Did ABC Daytime BLOCK a #GH50 Celebration on Hallmark Channel’s ‘Marie’?

While promoting an upcoming celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Young and the Restless on Hallmark Channel's Marie, producer Jim Romanovich dropped a tidbit on Twitter about trying to do a similar special episode in honor of General Hospital's 50th birthday. According to Romanovich, his efforts were nixed by ABC! Tweeted the executive:

What?! I mean, who wouldn't want to chill on TV with sweetie pie Marie Osmond?

Anthony Geary and Genie Francis photo credit: ABC
Marie photo credit: Hallmark Channel 

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    Is this the Jim Romanovich that worked on the Emmys and was interviewed by DC years back? It sounds like some ABC suits grudge holding, if they crossed paths previously. What a shame…

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    What is this about? What does the comment “How soon they forget” mean?

    Not that GH missed out on a lot. Marie is hardly the cream of the crop, and she is off-putting as a talk show host. All publicity is of course good publicity, so a shame in that way.

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    They also posted some pictures from the Y&R 40th anniversary show on twitter- WOW- they went all out, pictures decor and even cake. And they have Jeanne Cooper AND Jess Walton on TOGETHER…I haven’t seen that yet for the 40th. I’ve never heard of or watched Marie before but I’m going to make sure I tune in for this. GH is missing out.

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    TV Gord

    I think this is just a matter of ABC wanting to control all of its publicity around the anniversary, so they’ll be promoting it on its own ABC-owned properties. And really, Marie’s talk show only has a few hundred-thousand viewers, so it’s probably not worth the trouble for them to do the show, in the broader perspective.

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    I don’t watch GH but, in these days when we are trying to save the last of the daytime soaps, why would ABC NOT try and get some promotion on a daytime talk show. Marie Osmonds’ show gets a nice percentage of viewers.
    From Y&R, Melody Thomas Scott & Daniel Goddard have been featured on the show. Even better, Marie didn’t seem to have a competive bone in her body. She could not have been more sincere when reminding viewers to watch Y&R.
    Shame on ABC.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=AlbertoTulsa71]Marie Osmonds’ show gets a nice percentage of viewers.

    Her first show last fall got 320,000 viewers in the key demo, and viewership dropped off all week, until by Friday of her first week, she had 141,000 viewers.

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    To me it doesn’t matter how many viewers Marie does or doesn’t get….there’s a big possibility that whatever viewers she get may not be GH fans. So they definitely missed out on a chance.

    But then again, it’s ABC so I’m not surprised in the least…

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    ABC has done a fine job promoting GH 50th. I don’t know what the reasoning was behind this move, but with all the Big-time media attention they have gotten since last fall, they don’t need to be everywhere.

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    I find it odd though, Yoryla, that they’d deny ANY chance to promote the show.

    I’m not knocking GH here, but ABC, who still seem to be resisting solidifying a potential strong Daytime presence.

    The new team at GH has obviously make some strides in the ratings, so why not use all channels to keep the momentum going?

    ABC just makes odd decisions IMO.

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    I believe there’s a specific reason as to why they wouldn’t agree to this particular promotion. Obviously something bad has happened between the ABC suits and Marie Osmond or her show. I don’t know what it is though.

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