Adam Offers Up a SOAPGASMIC Toast to Victor and Nikki on The Young and the Restless!

Oh, this is gonna be gooood! Victor Newman's (Eric Braeden) prodigal son crashes the Black Night's umpteenth wedding to Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) today on The Young and the Restless.

Will Adam (Michael Muhney) finally reveal all the trifling, scandalous mess Victor was up last winter — like hiring a druggie hooker to target rival Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) on New Year's Eve? Judging from the sneak peek below at Adam's soapgasmic toast, it's a very good possibility!


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    Restless Fan

    Looking forward to today’s show. This weeks episodes have been exceptional. I am also soooo loving the intros everyday by different actors. Having each individual recap their characters history has been very smart. They got so muddled and disjointed during the awful MAB years. These vignettes have smartly re-established who they are straight from the people who play them.

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    I am looking forward to seeing the self-righteous grins get slapped off of Tricktoria Newman and Nickclueless’ faces! Adam knows how to put folks in their places, and his two self-serving, hypocritical siblings are the perfect candidates!! :beer: :beer:

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    I still can’t figure out why Victor doesn’t give Adam his due, as Victor has always been about one of his off spring heading Newman Enterprises?

    Is it because his mother isn’t Nikki???

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    I love the shows this week!!! From Nikki looking at her reflection in the mirror, to her facing “the long walk” down the aisle ( will she make it? will she make it? ); Phyllis and Ashley duking it out, verbally, over Jack; the surprise visits ( where oh where is Casey? ); Reed; Eric Forrestor and the great tribute to Stephanie;

    And what is up with this henchman in the tuxedo?

    Well gang – still don’t believe me? Kyle suggested the trip to Instanbul!!!

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    Oh isn’t she Phyllis’s daughter, and Phyllis walked in and seeing Summer half undressed “WHAT THE HELL” I howled! :love: This is getting good! :bigsmile: B&B is cooking on full steam again…Gawd I love CBS daytime! :love: :bigsmile:

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    Adam just wants Victor’s love. You can feel this under Griffith’s writing and I like this very much. Their relationship got so much more complex.
    I have to say that I also enjoy it when Adam has scenes with Victoria. Sometimes she seems to be the one who kind of tries to at least get Adam and his ways. So over Morrow’s face every time when Nick looks at Adam… -.-

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    SoapJunkie The Adam wanting Victor’s love……
    Was where Josh was headed before he got canned by MAB, and the gaslighting fetus burning baby napping Adam.

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    alstonboy4315 … another couple of beer for your comment #2! :beer: :beer:

    TraceyAbbot101 … have I missed something? Who is Taylor?

    And right now unless I’m wrong … I just can’t believe that so many here seem to think that the good congressman has nothing to do with Candy Man’s past and the current goings on.

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    Sorry Tedew: Taylor is the screwed up shrink on Bold and Beautiful who can’t keep her over collegen injected lips closed long enough from spilling her patients’s secrets.

    My comment was directed at Harlee, who commented that B&B is finally getting better these days…..

    BTW: I think Adam took the bullet meant for Victor. If so, we’ll see how this changes the family dynamic.

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    The show had a lot of steam heading into today, but then (with the exception of possibly Adam taking the bullet) IMO, kinda tanked a bit (no pun) when that bald guy put the explosive on the water heater. I hate this kind of stuff, but hopefully tomorrow’s show will put the tale back on track.

    I still am not a Tyler fan. Unlike Leslie’s scene with her Dad. His was a dud.

    And was nice to see the twins, but that scene too just was kinda…eh.

    BUT still loving the Lauren and Carmine pairing. I’m loving it that she can’t stay away from the guy. It’s awful for Michael, but it’s gonna be good when he finds out.

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    TraceyAbbot101 … I go back to alstonboy4315’s post #2 regarding Adam; no matter which way it’s accomplished.

    pferrando … I agree with you on Tyler. He’s actually quite annoying from any angle.

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    So the wedding was a bit anti climatic. I love how everyone in town who has only learned of Gus and the fact he was convicted of murdering his wife immediately think a state senator had something to do with the murder! And that after 3 months on the show wheeler is abt to leave and he’s done n nothing more than say Gus is guilty and victor hired my whore of a daughter?!

    Sorry, huge waste of talent.

    And why would he do a silly murder attempt on victor in front of people? And the hot man runs out the Front door… Or so attempted to… Instead of just running out the back/ side door/ etc to safety.

    Again the wedding n climax or lack luster.

    Even the scenes for tomorrow point out that most survived and that whomever got shot… Awwww sorry Adam… Didn’t get Hirt too much.

    I have to say, it is sad to see suck
    Good story everywhere else but lackluster endings

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    I loved today’s episode. I don’t think it was anti climatic.

    i think the previews for Monday kind of made things seem like not that big of a deal. But as for today’s episode, it built and built up to the bomb being set and the gunshot….how much more can something climax??

    I’ll wait til Monday before I decide whether or not it was anticlimatic.

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    Restless Fan

    The last few moments of the show were kind of a dud. The next day previews didn’t help matters out much as it took away any suspense the show was trying to build up. Any one else think they should get rid of next day previews like I do?

    That being said Wednesdays episode was not on the caliber that Monday and Tuesdays were. However the story fallout of Adam getting shot do excite me. We shall see.

    Lastly, Daniel Goddards open did little to nothing for me. Hearing DG recapping his poorly written character was something that should have been left for the web. Tracy B or Jess Walton should have been given that prime slot.

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    TraceyAbbot101 … yes and I wonder just who will diffuse that ticking bomb?

    Regarding Wheeler …he’s done nothing at all to make us suspect him has he.

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    DG I’m sorry was the weakest point compared to the other vets, and then to make it worse they had to show flashbacks of MAB’s tenture which I HATE |( !

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    I like the character of Cane, and the actor, but he doesn’t deserve an opening. He’s really no where near a “vet”. And because of that his opening did fall flat. Too bad and a wasted opportunity. Should have gone to Michael, Lauren, Paul, Jill. Is Kay getting one?

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    I agree on the previews.

    I think they’d be fine if they didn’t give away a major plot point like they did after Wednesday’s show. Maybe try to feature something that didn’t have anything to do with the shooting.

    And if Summer is really getting an opening…WTF? I wonder what the veteran cast members think about that?

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    Wednesday’s show had the worse opening so far. DG/Cane, just isn’t of interest to me and so, his opening was just dull. Probably only be one that is as bad as his and that will be by Summer, and why she was even given one, is just way beyond me. I liked the quote somewhere above, about them not showing previews of next day show. We never watch them on Y and R or any of the regular night time dramas that we watch. They just give too much away and we would rather be surprised.

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