Should NBC Give Deception a Second Season?

Deception, NBC's attempt at a Revenge-esque mystery sudser, aired its season finale Monday night. The serial finally revealed the killer of troubled heiress Vivian Bowers (One Life to Live alum Bree Williamson).

SPOILER ALERT:  It appeared Viv's dad, Robert Bowers (Victor Garber) killed his junkie offspring, who had been trying to expose evil doings by his pharmaceutical conglomerate before her demise.

Viv's BFF, undercover cop Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good) was too busy banging FBI handler Will Moreno (Laz Alonzo)—and Viv's brother Julian (Wes Brown)—all season long to actually solve the crime! Now, according to TV By The Numbers, Jo may never get the chance to bring Papa Bowers to justice, due to the soap's less-than-stellar ratings.

Personally, I enjoyed the sexy, lightweight, interracial thriller. Joanna lacks the get-your-man-at-all-cost professional drive of Scandal's Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), but she's just as quick as Liv to justify her amoral bedroom antics, which made for some hot love scenes in season one.

NBC did a pisspoor job promoting the serial, which starred two cast members from Oscar winner Argo (Garber and Tate Donovan as eldest Bowers offspring Edward), yet Deception still managed decent numbers. Imagine how the show might have done if it would have had the PR muscle behind that sing-a-long trainwreck Smash?

Deception has all of the elements of a great, long-running sudser. It just needs some fine-tuning, ala a pre-Heather Locklear Melrose Place 1.0. I hope The Peacock allows promising creator Liz Heldens the chance to retool Deception a bit and bring it back next midseason. What do you think?

Should Deception get a second season?


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They won't, but they should. This is a show that could build, in my opinion. I was engrossed in all 11 episodes, and I believe it could grow a good, juicy following. NBC has patience with shows such as Parenthood (thankfully) and they seem to think people are going to flock back to their screens to see Revolution, but they seem to be overlooking this gem of a series that gooses me the way Scandal does and Revenge used to (and is starting to again).

I have to say it has become a guilty pleasure for the past several weeks to watch Dallas at 9 and then Deception at 10. It reminded me of the old days, when I used to enjoy Friday nights with Dallas and Falcon Crest.

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"Deception" deserves a 2nd season. And I couldn't agree more, Jamey. NBC did do very little to promote the show and for NBC standards the numbers are not all that bad. "Deception" has an audience who wants to turn back in again. The numbers are stable for weeks now. A little retool, a little bit more promotion and "Deception" could do great for NBC.

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I did enjoy this show and cast and I watched it practically live every week, but they lost any goodwill with me by not definitively answering the season long question: who killed Vivian Bowers? It "appeared" to be Robert, but they left such wiggle room that he could be protecting someone (his wife - who has an accent that I wanr) or they could easily slide someone else in as the killer. It was such a thud of a last scene too. I don't even remember it now, but I recall my disappointment.

I wish show runners would go back to how Joss Whedon set up Buffy. Every season was self contained so if the show was canceled there is a resolution, but there are springboards to other stories for next season too.

I haven't been so let down with the end of a season since Ringer. Really, now you realize your twin is alive? I wasted 22 hours of my life and you still don't come face to face.

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Yes it should be renewed. I think the show is good. It was better than Revenge when that show got off track. Hope Revenge returns to what it was.

NBC should advertise and rerun the first season and then start the new season. It will pick up viewers.

I watch on hulu. I like watching several episodes at once. Those who have hulu plus, I recommend catching up.

It is amazing there was no publicity on Argo stars being on show. That was mentioned by others and I wondered same thing.

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I thought the show and concept was great, but as for the storylines it was toooooooooo loooooong for me, and if it renew for season 2 they need to have some faster storylines, because I couldn't take it.

I say no let them pull the plug, but again I did like it, but there were a few epsiodes that bored me to tears.

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Well,Revenge first season was way better then this mess.

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TVGORD, I remember that routine also. Couldnt wait. Those were the good old days when life was simple and we had to get up to change the channel.

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I find this show kinda difficult to follow, so I kinda tuned out after the first few episodes, but I do think it deserves a 2nd season.

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Deception's average ratings were around 3 million per episode. If you want to talk about smash or trash? I'd say trash. Deceptions ratings would work wonders for cable, but for a network it was just not that interesting.

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Well, I have to say I loved this show from start to finish(?). Granted, it was essentially just a different angle on Revenge--with the caveat that this show has been a helluva lot better than most of that show's current season--and the protaganist couldn't quite match the laser-like focus of Revenge's Emily Thorne. But, I still thought Meagan Good was damn terrific in the role and she was surrounded by a flawless cast--anything with Victor Garber's name in the credits deserves at least a second look, Tate Donovan only gets better(and better-looking)with age and Katherine LaNassa brought just the right amount of scenery-chewing venom as Sophia. Oh, and Wes Brown as Julian is one stunning piece of manhood. Sadly, considering that NBC doesn't promote anything that isn't called the Voice or Revolution it's highly doubtful this will see a second season.

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I don't think it's fair to compare Joanne to Olivia because both shows are two completely different concepts.

Now I do need a season two only because I need more Julian and Joanne. Those two have great chemistry. I can't stand that Moreno. He comes off as a whiny brat with an attitude problem.

I just wish Joanne wasn't a cop. If she just came back to investigate it would have been way better.

I love the show especially the step mother. She can chew scenery!

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Unfortunately, I doubt that it will be renewed but I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it just as much as season 1 of Revenge and the must see Scandal!