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AJ’s not happy about being summoned to Carly’s, but she’s worried Todd will keep digging until he finds out the truth about them.  She asks AJ to make another public appearance with her, but AJ wants out due to the charade already messing up his relationship with Liz.  Carly drops a line about ELQ and the missing heir. She informs AJ she told Luke the heir's identity. Carly warns if Luke finds the heir first, Tracy will win.  

John decides he wants Rafe to stay with him in some kind of permanent fashion. Sam points out it is a huge responsibility, but John believes Rafe needs the help.  
Dante’s ready to pick up Olivia for a family gathering, but she’s not interested in going. It seems she’s still upset about losing Steven.  Dante tells her the gathering is to show the grandparents the sonogram of the baby, and he wants his mother there.  
Luke stops by Lulu’s for the family gathering, and asks about the ice princess.  Lulu reveals she hasn’t received anything else.  Luke still thinks Scotty sent it.  Lulu asks about Anna, and Luke tells her that he and Anna are done.  She wonders if he told Laura. 
Scotty finds Laura looking through an old photo album, and wonders why she's doing it.  She tells him she’s looking for baby pictures of Lulu to bring to the gathering.  Scotty wonders if she’ll tell Luke about seeing Anna kiss Duke. He reminds her they agreed not to get involved.  Laura has no plans to tell Luke, and doesn’t want Scotty to join in on the festivities. Laura stresses this is her mother-daughter time with Lulu.  
Scotty decides to propose again, and gets down on one knee with a ring.  Laura accepts his proposal. 
Lucy runs into Todd, and makes small talk about their time in and out of Ferncliff.  She tells him the Nurse’s Ball is back on, and wants him to buy a table.  Todd tells her about Carly making up a boyfriend, and he knows it’s a charade.  
Alexis gets to the motel, and breaks the news to John that child services will not allow Rafe to live with John. Unfortunately, John doesn’t meet the requirements, and she needs to take Rafe back to the group home.  Molly’s upset, and Alexis says there are rules. She takes Rafe away.    
Scott runs into Lucy, and tells her that he’s back with Laura. However, when he proposed the first time, she had to come back to Port Charles to see if there was anything left. Lucy wonders if Laura accepted, because she thought Luke was with Anna.  Scotty asks if he should tell Laura the truth, but Lucy feels some lies are worth it. Lucy thinks if he loves Laura, he should keep it to himself and marry Laura right away.  
Laura, Olivia and Dante arrive at the apartment.  Lulu shows them the sonogram, and both grandmothers gush over the photo.  Olivia’s happy it’s not a dog, which confuses the Spencer’s.  Everyone hugs, including Luke and Laura. 
Laura and Lulu look at her childhood photos. Lulu shares her feelings about watching Maxie carry her baby, but Laura reassures her everything will be fine in the end.  Laura tells Lulu about seeing Anna and Duke kissing, but Lulu says its okay, since Luke and Anna have broken up.  Lulu wonders if that makes a difference to Laura. 
Todd barges in on Carly and AJ, and insists that in order to move on, he needs them to prove they love each other. He wants to see them have sex.  Carly balks at Todd's request. Todd pulls apart the bunny, and shows her that he’s been spying on her.  Carly tries to spin things and say she knew the camera was there, and was playing along the whole time. Carly wants AJ to back her up.  AJ says he’s out, and leaves. 
Todd understands Carly’s need to push him away, but he promises has no more secrets. Todd wants them to be honest with each other.  Todd admits Carly is his only friend, and he needs her in his life.  He asks her to stop fighting herself.  They kiss.
Luke asks Dante about Helena, but Dante says there is no sign of her. Luke wants Dante to look into Scotty as well.  Olivia finds a gift outside for Lulu.  Lulu reads the note, which is from Bobbie. However, Luke is suspicious and tells her not to touch it.  
John is angry he let Rafe down, and messed up everyone’s life.  Sam assures him that she, Rafe and Danny are alive because of John. She knows he’s a good man.  The two kiss.    

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    Loved all the Spencer/Falconeri scenes.

    Loved McBam kissing.

    So glad AJ is out from under Carly’s thumb. Now he needs to grovel to Liz!

    Todd/Carly: Meh. I’m starting to not feel them.

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    Hmmm….according to GH Facebook page my Tivo wasn’t the only one that decided not to record GH today. Thank goodness for ABC Player app…looks like tomorrow will be a two-fer watching day.

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    Hmmmm so I guess Rafe/John banishes the thought that Lucy might be kept around longer term as surrogate parent for Rafe? Ms Coe is the closest young Mister Kovich has to family as the cousin of the man Rafe thought was his biological father.

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    Fun episode! Loved Laura and Lulu and that whole gathering. I have really come to enjoy Olivia … did not like her at all when I started watching GH again about a year ago, but she’s grown on me.

    Loved Scotty’s proposal — was the first romance I’ve really seen between Scotty and Laura since they returned. I wish they would show flashbacks of Laura and Scotty — they were adorable back in the ’70’s.

    So glad to see the Scotty-Lucy reconnection. Kind of glad that Lucy stuck to her previous devious ways and told Scotty just to get Laura to marry him before Laura finds out Luke is available.

    Of all the returns, I think I might like/appreciate AJ’s the most. I’m so glad to see him in every episode recently. His return has opened up so many long-term plot opportunities (such as with Michael, Carly, reinvigorating the ELQ and the Quartermaines in general, etc.) whereas a lot of the vets returns seem to be for short-term publicity. Anyway, I think AJ’s return gets overlooked and it’s made a huge difference in the show.

    However, I do wish AJ would get to wear some nicer clothes. He seems to be stuck in that bulky black coat all the time. It would seem to me that AJ would be more of a business casual type guy.

    Speaking of coats, so glad that the shelter had one for Rafe. Heartwarming scenes between him and John. Nice to see a relationship develop that isn’t romantic in nature.

    Don’t get Todd and Carly. Seems forced.

    Last comment — Bobbie mention!!! So looking forward to seeing Bobbie back in a couple days. I just hope she’s not just a sounding board for Carly ranting about Todd.

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    Thanks for the promo tealita. It looked okay. I’ve been underwhelmed by the returns we’ve had so far. I was most excited to see Dr. Ulbrecht because that could mean follow up on Robin and/or Robert.

    This was another episode I just did not enjoy that much but I enjoyed Lucy/Todd and, especially, Lucy/Scott!!! I’ve been impatient waiting for their scenes together and love seeing them together. I found Scott’s declaration of his love for Laura completely underwhelming and unconvincing. Hmmm…

    FFWDed much of the Spencer/Falconeri scenes after Lulu stated to Laura something to the effect of, “You and dad will become grandparents for the second time…” WTF?! Hello, Cameron and Jake! Jake was conveniently Luke’s grandson when Tony Geary was written Emmy-bait! Lucky raised Cameron and Jake as his own children and Laura regarded the children as her grandchildren. What callous writers? Jake’s death by a drunken Luke has not been mentioned once since Laura’s return.

    Like Perkie, I’m over Tarly. I used to like them but there last few interactions felt lacking. Glad AJ extracted himself from that situation.

    Similar to Tarly, I’m over McBam. I thought Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton had massive chemistry when he joined GH but it’s been benched for so long I lost interest. Being in scenes with Rafe, Molly, Alexis did not help the matter.

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    Awesome episode. I loved everything Spencer. Laura going through the photo album, the mother-daughter bonding time, the sonogram celebration–it was all fabulous. Loved the Bobbie mention.

    I could care less about Tarly, and I could have done without the bunny-cam, but I thought AJ was great in those scenes. I loved the way they gave him the one liners. Funny, funny!

    The McBam kiss was just so hot. I hope ME comes back so that Sam and John can pick up where they left off.

    I don’t get Soapnet, so I don’t see GH promos unless I catch them on YouTube or somewhere else. I’m sure that most people have already seen this promo, but I thought I would pass it along anyway. Jacki A. and Stuart Damon both look really great.

    I’m having trouble with my DVR, too. I had to catch GH on YouTube several times in as many weeks. I lost DVR service completely tonight during DWTS, so now I have to sit through the commercials because ABC won’t let you FF through them with Comcast On-Demand.

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    [quote=Clifford]Hmmm….according to GH Facebook page my Tivo wasn’t the only one that decided not to record GH today. Thank goodness for ABC Player app…looks like tomorrow will be a two-fer watching day.[/quote]

    Because of the Pope pre-emption last week, this Monday’s episode description was the same as the listing for the show originally scheduled for last Friday.

    As a result, many DVR’s read Monday’s show as a repeat and not first-run, and didn’t record it.

    I had to grab it on SoapNet.

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    I enjoyed abt 75% of the episode a great deal and the other 25% not all!

    Love anything with Lucy and Laura and all that. Granted I didn’t get how keeping something that would seem common knowledge like Luke being single could be kept a secret or that it matters when Scotty is asking Laura to marry him. At that moment when he is asking her it shouldn’t be dependent upon her finally being over Luke. So I don’t think Scotty lied or kept anything from Laura before getting on bended knee.

    And any episode Connie free with a Olivia and Dante in it is fine with me!!

    Now what I don’t like… MOLLY is a close second to being an annoying character next to Connie. Writers give this teen TEEN DRAMA!! Who doesn’t think that Molly will be hiding rafe somewhere because she deems the system unfair?!! The girl is just one annoying teen who I wish the writers would just calm down with and just show her having real boy problems, girlfriend problems and math problems! Give her a girlfriend (friend not lesbian) so we can understand her crush on both rafe n TJ. Stop having her constantly chatting with big sister Sam or idiot Christina. Teens don’t confide in the big sisters like this kid and a funny side kick for her will make her look less NERDY and more real.

    And the WINNER FOR WASTING MY TIME WHEN MY FAST FORWARD BUTTON ON MY REMOTE WON’T WORK is …. Drum roll … TODD MANNING AND HIS RAPIST WAYS! So he reveals to Carly she must prove she’s with AJ by having sex in front of him and they just laugh it off n say no. Then he tears a rabbit apart to reveal a camera and instead of getting furious and calling the police Carly finds it endearing and ends up kissing the rapist?!!! Honestly, I found it disgusting and perverse the whole scenario. Todd with Carly is a bad idea and I’m sick of Todd manning.

    Here’s hoping that as he and Starr drive out of town that their car breaks down and they are never seen again …. But the car with the doors open, keys in the ignition and Starr’s purse is found inside. But the PCPD opts not to look for them because they too don’t like these mannings!!!

    (A boy can dream u know)

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    Great episode.

    Laura looked beautiful, loved all the Spencer/Falconeri scenes. Just one gripe: Could we not have gotten a formal first meeting of Laura and Olivia? It was so lame how they just came in together and Olivia said “Look, we bumped into Laura in the hallway.” Umm, girlfriend, you have never met before! These kinds of details annoy me at times, especially when it comes to an iconic character such as Laura. They shouldn’t be cutting any corners with her. They could have just met in the apartment.

    And another thing that has started to bother me. Luke’s comment to Lulu when she brought out the beverages: “Oh, ice tea…”, meaning it was a non-alcoholic drink. I’m sorry, when did Tony Geary decide it’s okay for Luke to drink? Because it’s not, and it should not be his decision to just ad-lib that in there.

    I also agree that it sounded weird when L&L were discussing how they are going to become grandparents for the SECOND time. Umm, no. And yes I agree with the poster above who said that Jake’s death has completely been forgotten, providing yet another way to forget about Luke being an alcoholic.

    There is something off with Laura. The way she accepted Scotty’s proposal and jumped on him, she was over the top, like a dying man hanging onto it’s last hope. There has to be more to it. Is Scotty mind-controlling her somehow? Or is there something more from Laura’s side?

    I really like Olivia these days. Steve being gone has raised her presence a LOT!

    I like McBam, and glad that they are moving a little forward.

    How could a police officer just think he would get custody of a child he really has no previous connection to, just like that? The child custody system is one of the strictest in the land, surely he must have known it would never happen.

    Thank God the AJ/Carly show is over. However, I’m not happy nor very interested about Tarly. First of all, the bunny cam was totally creepy and inapproriate considering Todd’s history. Second of all, he just walked into Carly’s like that and she didn’t kick his ass on the spot? No, no, no. I can’t get behind this pairing because Carly is right: she knows it will be bad for her. It’s toxic, and more of the same mistake that she’s made over and over. That being said, I am happy it will keep Carly occupied and away from other men.

  10. Profile photo of MysteryStory

    I might be in the minority here but Todd putting a camera in the bunny doesn’t seem too out of character to me. Think about it. Years ago, he passed himself off as a genie to C.J. And Sarah Roberts in order to befriend them and get information, hid in his sister Viki’s home so he could visit his daughter while he was on the run, an just recently passed himself off as SPIDER-MAN to his nephew Sam in order to get closer to his family. I think it’s more out of character that he revealed the camera so soon instead of taking the information he gained from it an plotting something with it.

  11. Profile photo of iowaninmn

    Yorla, I took Luke’s iced tea comments as a nod to other “iced tea” related storylines with Heather. So I actually smiled when he said that.

    But I agree with everyone’s comments about how disgusting it is when he drinks … especially in the presence of those same individuals (Tracey, Lulu) who did an intervention on him less than 2 years ago, and they act as if nothing is wrong.

  12. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I can see Todd and Carly together because they are both “tarnished” people. I don’t see them lasting together because like Todd says, things never last for him, something always goes wrong. For now, I am enjoying Carly and Todd, and both actors seem to enjoy working together.
    I am trying to get into Luke and Laura but Tony Geary is so much older looking now and after all those dark Guza stories with him, it’s hard to get into them as a couple anymore. I still miss those “love in the afternoon” times of the 80’s on GH. I just don’t see “that chemistry” anymore between any of the couples.

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    The only thing I loved about this episode was MCBAM!!!! I guess Sam is gonna be the one to adopt Rafe putting him in closer proximity to Molly, I don’t see Tj’s future looking so bright after that happens. I was wondering why Sonny wasn’t with Lante and the “grandparents” to be but then I realized MB was shooting a movie so he was probably not available. Besides Todd and his creepy bunny for Joss, (agree with all the posters in yesterday’s thread that said that was uber creepy considering that Joss could’ve taken that bunny to her room where she changes) I enjoyed this episode. Any episode of GH that is alternate personality free is a good one for me lol

    Thanks Tealita for the promo, it looks fantastic!!

  14. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    Alstonboy –from your keyboard to the writers keyboard

    Where has Johnny been? I know BB is no longer on GH but are we gonna get an exit story, I feel like haven’t seen Johnny or Kristina for about a month…Kristina can stay offscreen, but no exit story for BB/Johnny :(

  15. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I know many here are anti-Sonny but I wish he had been at the Spencer-Falconeri sonogram gathering. I miss seeing Sonny outside of holding Konnie’s purse. Have Sonny and Luke has one scene since Carvialti has taken over? Seeing Sonny & Laura could have been interesting.

    Also, the scenes between Laura and Lulu made me sad for Julie Marie Berman’s impending exit. She really captures being the daughter of Laura & Luke.

  16. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Didn’t have much time today so decided to read and then PJC, tealita, soapbaby and others got me worked up so i had to post something quick!

    YES — give Molly REAL teen girl problems! I did find Rafe adorable today only b/c he wasn’t shoved in our faces as they rotated him with the vets. What happened to the edgy male characters soaps were famous for in the 80s ??? Bo Brady, Patch Johnson, Jack Deveuraux, Preacher, Lujack — they should have Rafe develop an edge, make him more interesting for Christ’s sake! J) There’s ZERO CONFLICT here except viewers wondering which bland, boring kid Nasal Molly will choose and we’ll be stuck with all summer and years to come :(

    Loved all things Lucy and Laura. TG played these scenes a bit weird, can’t nail the exact vibe. Can’t get over how GORGEOUS Genie looks, she almost glows. I found LLo’s jittery vibe a bit entertaining, but when i first saw her i thought WGAF, i really don’t. Then when she got spunky and weird at Lante’s i got more interested.

    Highlight of the episodes for me were 1) Lucy and Scotty (i did believe his confession of love for Laura, i mean he IS over 50 now lol) 2)Laura & Lulu and most importantly, 3) that adorable 90’s photo of Luke, Laura & Lucky. It made me fondly remember the 90’s and how lovingly L & L were bought back to the show, then i started remembering the Stefan/Laura arc and how much i thoroughly enjoyed all of that too. Loved the Bobbie mention. I actually think TG was a playing a paranoid doom and gloom vibe about Helena, which i think cast a bit of gloom over the scenes and was kinda great.

    Sean Kanan really’s found his footing in all the Tarly scenes. LW’s hair looks hot but i SO don’t give a shit about this forced story. They’re doing a rushed reunion so that he will suddenly disappear, maybe related to that phone call from Dani. Who knows and who cares, i don’t!

    Surprisingly i liked McBam.

    Shoutout to Yorla — Great post. Yes, i noticed the “iced tea” comment too and it went over my head at first. But you’re right. IF and only IF TG decides it’s now *okay* for Luke to drink, Jake’s death needs to be addressed, in depth, and not in passing.

  17. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    This episode was really good. I think it illustrates why they have to use some of the teen angst/relish/connie/everyone propping and cooing like school kids over sabrina to a minimum and not all on the same day because they you have an epi like this and it really illustrates how bad some of these other stories are and which characters really are the shows money characters.

    yeah, if the bunny had gone to joss’s room i would have been bothered but it didnt. I loved the aj/carly/todd stuff. AJ and Carly were hysterical and their chemistry is off the charts. Todd and carly have some good chemistry though I think they are going to have to work harder to differentiate the todd/blair love story from what they are going to tell now on GH. The acting, especially the timing was really good and the scenes were poignant and funny at the same time. I wont believe it until I see you have sex. We arent putting on a show for you. OH THATS WHY YOU WONT SLEEP WITH HIM?? THATS WHY?? LOL considering how much vitriol we heard from those two I could practically hear the carly/aj inner mind response to that question.

    Laura and scotty/laura and luke/ scotty and lucy/todd and lucy – line of the day “marry the heck out of her” its nice to see that lucy isnt totally above being at least a little sneaky still. Todd and lucy crack me up. I loved the proposal from scott and yeah I buy he has genuine feelings for her. Laura looks awesome and while I agree I wish i had seen sonny at the family gathering, i loved all things Spencer. I dont love luke drinking, but i can understand why the writers dont continually bring up jake – it made the character of luke look horrible and the show doesnt need that going in to the 50th anniversary. It was a huge mistake to kill off jake so I could see them writing very little about it (i wish they would stop mentioning franco too – another big mistake in the writing, but my wish doesnt look to be granted any time soon)

    And then there is McBam. God I just love them. It reminds me of the jax/brenda/sonny triangle in that both sides are compelling and you knew why brenda (and now Sam) was torn. When John was talking about steven Clay taking what he wanted and then he looked at sam like he was discovering HIS inner vampire, I totally swooned. As for john not being there for liam – there is a restraining order in place. I loved Jolie but honestly a parent doesnt have the right to cut out another parent just for being tempted or even for outright cheating. Natalie should move on to cutter or brody while john should move on to sam. Jolie was all sorts of hot for awhile, but now having seen McBam, i am SO over the pairing as anything more than coparents.

  18. Profile photo of liason4real

    Natalie should move on to cutter or brody while john should move on to sam. Jolie was all sorts of hot for awhile, but now having seen McBam, i am SO over the pairing as anything more than coparents.
    I am shocked at your feelings regarding Jolie 2.0. I fell in love with Jolie 1.0, but thought Natalie deserved better this time around and really wanted Brody as Liam and Ryder’s father, because there was decades of story to tell with Brody in love with both twins, and both twins in love with Brody.

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I do feel that way. I wasnt wild about every thing that john did during their reunion (and I hated the way john behaved after the fire) but lets face facts, natalie slept with johns best friend and lied about it over and over and over again even believing liam wasnt his. I would like to think that if I were john i would have understood her reasons but the way it played out I simply didnt (because I gave her leeway about jessica and then after the truth came out she didnt really mention her fears about jessicas health at all. If this was her top priority, the minute jessica became tess again she should have turned up on johns doorstep and said i TOLD you I was worried about her mental state and look what happened – right after you felt it necessary to tell her the truth.) Bottom line was that she didnt trust him not to leave so she took away his right to react in whatever way he wanted. Plus she humiliated him in the process. I see natalie as someone who was passionate and opinionated and those are the traits I liked in the character but watching him with sam they have all of the same heat without the immaturity that sort of characterized both john and natalies behavior during their relationship. I like that john seems comfortable telling sam anything and everything but natalie was always complaining that john didnt confide in her at all. And quite frankly I think john is needed on gh – I see him being dantes partner, annas right hand and sams partner plus if and when jason returns a very real threat to jasam reuniting. Like jax/brenda/sonny thats a triangle that could play out for years. Conversely im not sure what he brings to the long term picture for oltl right now. My gut says that little of the oltl action is going to take place in the precinct in the next year unless its bo coming down to deal with destiny getting arrested or something like that. From who they cast, I just dont see the LVPD playing a huge role in things. I dont see him with any of the women on the cast because i would assume that blair and tea will be tied up with todd victor and tomas for much of the next year given that they only have 30 minutes over six months compared to 60 over 12. That means that john and natalie fuss and fight and then they reunite slowly and then ……zzzzzz….we have seen that story how many times now with them and once they reunite they would be a happy married couple with no angst. Lets assume for a second that GH gets cancelled and at that point ME wanted to go back full time to OLTL. THEN it gets interesting because he spent time with another woman parenting her child and one would think natalie starts up with someone else (or maybe she already has) so she has moved on. His return creates a very real triangle that wouldnt otherwise exist if he stayed on GH. Im struggling enough with todd because I think he still would prefer to be with blair hands down. if ME is going to be ON GH then his love interest should be ON GH and they should write him as picking sam. ( and i say this too about tarly – tell me why he wants carly instead of going back to PA to fight for blair and if he is going to be ON GH then he should pick carly)

  20. Profile photo of tori87dec

    So sick of the L/L/S triangle,how many times has it been done now I’ve lost count! I really thought this time when GF returned they’d give Laura a strong storyline of her own but once again it’s to whine after Luke,so boring! AG looks old enough to play GF grandfather and giving Genie dark hair only makes her look older. Genie looked beautiful and so much more youthful on Y&R as Genevieve then she does as Laura,are they trying to make her look older so she doesn’t seem so young next to Tony Geary? It seems so. Please bring SN/Stefan back to GH,he and Genie had wonderful chemistry and they could run the Cassadine empire together,now that would be so much more interesting. L/L have run their course and what was popular back in the 80’s just isn’t there anymore. Please let Genie move on from this mess,she deserves so much more respect to her and her character!

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