The Talk and The Price is Right to Help Celebrate #YR40!

CBS Daytime is pulling out all the stops to honor the 40th birthday of The Young and the Restless. On Monday, March 25, The Talk will host a televised party for the sudser, featuring Peter Bergman (Jack), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Amelia Heinle (Victoria), Joshua Morrow (Nick), Michael Muhney (Adam), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki), Kristoff St. John (Neil) and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis).

On Tuesday, March 26, Jeanne Cooper (Katherine), Lamon Archey (Mason), Marco Dapper (Carmine), Ignacio Serricchio (Alex) and Redaric Williams (Tyler) will all appear on The Price Is Right. Isn't it refreshing to see a broadcast television division actually support its sudsers?

Check your local listings for times!

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    LOL @ david42608’s comment about Steve Burton having the energy and personality of a turtle!!! HILARIOUS and true.

    I’m loving Y&R right now and feel it’s in strong creative shape in it’s 40th year. CBS Daytime has a real synergy in it’s lineup and I appreciate that the network’s prime time stars are utilized in the 40th anniversary promos. By comparison, you’d never know GH was in it’s 50th year if the show didn’t list such in it’s current opening. Despite the efforts of Valentini and his team, ABC does a poor job of cross-promoting the show.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @soapbaby: I mean he is in scenes with talented actors who generally would lift up the weaker actors. Steve is supposed to be something since he was the “it” guy on GH. But he always looks constipated, kind of like his character Jason did on GH. Like a mercenary. So see not all actors have what it takes to turn out a new role on another soap. Yet if we have to watch him 2 to 3 episodes per week without him getting a bathroom break then this is just not gonna turn out right.

    I mean if he is suppose to be mysterious, then he is mysteriously boring! Makes want to nod out like a heroin addict.

    Anyways, Y&R has turned 40. And 40 is a good year!

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    @alstonboy and @jon–

    Isn’t Marco Dapper just an Adonis! This man has a PERFECT BODY. On today’s episode (3/20) the way Carmine seduced Lauren…Mon Dieu! She needs to dump MIchael’s crusty ass and enjoy this young, napalmic sex toy for the rest of her life!!!

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    The look that MD has on his face is like he’s trying to push out that hard turd. Bearing down. He does nothing for me.
    He’s in porn, Y&R isn’t porn. Lauren is doing what they used to get mad at Phyllis for. Lauren is the cougar, cradle robber. Carmine is younger than Scotty.
    Gawd Lauren, get some makeup and cover that hickey.

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    Exactly what porn WAS he in. The Sloppy Seconds clip isn’t porn just because it shows his goods. He’s HAWTTTT….

    CBS Daytime is on a roll, and I’m so glad Y and R is in good shape for it’s 40th. Definitely gonna DVR these so I can see the actors outside the show.

    Good job!

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    As far as sex appeal goes, Steve Burton does not hold a candle, certainly not a well-endowed one, to Marco Dapper. :)

    And I also prefer Carmine to Dylan. Carmine is straightup man-candy. Dylan is supposed to be some kind of charismatic, irresistible hero-type and yet he comes off as wooden.

    (All just my opinion, of course, and as valid as anyone else’s.)

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    I’m loving how CBS has promoted Y&R’s anniversary, across the whole spectrum of their daytime, having their primetime stars to wish Y&R happy birthday! Love it! Love it! Y&R is going into this anniversay on an up swing and hitting all the CBS news shows etc., because having strong story makes it even better…Thank you AMcD for your kind of pushiness and promoting your daytime in new ways…KUDOS! :beer: :)

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    Marco is a model turned actor, who did a nude shot in a movie. I am sure if we dig deep enough, there are other actors and actresses on Y&R who have done the same thing and will not admit to it!!

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    Restless Fan

    @Pferrando: Who do you know of?

    Off the top of my head I know Barbara Crampton (Leanna Love) and John Enos (Bobby Marsino) have bared some for the camera.

    Nude scenes in movie and porn are very different. Thank you Marco for your lovely nude scene. ;-)

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    Indeed, some are confused between porn and nude scenes. As for me, I wish I could find some porn with Marco in it, because…
    I would BUY It!
    I would WATCH it!
    I would ENJOY it!
    I would RELEASE.
    ..and then I would do # 2, 3 and 4..again and again and again. >) :p :D

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    Thanks aveRex…as much as I would quickly download any Marco porn…sadly there is none yet.

    Restless…I don’t. But Bobby’s would be worth a view of two… >)

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