Katie Couric to Host 20/20’s General Hospital Special

Set your DVR reminders for Saturday, April 6, General Hospital fans. That evening at 9 pm EST, Katie Couric will be hosting a special edition of newsmagazine 20/20 entitled: General Hospital – The Real Soap Dish.

From the press release:

"To celebrate the pop icon’s Golden Anniversary, Katie Couric and “20/20” travel to the fictional town of Port Charles to experience first-hand the passion, intrigue and adventure that has made the daytime soap the longest running scripted drama currently on television. The hour-long special will feature interviews with fan favorites including Tony Geary, Genie Francis, Maurice Benard, Jack Wagner, Rick Springfield and numerous other cast members, as well as Executive Producer Frank Valentini. “20/20” goes behind the scenes and to offer a visitor’s guide to Port Charles and its residents, and to show how love in the afternoon has changed dramatically."

Glad to see the Mouse House promoting the long-running sudser's historic 50th birthday!

Photo of Katie Couric by PR Photos

Photo of Vanessa Marcil by ABC Daytime

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Jamey, I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to put Brenduh Jacks Austin Green Corinthos Mordecai Foster Barrett’s picture up….. ;) ;)

    But I love you anyway……..

    I don’t want Katie Careless hosting my special. Couldn’t they have gotten Anderson Cooper, Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey…. or Mo’Nique or Sheryl Underwood to host it instead? :tired:

  2. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Jamey, I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to put Brenduh Jacks Austin Green Corinthos Mordecai Foster Barrett’s picture up…..

    800,000 came back with her in ’02.

    400,000 extra tuned in for her wedding to Sonny in ’11.

    Ain’t NUTHIN’ “duh” about Brenda Barrett.

  3. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    THAT will pull in more viewers than Marie Osmond’s paltry 140-thousand-some-odd viewers (if she hasn’t dropped further than that first week). You may not like Katie (and alstonboy, none of those others are with ABC, so it’s unrealistic to expect them to host when Katie is one of 20/20’s correspondents), but you can’t deny ABC isn’t giving the GH anniversary the recognition it deserves. It’s an hour of PRIME TIME. Don’t be ungrateful.

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    TV Gord,

    I can always count on you to come to Katie Careless’ defense. She’s lucky to have someone of your caliber on her side. However, I will never get her appeal.

    Love you anyway, my friend…….. :love: :love: :love: :love:

    P.S- I was joking. In NO universe do I ever believe that any of the hosts that I mentioned would actually host this special. I was simply having daydreaming!!
    And I am very grateful to have GH still on the air. As much as I bitch and moan—and will continue to—- I love all 6 of my soaps and always will.

  5. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Don’t EVEN start with that again, alstonboy. I’m not the one who posts on practically EVERY post about Katie. You are. Get over that. ;-) (Love you, too, though.)

    I would love to see someone host who actually loves AMC and OLTL (I’m thinking Rosie or Reba or Chandra Wilson), but 20/20 has its correspondents, and Katie IS in daytime, so this makes sense. If you watched her Oscar special, you’d know she does it well and doesn’t get in the way of the topic.

    Really, the continuing theme I seem to come away from in comments around the 50th anniversary is that people expect EVERYONE to care about the anniversary of a show as much as we do. Some of you really need to shake your head. Anderson Cooper, for instance, is a reality show nutjob, and I’m sure he has never seen one day of a soap. Besides, he has already failed in daytime.

    And yes, J. Bernard, it’s an hour in prime time on a Saturday night, but it’s an hour in prime time…with virtually NO competition. It’s a chance for people who used to love GH–but who no longer have time to watch it–to check out what’s going on today. I think it’s better than nothing. Why do people immediately jump to the conclusion that it’s less than nothing?

  6. Profile photo of Yoryla

    This is AWESOME! ABC promoting one of it’s own, on primetime, and with the biggest names of the show. And main man Frank there himself too.

    THIS is how it’s done. Can’t wait to see it on air.

  7. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Jamey — thank you. I was G-L-U-E-D to the latest Sonny/ Brenda wedding, as i’d tuned in the day she returned, and i tuned OUT the day she left, until i heard about AJ returning under CarTini’s watch and then a month later read about Genie and i started viewing clips from late October onward.

    And this is the BEST i have seen Genie look in years. Gorgeous and glowing. Love the bright colors too. Now only if TG didn’t look like someone’s cranky Grandpa…

  8. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    TV Gord

    And yes, J. Bernard, it’s an hour in prime time on a Saturday night, but it’s an hour in prime time…with virtually NO competition.

    Except Smash.

    Wait…you said competition…. >)

  9. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    So happy to hear GH is getting this! Jumped for joy when I read Kelly Monaco’s twit post the other day…so happy..cant wait to see it…ofcourse I could due without Katie..she’s so limp :/ but happy to getting a special. Loving all this press its getting. Selfishly I still want more!
    Arent they doing guest spots on the view too.
    I know about the millionaire specials..cant wait!
    + the people mag special..think SOD is doing one too
    Are there any others that we know of?

  10. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I just noticed that–even though this is on a Saturday night–it’s going to be a competitive time slot. NBC is moving Smash to Saturdays that night, and there will also be March Madness basketball on CBS (and a repeat of next week’s The Following on Fox). This will be an interesting night to follow the ratings. I don’t think I’ve followed Saturday night ratings since The Golden Girls!

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