTLY what you mean. I miss the old days when the orchestral music told the story along with the actors. No lyrics needed (aside from “Looking through the eyes of love”; Victor & Nikki’s love theme) to TRY and tell us how to feel. Lorie Brooks dancing with Lance Prentiss (as the orchestra played “The Man Who Got Away”) after she lost him to Leslie is a perfect example. I’m sure many fans didn’t recognize what Bill Bell was doing; but for the ones that did, it was magical. Maybe it’s because I’m “old” but, this “indie pop” sh!t” they play at the end of almost every episode does NOTHING to FURTHER STORY.
    Other than that, Y&R is 90% watchable. This time last year, it was about 4% watchable. I’m grateful to JG for bringing my Y&R back.

  25. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    @Alberto: You summed it up so perfectly. Those sets were more than just decoration. They were part of the continuity the show once excelled at in all levels. Little by little Y&R’s continuity is still being peeled away. The music has been a HUGE one for me. I really miss those old haunting tunes. But sets were part of the continuity too. Ugh, remember whey they burned Gina’s down? I mourned that shit for weeks (at least it was tied to a good story). I was right there crying with Gina. I think the show is good, I’m just missing the old while I watch. Most of the time I’m thinking of what music would have just made that scene off the hook better. Instead I’m being forced to accept all this new stuff while realizing how differently it’s colored the show.

  26. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    A note from Brth Maitland on a Y&R crew member’s sudden passing:

    Beth Maitland DramaqueenBee shared The Buried Life’s photo.

    My dear friend Luis Godinez passed away unexpectedly this last weekend. He was our boom operator at Y&R for at least my 30 years and then some…He was the most cheerful, sincere, supportive, happy guy. Losing him has shaken so many of us, and this post is simple and true. Make sure everyone you love knows it. Make sure you act on every intention. Thank people. Smile at people. Make sure you have no regrets

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    hey mon

    kerfuffles — Right you are, and I will complain every day until Billy Miller is FREE from Amelia Heinle, and is given a story-line worthy of his talents as Billy Abbott. He has dragged he through the last 4 years for too long, propping up her sub-standard, near-boring acting. Amelie is even cringe-worthy when she is playing opposite Melody Thomas Scott, and that is saying a lot, cause MTS usually brings out the drama in everyone. Villy is a joke, and has been a type of cruel casting joke for his Emmy-winning talents.

    Put him on the front burner. When he comes on the screen, it lights up, because he has such a magnetic personality, and seems like such an easy-going great guy. I would welcome a Billy/Sharon/Adam triangle, and it would heat up the airwaves.

    But let’s have more Stevie instead. Dad dies on Monday, banging Chelsea on Thursday.

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