Corbin Bleu Celebrates One Life to Live Hitting 5,000 Twitter Followers With Photo

One Life to Live newcomer Corbin Bleu gave a shout out to his fans, for helping the show’s Twitter profile hit 5,000 followers, by sharing a photo from his first day on set as Jeffrey King. You can follow One Life to Live here and while you’re logged in to Twitter be sure to follow All My Children too! Check out Bleu's tweet below.


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    [quote=david46208]Great to see some color on the screen.[/quote]

    Even if that color is overwhelmingly ‘beige’, lol. But I’m really excited about seeing Corbin Bleu on OLTL. He is a decent actor, and can play angsty very well!

    Looking forward to OLTL 2.0 (AKA Another Life to Live)

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    I really really want to like these reboots but I’m getting all sorts of red flags from all the news we’ve heard. Casting good looking people as new characters who take center stage in front of the old favorites has never worked for any show.

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    Well, actually, the Newmans taking over from the Brooks worked very well once upon a time, both in terms of ratings and, often, storytelling. I don’t see how an islanded character like the one CB’s playing could “take over” the show at all, in any case.

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