How Will Brady Get Back at John on Days of Our Lives?

Has Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) relationship with John (Drake Hogestyn) devolved to the point where he’ll ask Kristen (Eileen Davidson) to marry him out of spite? This week Brady proposes to Kristen, but what made him do it? Watch the Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    Someone needs to headbutt John Black. He’s the biggest male prick on soaps right now! Seriously, whoever is writing DAYS must REALLY REALLY hate John Black and Jennifer Chicken Little Horton because both characters have been totally stripped of whatever redeeming qualities they might have once had. They are seriously the bottom feeders of soaps!! Horrid characters!!! J) J)

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    I’m glad Brady does propose to Kristen, because it will mean a wedding is coming up, and possibly a MARRIAGE! Yay!

    However – I do understand the people who hate Brady being such a dim-bulb. It is really going way too far. That he would disown his entire family and blindly believe everything Kristen says? Don’t get me wrong, it has to be that way. But I just sometimes can’t help but wonder – does Brady have a surprise up his sleeve?

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    Margaret Thatcher

    I think Marlena (Deidre Hall) is a dope for tolerating John (Drake Hogestyn).

    She’s allegedly a smart, well-educated woman, but she lets John treat her like a rug, wiping his dirty boots on her. Initially, I was so thrilled to see their return to Salem but, the writers apparently don’t what to do with them, choosing instead to focus on the perfectly horrible Jennifer (Melisa Reeves.)

    Don’t universities know how to graduate writers anymore?

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    What I think would be genius is if this was all an elaborate scheme on the part of John AND Brady to bring Kristen down(maybe John finally brought Brady to his senses and it all took place offscreen with the payoff coming later). Alas, I don’t think John and Brady combined have the brains to pull off something like that. As Jennifer recently said to Nancy in regards to her and Chloe in one of her rare moments of bitchy cleverness–apple(Chloe), tree(pointing to Nancy); same can definitely be said for John and Brady.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]…Seriously, whoever is writing DAYS must REALLY REALLY hate John Black and Jennifer Chicken Little Horton because both characters have been totally stripped of whatever redeeming qualities they might have once had…[/quote]

    The wardrobe people must really hate her like poison. They’ve been dressing her more and more badly in every episode. For the past three episodes, she’s been wearing a dress that is the most hideous combination of mustard and silver ever.

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    I can’t believe that Marlena is letting John blame her for everything and talk to her the way he does. How in the hell was it Marlena’s fault that John left his hotel room door open while confessing to Marlena that he still didn’t trust Kristen? She needs to smack him like no man has been slapped in the history of soaps and tell him that this is all his fault for trusting Kristen in the first place and not believing in Marlena’s instincts all along. Then she needs to walk away and not look back. I used to like John and Marlena together, but now I don’t want her anywhere near him. Can’t we get Wayne Northrop back as Roman?

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    I also used to like Jennifer, but now I can’t stand her. She is all doom and gloom and judgment. She needs someone like Jack to provide comic relief to her drama.

    I also can’t stand how obnoxious, rude and snotty Abigail has become. A little fire is great, but fire for no reason is obnoxious. She verbally attacked that chick who works at the hospital and called her a bitch just to protect her boyfriend, and then acts all offended and snooty when the chick calls her out on her bad behavior. And that chick happens to be right, Jennifer wouldn’t be able to come and go as she pleases at the hospital if she weren’t a Horton.

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