The Bold and Beautiful’s Dollar Bill: “Sometimes I Feel Like I Married The Wrong Sister”

Is Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) having second thoughts about marrying the Baby Sister From The Valley? Looks like it. Katie (Heather Tom) wants her husband to tell Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) that nothing will ever happen between the two of them.

Can Bill put his wife's big sister out of his mind? Watch a sneak peek of the next episode of The Bold and the Beautiful after the jump!

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    I’m on my fifth day back of watching B and B, and even though two of my former Y and R favs are involved in this story, I’m liking B and B.

    Heather tore it up yesterday. Taylor seems to still be hell bent on getting Brooke. Some things never change. (That’s a good thing.)

    If I had watched at night, I would have played the drinking game with the word “underwear”.

    How many times did they say that word over the last two days? :p

  2. Profile photo of elvara

    Another unoriginal and frankly boring storyline from Bell. I get being Katie being mad at Brooke but what about Bill? Is not exactly innocent in this.

  3. Profile photo of noway

    Isn’t this pre-empted for bball the next two days?

    Pferrando-Taylor seemed to like to pronounce underware every chance she got yesterday. She is on my last nerve. When Brooksie gets done taking it from Katie, she needs to find Taylor and slap the crap out of her.

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    Agreed on confronting Taylor, but what good would it do? Maybe something should happen where Taylor sees herself for how envious, revengeful she really is where Brooke and her family are concerned but she also forgets her affair w/Rick. Brooke getting in her face hasn’t happened before. Taylor just laughs at her. Karma is coming for Taylor, I hope w/where Taylor sees herself for what she is;a self righteous nosey beeeech. I read the other day that Taylor was married 6’X’s to different men and Brooke married more times to the same men.

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    Brooke with her sister’s husband, daughter’s husband, daughter’s boyfriend (a teen), father of “the love of her life”… and Taylor should be slapped? Her sisters depend on her, she helped raise them for God’s sake! Is Brooke attracted to pain? I don’t care how hot he is (and Bill is freaking sexy) you do not mess with your sister’s man. Of course he is to be blamed too but from Brooke’s perspective Katie is her sister! You may be attracted to a man who is married to you daughter, sister or friend but you steer clear, especially if you have been down this road before and have known the pain you have caused! This is part of growing up! When will Brooke grow up!

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    Isn’t that why a lot of people like Brooke…because she’s her worst enemy sometime.

    I found it laughable when Bill and her ended up on the bed. Is that okay?

    God no, but in her own way Brooke doesn’t see anything wrong with it. If anything it’s Bill who’s more to blame than anyone. I’m loving the cad on this show. Kinda different than Brad on Y and R.

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