Get Ready For Unexpected Returns on General Hospital!

General Hospital fans have been reveling in the returns of longtime favorites, such as Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) and Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring), but GH isn’t finished serving up blasts from the past.

This week’s General Hospital promo features the returns of Alan (Stuart Damon), Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) and Jax (Ingo Rademacher) and promises unexpected returns. Watch it after the jump!

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    If Brenda starts off with that crazy ass cackling and wearing freaky sleeves, I will FF her butt and hope that Connie/Kate runs her down in front of Sonny’s home.

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    [quote=liason4real]If Brenda starts off with that crazy ass cackling and wearing freaky sleeves, I will FF her butt and hope that Connie/Kate runs her down in front of Sonny’s home.[/quote]

    THIS. :beer: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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    This promo is EVERYTHING!!!!

    AUDREY!!! EEEEK The original leading lady!!! And she looks GREAT in this promo! :)

    Bobbie! Helena! Alan! Jax! SO NICE! :)

    And Brenda is nice too, not my favorites but why not.

    AND: It’s VERY interesting to see Dr. Obrecht. I actually always liked her! – there’s something mysterious about her, in a good way. Great villain. I’m especially intrigued to see why she’s back, and if the spoiler about a “shocking connection” has to do with her. If she’s someone mother perhaps….?

    CAN’T WAIT!!! :)

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    Who is the lady in black in the promo, shown right after Maxie? She looks very familiar, but I can’t place her. Edit… just got the answer from above. :-)

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    I love me some Brenda too Jamey, tho could do w/out the cackling, tho that is nit picking. And FYI to all the sleeve dissers — Adrienne Leon’s Colleen was doing the long sweater sleeves in the mid-2000’s way before Ms. Marcil!

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    Dr. Obrecht might be there as a part of the Robin storyline since she is the one who handed her over to Jerry. However, how great would it be if she turned out to be Brit’s mother? Ever since it was announced that Brit was added as a contract role, she hasn’t really had anything to do. This could add all sorts extra of layers to her chasing after Patrick and explain her evil vibe.

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    One more thing. It sounds like Laura’s voice at the end of the promo and the shocked reaction might be to seeing Rick Weber who everyone thinks is dead ( and maybe held captive by Helena?). We know Chris Robinson is coming back, yet he was the only newly announced return not in the promo. He would certainly be the return that no one expected, kicking off the search for Lulu when she vanishes.

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    Brenda was just stupidly written in her last return. The character is very viable to the show. Let’s make no mistake there.
    I’m interested to see how RC writes her.

    Anyway I’m excited to see all those faces back in Port Charles. GH ROCKS!!!

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    Nice promo!! However VM looks like she has a fuller face in a good way.. Wonder if it just work done or weight.. Hoping for weight- I love the charater of Brenda. She was just written badly last time.. Hope for some different material for her..

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]Brenda Barrett is EVERYTHING![/quote]

    With a statement like that and considering your love of Brooke Logan,

    Jamey, I am tempted to ask, who would you choose to watch, Brooke or Brenda if B&B and GH were being aired at the same time?

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    I liked when Sonny and Brenda first got together. They had amazing chemistry back then. What turned some people off, I think, was Brenda’s last return and that awful Balkin storyline by Guza. I hope this return is better, and it’s only for a short time. Looking forward to seeing Bobbie, (she looks a lot better in the promo), Audrey, and the others.

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    Looks good!! Also looks like everyone saw their personal surgeons to FRESHEN up just a little … or a lot … for Hi DEF.

    Can’t wait to see what the story will all be!

    I have a guess on who the BIG surprise will be… I am going to say it’s ROBIN. For the show to go to such lengths to show us IMMEDIATELY after CARTOONY came on board that Robin did not perish and then bring her back 2-3 more times and to have everyone not know she was RIGHT THERE, it would be only far to reveal her alive now.

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    I think the big return is Rick…it was Laura’s voice, so i think it’s Rick Webber. I can’t really speculate on KMc b/c as far as we know she’s not returning full time so what’s the point?

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    No offense to VM/Brenda fans or mob boss/Brenda fans, but beyond their first pairing and the first trio with IR’s Jax, I’ve not felt anything for the character nor the actresses’ work. The writing had a lot to do with it, admittedly, but her delivery has seemed to regress the character and her motivations. The only time I recall being engaged (by both her and her character), were her last scenes when she walked away from MB’s mob boss, choosing her son over a life with him… 0:)

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    OMG I think VM looks great in that pic and I for one am thrilled with Brenda being in town – I just hate that it will most likely be temporary – I think Brenda is the only character that can compare to my Liz love.

    I for one loved Brenda/Jason and thought that was a pairing that the writers could of turned into gold – especially since Sonny had hatesex with Carly – it would have been poetic justice for Jason to have Brenda.

    I still long for a soap triangle like the Sonny/Brenda/Jax days – now it would be no contest I never want Sonny to put his hands on my darling Brenda EVAH AGAIN

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    Someone mentioned Vanessa Marcil looking fuller & its true b/c she is. She said on twitter she gained 15 more pounds and Kimberly McCullough joked about her having more booty now. I just hope w/ that addition of weight comes back the Brenda Barrett I love.

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    I wasn’t crazy about VM’s last return and the Balkin dude wasn’t a truly scary villian imo. They totally isolated VM and gave 5-day-per-week Dante the privilege of figuring heavy in her story arc, which i totally resented. But I had to keep watching to make sure he wasn’t the father of that kid! Now THAT would’ve been awful storytelling the future writers would have a nightmare retconning :(

    Glad to hear VM put on some pounds, i think she needs it and can stop the cackling and we’ll be all set. I personally found Brax to be a total snooze but she ain’t sticking around long enough anyway for it to matter. I do hope she’s a bee in Connie’s bonnet for a little bit!

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    Ok I get it Brenda’s last return to GH stunk, however before this she was great and one of the reasons I watched. When she left I stopped watching so hopefully she can get a story line she deserves. The people that only watched her with that “cackling” story line never got to see her true character. I am glad she is back and maybe I’ll tune in again

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