Did The Young and the Restless’ #KillerWedding Deliver?

The latest wedding of Genoa City power couple Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) ended in violence on Wednesday's episode of The Young and the Restless. A desperate Congressman Wheeler (Mark Pinter) dispatched a hitman to the A-list event, in the guise of a cater waiter.

Did someone finally manage to snuff out the Black Knight, or did prodigal son Adam (Michael Muhney) save the father he both loves and hates? Watch the SPOILER video below to find out who got popped, then answer our poll question:

Did The Young and the Restless deliver with its Killer Wedding? 

Did The Young and the Restless' #KillerWedding Deliver?

  • No! I would have rather watched Zapato return from the dead! (42%, 182 Votes)
  • Yes! The Killer Wedding was incredible! (58%, 254 Votes)

Total Voters: 436


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18 Responses

  1. Profile photo of harlee490

    YES, it was a good cliff hanger until Monday, I can’t wait until Monday. Exactly, Adam does love Victor for some strange reason and loathe Victor at the same time. I honestly didn’t see this coming, Adam being shot. I thought it would be Alex or even Abby….Loving Y&R right now!

  2. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Kinda figured it HAD to be Adam when the gun was pointed at Victor and Adam lunged in front of his dad.

    As far as the wedding goes? Meh. You’ve seen one Nicki/Victor wedding you’ve pretty much seen ‘em all. LOTS of ff’ing going on at my house!

  3. Profile photo of richalan67

    The wedding was classic! I love how they keep saying it’s the last one. I think that is the writer’s way of saying they are together for good now! The episodes have been fantastic!!

  4. Profile photo of giogio

    Oh no. It was Adam. I think the wedding was great. Nikki was clad in diamonds from Head to Toe. I have been enjoying how every actor is getting a chance at a look back before the show starts. Cant wait for Monday. Very good show.

  5. Profile photo of stoney07

    Loved it. These have been classic episodes. Not TOO much drama, but the perfect mix of everything…with the wedding, Ashley and Phyllis, then Leslie/Gus, Tyler/Gus, it’s just been a good balanced show all around.

    I wasn’t expecting Adam to get shot until I saw him lunge in front of the gun. WOW. I was actually pretty surprised.

    Great week of episodes…

  6. Profile photo of tedew

    The wedding was kind of nice if not rather boring. Nikki wandering around carrying herself that way I hate when she’s all happy with her life with Victor. Victor making promises he can’t keep. The mysteriously present guests and the mysteriously non-present guests (with the exception of Katherine because we know why she wasn’t there). The newly anointed GCPD cop’s confrontation with Noah was not necessary and rude for the time. However, Adam’s nearly bi-polar toast to the groom was suspenseful.

    But really … how could anyone not have known that it would be Adam to lunge between the bullet and Victor?!?!

  7. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Nikki and Victor’s wedding delivered great episodes. I have to say that I was kind of impressed. They even worked in Ashley and Eric perfectly. Even though it seemed weird that Nikki and Ashley did not speak one word to one another, but I got a Victor/Ashley scene which was pretty great too.

    It’s kinda weird seeing Sharon on the outs with the Newman family. I think back and have to say that I miss the relationship she had with Victor 10 years ago. But thanks to MAB, I think there is no going back.

    Katherine not being there was kind of sad … I’m also asking myself where Murphy is all the time. Is he still supposed to be alive???

    Other than that I liked that Adam showed up for a toast. I’m kind of disappointed though that he didn’t get to spill the dirt on Victor and save his life afterwards. But oh well … I like how it worked out. :)

    And I have to say I like the other storylines too. Phyllis and Jack being back together is great, even though they keep hinting Phyllis and Kyle a little bit. Maybe it’s just the chemistry between Michelle Stafford and Blake Hood that’s a little bit too hot? I’m interested to see where this goes with the new guy.

    Anyway, love Lauren and Carmine and I very much like that this storyline gets played out.

  8. Profile photo of pferrando

    The wedding itself was fantastic, yes. Nikki looked great.

    With the exception of Kay not being there, all the guests looked great too, and I liked that Ash made an appearance.

    I think the “climax” with the guy planting the explosive and then the staging of the shooting wasn’t the best, however I DO love the idea (if it happens)of Adam taking a bullet for Victor. It will just add another layer to the Vic/Adam saga, which Josh has done a great job of writing.

    This week for the most part you see what Y and R is all about. Happy 40th!!!

  9. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    Yesterday’s episode is CLASSIC Y&R! I swear, JG must be channeling Bill Bell Sr. these days because the writing has been off the chain and the acting has been top notch! I have a good feeling that by the time the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy’s roll around (2014) (if there is one that is of course), Y&R may end snagging the top prize of Outstanding Drama Series if they keep churning out good soap for the rest of the year!

  10. Profile photo of soapfreak

    I was hoping it would be Victor, though I knew it wouldn’t be, who was shot. I do not like the character of Victor. He is the most amoral man in daytime. He thinks he is above the law, and the way he treats his family is criminal. I was so sorry that Tracy gave him Colleen’s heart. It didn’t change his evil ways at all.

    The first thing I thought of when he placed the bomb was, oh no . . . they will have to rebuild the ranch again!

  11. Profile photo of pjc722

    I will give the positive first on this wedding. It was sweet nice and melody Thomas looked amazing!!!! The speeches by Victoria and nick were sweet and funny and overall it showed a great family affair.

    But like the BLIZZARD THAT ALLOWS YOU TO DRIVE ANYWHERE IN THE CITY WHILE IN IT AND ALL YOU GET IS A BUMP ON THE HEAD (Dylan), it delivered nothing exciting other than the 40th trip down the aisle for Nikki n victor. The senator trying to take out victor had no punch because he was never fully played out as the villain. Sure the writers have me believe he killed Belinda but I don’t really care because I just met Tyler, just got Leslie fleshed out as a character, and Belinda and for that matter Gus were never ever shown before.

    That’s a soap staple in story telling.

    Wheeler wasnt menacing. He just seemed like a man who until we found out he had an affair with Belinda cared abt one of his volunteers. Even the fact that he did have an affair doesn’t prove he killed her especially since Gus was the drunk and angry and upon finding out would be more suspect than wheeler.

    The killer was a lampoon. He planted a bomb while being a waiter?! Why not plant the bomb, set timer for 2 hours and leave?!! Then during the 2 or 3 days of the wedding we would constantly see the timer go down and that would be the suspense along with the romance of the wedding.

    Both the wedding and the blizzard gave us NICE but didn’t give us punch. No water cooler chatter today.

  12. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    I thought that Wednesday’s show was pretty well done. I would have liked it better, if Adam had confronted the waiter, as he saw him and the senator together at the club. I am sad to hear that Adam got shot, even though I have not seen that happen yet. I presume all the posters that talk about it, are from Canada, as they are a day ahead of us in the USA.
    I can’t believe that they will let the bomb go off and destroy the ranch again, even though there would be no great loss, if we lost the ranch setting. I would not like to see any one hurt though.

  13. Profile photo of acela

    Soapfreak, that was my first thought also, the rebuilt ranch will be destroyed. My thought is the bomb will fail to detonate, I hope, we will have to wait for Monday to see. Congrats to JG for great writing & on a well balanced show, and to JFP for her leadership.

  14. Profile photo of pferrando

    It would be so annoying if the explosive went off and damaged this “wonderful” new ranch. Maybe that’s why they built it so small. But in my mind that would reek of something MAB would do.

  15. Profile photo of tedew

    TraceyAbbot101 … the idea of seeing Victoria pushed in front of the gunman is almost too funny to imagine. Something like what George from Seinfeld would have done to avoid getting shot.

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