Rick Refuses to Ravish Caroline on The Bold and the Beautiful

Maya (Karla Mosley) explained to Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd) what had happened between her and Rick (Jacob Young). She shared how she discovered he was a Forrester. Dayzee then admitted that she too is now a Forrester, but was not happy to learn that Maya and Rick had kissed.

I don't get why Dayzee is defending Rick and Caroline's (Linsey Godfrey) fickle relationship so vehemently. She kept saying they were both from rich and powerful families and would probably marry. What a weak explanation for Dayzee trying to tell Maya who she could spend time with!

Dayzee warned Maya not to pursue anything with Rick, while living in her dingy apartment. If I was Maya, I would have said screw that; I’ll find somewhere else to live.

Speaking of Caroline, the desperate, Manhattan transplant—who always seems a bit tipsy—tried to seduce Rick. He wasn’t in the mood. She quickly figured out he was thinking of someone else and threatened to scratch the woman’s eyes out.

After Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) Bedroom surprise at Forrester, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) ran off to find Katie (Heather Tom). The shrink immediately started fueling Katie’s doubts about Bill (Don Diamont) and Brooke. Katie went rushing off to Forrester where she found Bill and Brooke  rolling around on a bed.

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    What a B&B ending, Brooke and Bill falling on the bed.

    I start to like Caroline. Her acting style is quite funny recently.

    How pathetic is the character of Taylor???

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    After seeing Caroline’s latest series of Valley Girl impersonations, I now want an anvil to fall on her………and if that same anvil could also fall on Hopeless Logan and Taylor Hayes too, that would be grand. :D :D

    I do enjoy Maya with Rick, but I wonder how much longer it’s gonna be before Brad makes Maya’s character utterly unlikable.

  3. Profile photo of snizzle

    I’m with you alstonboy…Caroline, Hopeless and Taylor can all go. It looks like Dayzee will be the next victim of Bell to suffer a massive personality transformation.

    I did enjoy today’s scenes with Brooke and Katie. The rest of the show was ff for me because of Hope and Taylor.

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    WTH is Day-ZEE’s problem? Umm, someone needs to tell girlfriend that if it weren’t for La Forrester (may she rest in peace) she would still be pushin shopping carts in Skid Row! Dayz’ hasn’t been a “Firestar” for less than a year, and already she has the snooty antics down to a Tee!

    I swear, Linsey Godfrey gets scarier by the day! She’s inching closer and closer to a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Charity Rahmer Academy for Future Ingenues. This new found insta-bitch routine is almost more horrible than the vapid nailbiter. However, were she to go over the deepend and start to pin needles to headless Ken & Barbie dolls, thinking they are Rick and herself, it might improve her standing.

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    I don’t really understand the need for the character of Daysee. With Stephanie gone there is no real tie for her in the soap.

    That being said, I would prefer this story with Rick and Caroline and now Maya to have been fleshed out more so that I actually felt it more of a natural happening rather than “Hey, writers, let’s make a new love triangle” idea that Bill came in on a MOnday from a weekend with his sister in law Maria and threw on the table.

    I like the idea of it and definitely would enjoy seeing it occur but just am not invested in any of the principals when it comes to love.

    As for Caroline’s acting weird, drunk, out of sorts and desperate, I have said it before and will say it again, I think the fall did something to her and down the road it will be revealed as a brain tumor or something. When it is discovered Rick will then be torn between his forgotten love for Caroline prior to the fall and his new lust for Maya.

    Mark my words.

    Over in the Brooke sage room, I am seeing something interesting in Katie. She has been brainwashed by Taylor and going straight for Brooke. Could we actually see that Taylor has been manipulating Katie to bring down the logan’s once and for all? All the words Katie used were EXACTLY the words that Taylor was spewing to Rick! AND FINALLY someone actually argues good points and sticks up for someone on this show! Loved that Rick stuck up for his mom.

    I’m liking the bitchy Taylor too! Let’s hope they keep her that way and don’t make it a brain tumor like they eventually will with Caroline.

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    So you think that Brad actually wrote a story around Caroline…you must be smoking something, because he did NOT do that. There is no brain tumor, there is no hidden story, believe me. The girl we see is a different caroline then a few weeks ago, but it has nothing to dowith the fall, it has everything to do with lazy writing and poor character development.

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    I am telling you, Brad saw that therelationshipbetween Rick and Craoline didnt work, and he hadtwo options.
    1. Caroline goes through the same door inthe Forrester mansion, the one James Warwick went through during his relationship with STephanie, after he went through the secret door he was gone and never to be mentioned again. (It really happened BTW.)
    2. He changes the character of caroline in aminute so that Rick has a plausible reason to dump her without having to write any dramtic goodbye scenes.

    He choose the second reason.

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    I’m having a hard time warming up to some of the younger characters.

    As I stated before, I don’t remember the guy that plays Rick, being a weak actor. And the scene with Caroline was kinda bad.

    I have a lot of back story to catch up on, but how did Rick even meet Maya? (They don’t seem to be a fit to me, but neither does Caroline.)

    As a contrast to Y and R, I do like a lot about B and B. The pacing, the exterior shots…all are very well done. I like the show in its 1/2 hour format.

  9. Profile photo of Yoryla

    pferrando, Rick met Maya just a couple of weeks ago. She’s an old frenemy of Dayzee’s from their days in Skid Row/ homeless. She thought Rick was unemployed or something and let him crash on her couch.

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    Yoryla…thanks. Yeah I’m trying to get caught up, but it’s been such a long time. So far I am pleased though. Mostly by the look of the show. I do miss seeing Stephanie, Ridge, Thorne, Sally…but there is still a lot of familiarity. Kudos to Brad for his continuity with the show. Again I think that’s where some of the more recently cancelled shows went wrong…AMC, ATWT and GL specifically.

    I tried tuning in to both the CBS shows that were cancelled and didn’t recognize hardly anyone on the screen.

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