SPOILERS: Luke and Laura Unite to Find Lulu on General Hospital!

Ugly duckling to swan… Nurse Betty, um Sabrina finally has her transformation.  Does this make Patrick see what’s been in front of him all along?  Will he finally spill his guts to Sabrina or will something stop him?  Elizabeth wants Patty to put himself and his feelings first, while Milo wants to know if the good doc is interested in the nurse. He’s willing to back off, if that’s the case. 

A new Metro Court?  Well the ballroom anyways. Carly shows off the renovated digs, and Lucy loves it!  Speaking of Lucy… will the emcee of the Ball lose her clothes again? RUMOR has it she will! 

Rock on, Rock Star… Rick Springfield will perform! Dr. Noah Drake takes the stage, but what about my favorite rocker currently residing in good ol' Port Charles? Will Jack Wagner, er, Frisco Jones pick up a microphone?  Frisco is definitely trying to win back Felicia’s affections. I say, sing, Frisco, sing!

Programming Note… the Nurses Ball kicks off on Friday, April 5 and will continue on the following Monday and Tuesday.  Yep, it covers three shows!

Shooting? With the mob sidelined lately, I totally forgot that guns go off in Port Charles. RUMOR has it shots will be ringing out, and someone winds up catching a bullet. Is it Shawn?  Will Dante catch the shooter? Dante, shouldn’t you be preoccupied looking for Lulu?

Parents unite! They may not be back together in the romantic sense, but Luke and Laura are off to find their daughter. Ah, nothing is better than a little Spencer Caper.  Will they be hot on Helena’s trail? Who else may pop up along the way?  Someone who really wants Lasha, I mean Laura, perhaps? 

Talk, talk, talking in your sleep, Maxie Jones… It looks like there may be some babbling about babies that belong to Spinelli.  Will the baby daddy happen to hear?

Who’s knocking on my door?  Jax drops in on Carly.  Brenda pops in on Sonny.  Monica has a few visitors.

Random STUFF… Which relationship from Elizabeth’s past has AJ’s panties in a bunch?  Does Rafe ditch that group home, again?  Spinelli gets another job, courtesy of AJ.  He wants him to locate the missing Q.  Scotty tells Bobbie it’s all her fault that Luke came to Port Charles all those years ago.  Who is Carly messing with at the Nurses Ball? Dante asks Olivia to team up with her psychic skills and help find his missing bride. 
Will three characters soon descend on Port Charles with very familiar faces?


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    Myst Stied

    will one of these mystery familiar faces be Robert? I have to believe so because I can’t believe Robert Scorpio won’t be part of any of this. That character was way too important not to be part of things with his family and best friend.

  2. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I hope Monica isn’t the only one to have visitors at Casa Quartermaine. I’d like to see Alan pop in on Tracy a few times over the course of the anniversary.

  3. Profile photo of NLGFan

    I figured the three character with familiar faces would be Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson and Roger Howarth in new roles. And we will be getting Alan/Tracy scenes. There was a clip of Stuart Damon with Jane Elliot in GH’s latest promo about all of the upcoming returns for the 50th anniversary.

  4. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I really don’t understand this Rafe situation. Okay, he’s rich so he has rich relatives around who can take him in. Also legally Lucy is his cousin. Why can’t Lucy take him in? She was going crazy to kill Caleb to protect Rafe but yet she won’t take him in? Don’t understand why this boy is in a group home. Maybe so Molly can have something or someone to annoy us over.

    I sooooooooooo bet the Nurse’s Ball will feature a lot of outsiders. Thank goodness they are bringing back Rick Springfield (will he be able to be there with his recent bench warrant?) and Jack Wagner. Otherwise they have no one else there really with multiple talents. Everyone who use to perform in the Nurse’s Ball is not on GH anymore. Will they have ghost Alan performing?

    I don’t care about Sabrina. If Patrick only notices Sabrina after she has had her makeover, then he is a very shallow person. Also with today’s scenes with just Liz and Felix, I realize how much of a Debbie Downer Sabrina is. She’s not refreshing and actually brings the scenes down.

    Please soap gods here me, bring back Stefan so he can get his Lasha. I don’t want Laura back with Luke. They have damage Luke so much that I just find him so revolting. And he looks 110 next to Laura. Stefan is her real love.

    Also since Scotty and Lucy is on at the same time, bring on Serena.

  5. Profile photo of days4ever

    Logan, I think Serena is gonna join the show. Put her with Michael since Starr might not come back.
    Is the last statement talking about the OLTL trio? “Will three characters soon descend on Port Charles with very familiar faces?” Please help me understand!!! I do not want them playing new characters because it just won’t make sense.

  6. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    I love love Kristen..and love the fun Todd brings..and John I like with the chemistry he has with Sam..but dear golly..do not bring them back as new characters..that would be the dumest thing!!! No matter what that would be stupid…I hate when they do that to begin with…I.E Sarah Brown playing Carly/Cluadia..and other instances..I want them on GH but not at the exspense. :P

  7. Profile photo of tori87dec

    Please bring back Stefan/Stephen Nichols to GH! He will always be the only real man for Laura. He loved and cherished her and her children while Luke did everything he could to destroy her relationship with Nikolas and treated them both like garbage for years. He would always take off leaving Laura when things didn’t go his way and Stefan put up with her still loving Luke and waited for her. Laura has been made to look as old as Luke,he’s ancient looking next to her. Laura needs to be with a man that puts her first always and that’s Stefan! Genie and Stephen’s chemistry is magical together and they deserve a real romance!

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