Lauren Returns For Another Helping of Carmine on The Young and the Restless

Wednesday’s The Young and the Restless opened with Daniel Goddard talking about Cane and his broken connection to Jill (Jess Walton), multiple marriages and Lily’s (Christel Khalil) cancer storyline.

The episode was really good, but I have to admit one of my favorite scenes was Cane and Lily making crafts with their children. I don’t know why it stuck out for me, but it did.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) was surprised when Kyle (Blake Hood) revealed he gave Jack (Peter Bergman) the idea to take her to Istanbul.  Kyle and Phyllis just need to have sex on Jack’s desk already. The Young and the Restless sure makes it seem like an eventuality; let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later. 

Lauren (Tracey Bregman) played with Carmine’s (Marco Dapper) cards at Crimson Lights. No puns to see here folks. Carmine gave her a key to the room he’d won in an employee contest, and told her to use it if she wanted. Of course, Lauren couldn’t resist another serving of Italian sausage, and showed up at his door a while later. It didn’t take them all that long to end up back in bed.

Adam (Michael Muhney) made a SOAPGASMIC toast at Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) wedding.

Leslie (Angell Conwell) told Congressman Wheeler (Mark Pinter) she decided to testify for her father. He was NOT happy about her announcement. Meanwhile, Tyler (Redaric Williams) visited his father in jail.

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    It was a good episode, not a huge DG fan and still think he hasn’t earned really to be called a true “vet” but it was the other stories that had my attention.

    I too liked the scene w\twins, it was a throw away scene granted but in this day & age it’s actually nice to see kids on canvas. I would like Y&R casting to bring on a small tot of Moses, showing Neil is single dad mode, would be a nice touch. GL was the soap (until last few years) to have child actors to grow on our TV…Michelle, Billy, Ben for example….love it to see the actors grow.

    I’m so into this Leslie|Tyler story with Gus. I’m not falling over Tyler personally but it could be worse…IE Daisy still running around GC streets. I do like this story and Tony Todd brought his A game with his scenes w\both as the tormented father…Wheeler is Tyler’s dad…I’m telling you… ;)

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    Oh I can’t WAIT until Michael finds out. I’m so going to enjoy watching Michael go all cray-cray on this gigolo. Remember when Victor first came to Genoa City and he use to keep his first wife’s lover locked up in a basement dungeon and communicated with him via close-circuit TV. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. We know Michael could go there. I hope that Lauren Fenmore good-good was worth it Carmine. LOL!!!

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    The more Josh is giving us Larmine, I’m spaculating but you know this is how Bill would set up his psychos…like Carmine. ;) Bringing him in casually establishing a story and interacting with characters, playing the beats and then viewers started to notice small things…it kept growing and growing and we are off to the races! ;) I don’t know if Josh is going in that direction but Carmine could become a stalker of Lauren when she does put the the brakes on everything….

    Now, When Bill made you a psycho that was it, and sooner of later you got what was coming to you…except twice w\Victor & Sheila…this could make Michael go all dark again protecting his family and Michael knows how a stalker thinks ;) It’s Michael vs Carmine :O Unless they change their minds to keep Marco because he does have large fan following and growing.

    I wouldn’t be upset if Josh did go that route w\Carmine! Sexy stalker…yummy :love:

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    I bet you when they recast Kyle, him and Phyllis are going to hit the sheets. Oh, they are juicing it up in Genoa City and I can’t wait until the fallout.

    Between the shooting at the wedding, Summer’s BOOBtastic flirtation with Kyle in Jack’s office, Lauren and sexy ass Carmine knockin boots, Candyman and his children, and evil Congressman Wheeler on the sidelines…I can’t say what I love more.

    JFP and JG knocked this week out of the park!

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    Y&R has had their fair share, and horribly written ones by LML & MAB but Bill always had a good psycho story going on in Genoa City…”let me count the ways”

    Josh has done right to move from that type of story to re-establish the characters in the beginning but if he writes a good psycho story as Bill did…bring it on! :love:

    That’s part of Y&R’s charm…there psychos paid dearly in the end ;)

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    Hope they don’t make Carmine crazy. Lauren has had enough crazy in her past stories with Shawn Cramer, Sheila, Daisy, et. al. The psycho going after Lauren is a bit played out.

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    I am not sure why no one is calling out that the EVENT being the wedding was nothing more than a sweet and romantic event and that the buildup of Senator Wheeler and his BLOWING UP THE RANCH or having Victor shot didn’t ring true to me! It had as much bang as the blizzard!

    Although I am really pleased with the great direction the show has been taking since Jill came on board I am not a fan of the lack luster climax’s to stories or the fact that the Belinda’s murder mystery all took place off screen and DIDN”T even deal with characters we have known or care about!

    Leslie has been on the show for 3 or more years, give or take one year, yet it has only been less than a year that the character has been fleshed out. To do that they brought Tyler, who for most of it allowed his ego to enter the room well before his body did! For much of his arrival he has been going after Lily like a dog in heat and telling her basically she needs a “MAN” and not an “Aussie”.

    Then, after 2-3 months of Jack’s story of take-over, take downs of his family, and drug addiction we see it all end with a hooker on his oriental and then Jack in a cabin with “red”. Shortly thereafter, a soap vet who played some of the more memorable characters on daytime arrives in the form of Senator Wheeler, dad to the dead hooker. WHo would have thought that coincidence would bring him to his friend’s front door, Victor Newman and the discovery that NOT only were the children of his ex-mistress living in town but his friend Victor’s son, Nick was dating the very lawyer trying to get an innocent man freed from jail for the murder of the senator’s ex-mistress.

    Confused. Don’t be. For months, we’ve seen ONLY the senator walk around telling Avery NOT to defend the man or blackmailing Victor for his daughter’s death. Yet nothing led me to believe he is capable of murder but is STUPID enough to try and kill Victor in a room full of witnesses.

    It was all anti-climatic.


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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Lauren knows that tube steak was good! Perfectly seasoned! Who can blame her???? :D[/quote]

    Now you know Lauren got that good good that will send a man into cardiac arrest! But, hey, if it means more of Marco Dapper shirtless…fine by me ;-)

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    Tracy is coming back, soon. Beth Maitland messaged me and said she had a few other projects to finish up and then she was on a plane headed towards Genoa City!!

    I bet she is getting a front storyline!!

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    love the show these days…

    like I said before, Summer is her mother’s daughter, boobs and all :)

    I think that the Kyle recast is plot driven, nothing more. Perhaps he will come back a bit older? Or does Phyllis like chicken?

    Ok, the wedding was not as suspensful as it could be, but it was nice, for an older couple. Did Victor and Nikki fire Bonnie, the old housekeeper?

    I could not believe how HAWT the new dectective looks, all clean shaven. He seems to have Victor’s seal of approval for Abby. I was glad to see Abby stand up to Ashley, who was in too few scenes for my tastes.

    I mean, they bought back ED, then use her for all she is worth!!! She could have at least hada scene where she speaks with Nikki, wishing her well in her “new” married life and her recent illness.

    Why didn’t she at least stop in and see “old family friend” Kay, unless she assumed her to be at the wedding?

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    [quote=pjc722]I Although I am really pleased with the great direction the show has been taking since Jill came on board I am not a fan of the lack luster climax’s to stories or the fact that the Belinda’s murder mystery all took place off screen and DIDN”T even deal with characters we have known or care about!

    It was all anti-climatic.

    BUT I STILL LOVE Y&R.[/quote]

    Everything in the above post regarding Y&R is absolutely correct. As much as this regime is cleaning up Maria and Hogan’s mess, they are slacking on their pimpin when it comes to keeping jaws dropping. And as much as I hate to admit it, MAB was pretty damn good at a cliffhanger. Even her terrible stories had GREAT moments that had me screaming at the TV by the end of the episode. I will never forget Phyllis delivering Dr. Taylor’s letter to Ashley at the Abbott Cabin or Diane’s dead corpse floating in the water under the foot bridge. Yes, both of these storylines should be forgotten moments in Y&R history, but soaps are suppose to maintain some level of suspense and Josh just doesn’t do that for me. I like romance as much as anyone, though we need some shocking drama.

    For example, Nikki’s collapse a few weeks ago should have been a dramatic moment that this soap is famous for. I think the whole thing comes down to the ho-hum background music and Josh’s conservative writing style.

    Not to knock either JG or JFP because they are taking the show in a good direction, but this is one of my biggest gripes with them. I want more cliffhangers!

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    So agree, AKBAD806.

    I dont think any of us are asking for different stories, we’re just asking for tighter written stories and CLIMAX’s that deliver and not yawn!

    The dramatic payoff of Adam being shot or the bomb in the house was dull and didn’t even have me thinking htat it was a cliffhanger because it was preempted til monday. It just had me thinking there was more to come. BUT then in their previews for the next episode we saw Nick and Avery discussing marriage in different clothes so we know the bomb did not go off and most likely Adam is fine.

    Otherwise, if Adam is in the hospital, NICK has just become the HEEL of the family.

    They need to keep us begging for more.

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    What amazes me is how people come and go from Jack’s office at Jabot like it is the employee lounge. I worked for a large corporation and the only one allowed to enter the CEO’s office when he wasn’t there was his secretary! An intern hangs out in Jack’s office all the time? I don’t think so, even if her mom is sleeping with him. But apparently Jack doesn’t have a secretary to keep people out, I don’t even think there is a desk for one outside his office in that hallway we see all the time.

    I understand budget constraints have cut down on the number of sets they can have but surely they could put together a small room that doubles as a lounge and conference room. The office spaces in most companies all look the same so they just need one room with interchangeable furniture. One day it could be Leslie’s office, the next a conference room, then the lounge/coffee room.

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    pjc722- I agree with everything you said. As much as I am enjoying the show under JFP, the stories, like Victor’s and Nikki’s wedding that we all knew there would be shooting, seemed to lack that big climax. I thought the shooting lacked any big excitement. This surprises me because when JPF was on GH, with those never ending mob stories, at least when it came to certain shows (like the Metro Court take-over or the black and white ball), there was always some big excitement and energy for the closure of the stories. Perhaps it’s because they don’t have the budget like they used to to produce those big stories anymore.

  15. Profile photo of stoney07

    It could very well be because we haven’t really seen it play out….and I doubt this is the “big climax” as Congressman Wheeler is still out there somewhere…and it hasn’t been confirmed that he’s behind this. I’m pretty sure things will end on a higher note. At least I hope so.

    If not, it’s okay. I still enjoyed the story…and don’t need the ranch to explode to get the point.

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    The Lauren/Carmine affair could go either way.

    Turn Carmine into an obsessed pycho…(remember he had Chloe in his trunk), or the twist I’d like to see is having Lauren become a little obsessed with him. She already can’t seem to stay away from the guy, so I’d like this to play out for a while before Michael finds out. Loving this.

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    hey mon

    Got to admit… JoshG & JFP really hit a home run with Wednesday’s episode. From Cane opening the Show with the story of his character, to The Italian Stallion bedding down Lauren again (she really looks hot in that mirror), twas really an adventurous time on Y&R.

    Phyllis and Kyle with their banter about Turkey was over-the-top, too. I think maybe The Powers got rid of Blake Hood because he is too Red-lovin. The new guy is closer to Summer’s age, and doesn’t have that MILF-lovin reputation that Blake Hood has had the last few months towards his future-stepmother. Too bad, Blake Hood is really an Abbott in looks.

    Adam at The Wedding, with Billy confronting him, then Victor was great. You know that Abby was well able to pull off telling Bob to go and get her some more champagne. But a nod to Abby’s past bad drinking habits would have been icing on the cake.

    Leslie and Marcus were top-notch in their banter with each other. Totally believable the way the two play off of one another.

    Tyler and Gus at the Jail were mesmerizing, in that the two of them were able to pull it off. Tyler did not come off as self-righteous, and his Dad didn’t come off as Saint Gus of Milwaukee.

    Only draw-down, Amelie Heinle is still not able to pull off simple scenes. Her and Nikki fell flat, even when hardly emotion was called for — although it wasn’t Ms Scott’s fault.

    Cane and Lily were great. Good to see some good clean fun among the wreck that is everyone else’s lives. Seeing Carmine start to massage Lauren in front of a mirror, then cutting to Charlie and Mattie playing hide-and-seek with their parents, is a fairly interesting expanse of emotions to go through.

    I really found interesting the ‘new’ opening credits starting Dan Goddard to be revelatory of the power of the Lane.

  18. Profile photo of Bartman202

    [quote=hey mon]I really found interesting the ‘new’ opening credits starting Dan Goddard to be revelatory of the power of the Lane.[/quote]

    Actually, it’s not – whichever cast member did the intros for that day’s episode was the first one featured in that day’s opening credits. It has nothing to do with the power of ‘Lane’ in the least.

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    I LOVE this eppy! Between Laurmine, Adam taking that bullet, the Lane fam scenes, Davis Rogan ahem I mean Tyler’s scenes confronting his daddy & Valerie/Leslie going up against Wheeler. The good outweighed the not so believable.

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    [quote=pferrando]Does anyone know who is left on the intros?[/quote]

    pferrando, I could be wrong but I don’t think they’ve done Katherine, Jill, Paul, and Michael yet. I would think those four longtime characters would definitely be covered.

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    Lauren better watch how many helpings of Carmine she goes back for. She just might get stuffed (and ask any Englishman exactly what that means)!

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    [quote=pferrando]Does anyone know who is left on the intros?[/quote]

    Billy is on tap for Monday.

    I know for sure Sharon & Jeanne are getting one.

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    I’m loving this setup of Lauren & Carmine, can’t keep their dirty little hands off of one another (channeling my best TraceyAbbott ;) )

    The fallout from this story is tremendous and will be just as intense, especially when Fen finds out his mom is doing the nasty with Mr. Studly…still waiting for Fen to call his mom a “slut” ;)

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